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Yamaha DVX-1000 2.1 home cinema system

Thomas Hedberg

Please see a professional..

Cant tell the difference between upscaled DVD and Blu-ray?

You decide if it is a decent electronics dealership or a doctor to have your eyes checked out you need..

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner

Thomas Hedberg

My Roomba 560 is great..

I have had one of these devices for 2 weeks and I am fairly impressed. The only thing it isnt really good at cooping with in my apartment is cables and junk on the floor - so I had to tidy up the place a bit and pick up the socks - not really a bad thing :-) My apartment floor have never been this clean and I love it..

However.. My floors are made of wood and I dont have any carpets. Perhaps that is why it is doing such a good job.

Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

Thomas Hedberg

Movie downloads is nice, but..

For rental is would be nice - when bandwidth and simular is sorted out in 5-10 years.

But DRM is an issue - Fortuently the music business is slowly learning it now and have started to sell music without DRM, but the problem will be the same with movies. I dont think Hollywood get this yet, since it is implementing even stronger DRM now.

Who would buy a movie you could not take with you or is locked to a limited number of devices? I doubt Hollywood will allow non-restricted files, but I would not consider buying any files I cant play on all devices.

Rental is fine - for owning a movie I want a industry standard media I can bring along.