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Germans send teen tearaway to Siberia

Boris Suvorov

!!!150 euro per day - it's too much for Omsk!!!!

FYI: This isn't first time Germans send their difficult child to villages under Omsk.

It is important, that those villagers are descendants of WW II war prisoners. That's why many villagers speak "German" language.

However I surprised to read this: "The Siberian exile apparently costs €150 a day".

€150 - it is quite more than people get as their monthly salary in those villages. And still they survive and grow children somehow.

Two-way Ticket to Omsk from Germany costs you no more than €600, Russian visa €200. Renting a "house" €20 per month.

Omsk - is my hometown, where I was grown from the age of 0 till age of 15.

Then I moved to Moscow and got BS in CS from best Russian technical university.

Now, I'm, 21 years old, software developer for best graphics company in the world and I'm working in Santa Clara, CA.