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US sees first airliner flight with laser defences

Mark Bennett

They should move them to the front

That way when someone flashes the pilot with a laser pointer, the pilot can say "Call THAT a laser?" ZAAAAPPP! Here's a couple tens of kilowatts! Now, THIS is a laser!"

US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes

Mark Bennett
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If they look at my web-email, that's a probably violation under ECPA ((ECPA Pub. L. 99-508, Oct. 21, 1986, 100 Stat. 1848, 18 U.S.C. § 2510))

If they look at some of my other web postings, that's a potential violation under a statute that escapes me tho, something about an authors work in progress needing a special warrant. I think that one showed up in the Stever Jackson vs FBI case a while back, as well as the 2510 one.

It's going to take a while over on this left hand side of the big pond before the real furor starts!

I Was A Teenage Bot Master

Mark Bennett
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let's get real here.

Mini skirt, prancing, leaving your doors unlocked, passing the blame to Microsoft, blaming the victim in general?

Grow up.

None of that is an excuse for someone. It's as bad as saying "Well, the victim shouldn't have left their house door open while they mowed the lawn, it's their own damn fault that I was able to walk in, steal their TV and Stereo!".

I, for one, hope this little shithead gets ten years in Federal prison.

Personally, I'd like a return to 'justice', Mongolian style. Back in the 13th century, a women could walk, naked and draped in gold chains, from China to Hungary. Anyone touched her, the mongol army would 'discourage' them and make sure that they never, ever, repeated their crime.

Same thing should apply to this kind of idiot, ten years in Federal prison, and a court order to never even touch a computer again, on pain of a life sentence.

Like it or not, 'Joe Luser' on his computer pays the bills. The rest of us whoa re properly educated in being totally and uncompromising paranoid have to live with it.

Personal data for 650,000 customers vanishes into thin air

Mark Bennett


If you're in the U.S. , see http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/