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Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


nighttime STM

right time to let you in on a little secret.

Nighttime STM from 1am - 4am is coming in very soon :)

so thats 3 STM's in a day awesome service for unlimited and 37 quid eh.

Spirit discovers life on Mars


1 sure way to know if its real

is when the government tries to cover it up lol

"its one of our early test weather balloons honest"

Then we'll know the real deal

Seagate says storage demand better than expected


See Piracy helps businesses.

Without Piracy and Downloading hdd company's

wouldn't need to exist as there would be no need to keep

buying new bigger hard-drives as there would be nothing

you could possibly use to fill them except open source/shareware.

so lets say avarage app 20mb-40mb, you'd need what about

200gig for the rest of your life, so you'd buy 1 hdd, per computer.

no need for mass storage since there you'd have nothing to store.

without piracy think how many company's would be

out of business...?

CD-Writers/DVD Writers,

CD/DVD Disc Makers,

TV Capture Card Makers,

HardDrive Makers,

Printer Companys.

Software Companys creating Ripping/Converting Apps.

The list goes on and on.

Without Piracy there would be no MASS demand

BioShockers delivered from DRM hell


why do you all keep saying about STEAM?

lol you all think buying this via steam is going to cut out this activation

re-install problem ... im sorry to inform you that is not the case

steam purchases and steam users are just as up in arms about this too

because not only has steam got their own validation DRM they are also

using the same SecurROM protection within the steam client on bioshock.

3-5 installs and boom! same problems as the retail bought copy.

so stop saying STEAM is going to be different it's actually on steampowered

homeFAQ page right now explaining its no different at all to the retail DVD.


im in sheer shock

so for the people who have over 20-30 games imagine the following.

all them games only allowed you a 5 re-install then your screwed

but here's the snag you can't load onto a pc at 1 time 20-30 games it would

not only mess the entery's into the registry up but most people dont have

that much hdd space to install all that crap on all at once just in fear of

never being to re-install it.

i for one keep 1 or 2 games max on my pc if i wanna play something else

i will un-install the other games to play new games and visa versa.

this is basically saying once im installed we dont want you playing any other

games and if you do were going to punish you by not allowing you to replay this

i can't beleive this is even legal is it legal? are they breaking the law doing this

P2P pinball lawyers say ignorance is no defence



all computers should be upto date with the latest anti-virus and firewall yep yep!

are they going to provide me the money to pay for norton? or for a high priced firewall ? when i bought my pc or got my braudband i didin't read in any terms or conditions or even get a fact sheet on the law stating that i had to go and buy expensive software.

next they are acting like a wireless network thats WEP secured is like fort knox christ you can hack a WEP secured router in less than 31 seconds with a simple AIRCRACK which if you google you get about a million hits how to do this..

so even if the network was secured it got cracked just like T K Max's credit card servers got hacked into whats the difference?

and my final point is the damn game isn't even available yet in

the uk so how come it's only the UK people who's been found?

what about the usa/france/germany? where the game is actually on sale

oh the game cost 11 dollars lol about 9 quid english money.

and to make it even more of a scam

The Game is Downloadable FREE from their own website.

many game company's and software are actually using p2p and torrents to distrobute their work how was anyone ment to know this wasn't a demo just like you could download from like any download.com shareware site?

it' stinks

Games firm pursues 500 pinball 'pirates' through UK courts


DO THIS for 100% proof that this is a scam i will proof it!


i have not even recieved a single letter myself

but i have been 4 steps ahead and acted for myself

by getting to the bottom of this so im prepaired.

i know you don't know me from adam but for the people who's had these letters its a scam and i will prove it now!

By doing what i tell you to do now you have nothing to lose but i assure you i am 100% right.

if im not 100% right im sure you'll just come back and blacken my name but i assure you if you trust me you'll do this.

If your on virgin/cable do the following.

Call Virgin media company Ask to speak to a lady called Moreen Davies on Extension 6140 -

She will explain everything too you

OFFCOM has been in liason with the CAB over this now this past few weeks since this scam has been going on

She will advise you exactly what to do ALSO all their other staff members in the office has also even had letters themselves you are advised not to ignore them but to do the following.

Contact the person above, she will then tell you to send a copy of the letter to NCLC Virgin media PO BOX 333 Matrix Court SAJ 9BB

You then need to contact offcom yourself + watch dog.

if your on any other isp then contact the manager directly dont let them pass you to pillar to post.

get in touch with manager and i guarentee you they will all of been infromed about this.


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