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Pirate Bay guilty verdict: Now what?

Jobs Horns

Who are the REAL crims...

@Benny - you got it wrong mate... its "Guns dont kill people, RAPPERS do.."

And its not the labels that take the Majority of the sales, its the Distros and the Retailers. The retailer generally takes 50% of an MP3 sale, the the Distro takes around 20% then the usualy deal with indies is a 50/50 profit share. Its the retailers who are the criminals.

Judge slaps Fasthosts for rubbish kit and support


Angry man...

Screw them! They charged me 2 days early for hosting and cost me 65 quid in bank charges. I Hope they rot in hell.

Bloke finds illegal immigrants living in loft


So they were living ABOVE an empty house?

Errr. Ok

Its those naughty illegal immigrants, breathing our air, looking dark and swarthy! And breeding no less!

I particularly enjoyed the way this story made them look even more stupid. Living in a loft ABOVE an empty house. Of course they were! Those people are far too stupid to actually live in an emtpy property. I call bullshit on this one.

And as for the comment about non-londoners have house without firebreaks in the loft? No mate. that isnt so. I asked a friend who works in the building trade and he said that he'd only seen 3 houses in the last 5 years that had either no firebreak or only a gypsum wall.

I want to hear more about the table and chairs.

aliens because of tin foil hat wearing middle englanders

French FNARRista speed-cam bomber scores own goal


@ Camera haters

Speeding is an offence, simple as, you do it, you get caught its your own fault.

Anyone who thinks they are in full control of 1000kg of weaving metal at 80mph is deluding themselves, its only because there are other people on the road who assume the same thing but err within caution that we dont have multiple piles ups every 10miles or so.

Also - The ones most likely to die after being knocked down by speeding drivers are children, so i have NO sympathy for anyone who speeds. In fact IMO the law isnt strong enough in dealing with people like this.

"The fact that the general public *do* commonly speed defines the current speed limits as unreasonable."

No it doesnt, it means that people regularly break the law. and/or are sheep who all do what the others do.

How a pair of American spies created the Soviet Silicon Valley



Very interesting stuff!

but in future you need to drop the BG music down by 3dB at least, its too loud.


Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities


This is...

Just another problem with an update really. Its more amazing that they managed to stop only a few programs working. If i were a vista user (im NOT) id be happier to have an OS update than a problem with my anti-virus software. But then im not the average user i suppose. All of the commentees here obviously have the nouse to be able to avoid virus/malware etc issues, while the avg. user probably goes about their business surfing porn etc etc... and besides its more likely that users break their own machines more often the MS manages.

There have been plenty of problems with Apple stuff over the years, we're not immune to it, and most of them have been to do with drivers and hardware, the last update for 10.5.2 was a keyboard fix. So there... The difference is with Apple that problems get fixed ASAP and for free without stopping anything else functioning (Mostly - i.e the last quicktime update stopped the functioning of Adobe video editing products due to an anti-piracy measure)

As for reliability? Ran the same classroom for 6 years using 700mhz and 1ghz eMacs and the only problem ive ever had is with RAM and 1fooked harddrive. Made by Samsung. Im no fanboy (the current macbook appears to be made from cardboard) but when it comes to reliability the Apple products are hard to beat, longevity? you bet...

Heart? Feel the love...

Everex follows Asus Eee to announce 9in sub-notebook



You operated a laptop on ryanair?

makes a mockery of their no wireless devices thing then doesnt it..