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FBI's Clinton email comedown confirms it could have killed the story in a canter


Re: Just fucking stop it...

Looks like it's worked! We have entered the world of an Adam Curtis Doc

Everybody that cares loses. Everybody with power wins — It's just a FPS

I watched Excel meet 1-2-3, and beat it fair and square


SuperCalc or Quattro Pro?

All this talk of spreadsheets and no mention SuperCalc or Quattro Pro?

Boffins herald end of stiff screens


iPhone Screwed by Boffins' Semi

Alternative headline? igmc...

Intel ships super-svelte SSD


Careful Reg - Mind your PC

"The random 4KB figures are even more extreme; up to 25,000 read IOPS but only up to a niggardly 2,500 write IOPS."

Well done in describing write speeds as niggardly. The fact the word has rendered many a journalist, politician or writer jobless, does not deter the ever adjectivally adventurous REG.

And yes, before you accuse me of being part of the "PC Brigade" I am very aware of the etymology of niggardly, but it still has too much controversy to use carefree.

As long as we can look forward to queer performance, blond chip rating and handicapped video rendering frame rates. Walk that tight rope!

Cray has ups and downs in Q3



All this cost cutting and down grading, for a bleeding edge super computer manufacturer.

What's the next Cray's entry level... The Cray-On?

Levi's suffers profit meltdown in midst of SAP embrace


On your knees!

SAP Best blow jobs in the industry that's why formula one drivers have the logo on their helmet.

Sparks fly over electric shock dealing Dell laptop


Inspiron 9300 had the same problem

I have an Inspiron 9300 bought back in 2005. Ever since it has shocked in some places. The edge of the screen lid and the outside edge of the USB ports.

It was the inconsistency of the shock/tingling that stopped me from reporting it to Dell. Sometimes it would go weeks without shocking. Plugged into the same power supply, socket everything, then one day there was a reminder POW!... What was weird was if I plugged the same power brick into my newer inspiron 9400, it doesn't shock? So, you have to question why their solution was to replace the bricks

I think Dell could sell it as a feature. Certainly, it wakes you up better than a cup of coffee and as for falling asleep and dribbling on the keyboard, that would be just a death wish...

Incidently, is this the source of the spark for battery fires last year?


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