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T-Mobile Pulse Mini

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HTC is taiwanese

can't say that Huawei is original but their main selling point is that as long as their design sells it doesn't matter how it's designed or whose styling cue they nicked it from.

YouTube accuses Viacom of secretly uploading videos


Youtube videos are low quality

considering most of the content on Youtube is educational is great for the public. however most videos uploaded are vhs quality and not that watchable anyway. if watchers liked the video they would want to go out to buy the video or movie outright. then again the movie is not always available in certain parts of the world.

also got to thank youtube for the previews as some of the videos and movies shown are not worth the user's time and money, and hence the question why is the company making them still in business??

Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

IT Angle

right on NO as pay for monthly rates

Bandwidth these days are expensive and will tend to get more expensive since ISP will cap the usage rates because of p2p and find more ways to make money. Like TW that is experimenting with usage rate in Texas, broadband being experimenting with like cell phone bills on minutes (but xbits/s on isp) and telecomm regulations governing boundaries to prevent leeching; it is unlikely that users will download for free like yesterday in the coming future. If usage rate billing sticks people are going to be charged for mbits/s so people will rather stick to whats important like updating their OSes, firewall, and save the rest for browsing and watching small video clips rather than the whole movie just like reality tv. 2nd even with digital files for some reason sometimes even the dvds look better than the compressed digital files.