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Apple adds 'S' to iPhone 3G



The O2 price for tethering is exactly the same as their price for a 3G data plan with dongle. So what's the problem?

Blog homeopathy horror hammers hippy herbalists



And in the kingdom of the bland it's 9 o'clock on ITV.

I suspect you may have your round and flat-worlders mixed up, unless you think that both views are valid? There is as much evidence for homeopathy as there is for the world being flat.

Ask.com rehires butler Jeeves


He's not a butler

He's a valet.

US Navy unveils superconductor 'cloaking device' destroyer


@ Ian Johnston

It's perfectly possible to use liquid nitrogen at -240°C, it boils at -192°C, but with additional cooling it can easily be taken cooler. If you don't have a ready supply of liquid N2 you might want to keep it below boiling point so it doesn't all disappear when you reach e.g. the Persian gulf. The more you chill the superconductors the larger the magnetic field you can use without the superconductivity breaking down.

Street View captures traditional British Christmas


Blurred hand?

What's in his hand? Perhaps we're actually witnessing a lightstick-men-in-black moment?

2008's top three touchscreen phones


re: not just a frigging phone

All of which I've been able to do (except maybe the spirit level - but I wouldn't want my phone near DIY) on Windows Smartphones before. I love the iPhone as I said before, but try to keep things in perspective eh? The only thing better about it is the user interface. That's great, and is why I love it, but it doesn't make it a topic of conversation.


Re: ccriste

Wow, you go to parties where people sit around and talk about their phones? Oh, how I wish I was you!

Have an iPhone, and I love it, but it's only a frigging phone!

Royal Society: Schools should show creationism 'respect'



I'm interested in the idea that thermodynamics would somehow prevent evolution. Do go on.

Blighty's electro-supercar 2.0 uncloaked today



I'd love one. Electric engines beat petrol ones in so many ways, it's only battery technology that holds them back. As for the range, hardly the point of a sports car is it? Watching an old Top Gear on Dave the other day, when Jeremy Clarkson was asked about the range of the GT40 he was buying it was 74 miles!

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim


Next you'll be telling me...

That there's no solid archaeological evidence of the Green Knight.

Mine's the one on the side of that horse.

Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser


re: Dogs aren't dangerous

you talk from your arse, AC. Plenty of dogs have bitten people who weren't posing any threat to them or their 'pack'. Not necessarily just dangerous and/or badly trained dogs either. Unless you count walking past the end of a drive on the public pavement as threatening? (Just one real life example)

Tory trash talk fails to halt bin bugging plans


What a load of moaning bitches

The idea's good. STFU and help make it work. Why should I have to pay the same to throw my stuff as someone who has twice as much? It will make people think twice about how much packaging they buy with their shopping and increase pressure on supermarkets to stop selling vegetables in trays etc. Those complaining about dishonest neighbours protest too much I think. Maybe if you got on better with your neighbours you wouldn't have a problem?

Google's Hot Trends shafted by strap-on

Paris Hilton

Still there

dropped to 26 though. Come on people, let's get behind this, it can be number 1!

Paris, well...

US: BAE 'could have' pirated our secret Stealth 3.0 tech sauce


Big non-story

Once someone has invented something then it is always possible to replicate that more easily, even without getting the knowhow direct from them. In the case of the stealth paint once you know which frequencies it absorbs then you can hazard a guess at the composition, and you can measure the frequencies it absorbs best quite easily. I learnt about stealth tech at Uni FFS (Materials Science since you ask). And yes, Dr. E. Amweaver, (nice nick) if it gets wet it's useless on planes. Most of the reduction of radar signature is in the shape of the plane though.

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

Black Helicopters

re: Whinging

Do I worry about Sky knowing my viewing habits? Yes, I don't have Sky or cable for that very reason. I hate giving away personal information.

HMRC pays criminal for 'tax dodger' discs


Not valid? Why not?

Why do people think that this wouldn't stand up in a UK court? Because they don't like the idea? The police have been paying informants since the police force began, and their info has been used in many court cases. It rather depends on what the data is, not how it was obtained. Anyone here know what the information is? Thought not. For all anyone here knows it's the full evidence chain for every one of these tax-dodging parasites.

FBI issues prosthetic pregnant belly bomb alert



Have they been watching Britz?

US navy-v-dolphins judge says Bush can't overrule her


re: Chinese subs

China has a huge number of subs, almost all diesel-electric.

Apple iPhone storms world smartphone biz


re: smartphone definition

I agree there's no proper definition of smartphone, it's not really worth getting hung up on though. The iPhone clearly isn't a basic phone, so maybe that's why it's included?

Best Buy nixes in-store Heath Ledger shrine


re:Ian Curtis

"alledgedly Anthony H Wilson"?

that's a great line. :)

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way


Nottingham? Me arse.

Nottingham, population 194458, Stockport, population 284528 according to the 2001 census. Which is the biggest town in Britain?

IT industry plugs into UK.gov green scheme


Wheeler Dealers and Road Wars

Never watched a single episode, never mind every episode twice. Just because it's being shown doesn't mean you have to watch!