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LG confirms 2009 launch for 3G wristphone



Is this considered hands free for driving?

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror


alcohol, petrol, diesel

The gas is added to alcohol mixtures (not to stop people drinking the cheap alcohol), but to lubricate the engine.

Petrol cars are actually diffiuclt to lubricate, and alcohol burns at a much higher temperature than petrol.

Diesel cars don't have as much of a problem as due to pressue the oils do not dissipate so quickly, however it's still not advisable to run on 100% alcohol (would blow the inlet manifold!!!).

The alcohol is added to give the oil extra oomph, as unless you're using pure oil you've probably lost some of the "explosivenss"....and take a deep breath.

Not sure where I read all that recently, but a popular search engine is a great help.

MS bundles Vista SP1 and Server 2008 out the door


degrading boot performance

wonder if this sp will fix the degrading boot/ shut down performance?

21st century travel: building your own warp drive



so, assuming we can make a "warp bubble", and assuming we can travel inside it.

If the bubble flys along at the speed of light, and we are travelling insdie the bubble at the speed of light..that limits us to twice the speed of light (well just below).

Space travel still isn't realistic at these speeds.

Hows about running the maths on creating a moving bubble inside a moving bubble with a ship in the middle?

How many bubbles would be required to travel at realistic space travel speeds?

I reckon the answer is 42

Show me the way to go home: GPS on test


What about.....

Excellent review, though after looking for devices myself I found the Artemis HTC3300 to be perfect (think thats the right official name its an O2 Orbit).

It combines very good software, with good hardware and has the olde speed camera spotting goodness.

Oh and its also a phone, MP3 player e.t.c. so it doesn't get left in view in the car, and I only have to carry one gadget.

Bit dissapointed such a great gadget wasn't in this review (or indeed any GPS capable mobiles).