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Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

Paris Hilton

Try this for size and quality

Try this for size and quality, don't believe me. Comment after you view it.

Divx HD hi resolution encoding at 0.5Mb/Second, 30Mb per minute, making for a 90 minute movie at 2.7Gb, a lot lower than the sizes mentioned above. Download cost to me would be NZ$2.70 to download (I pay exactly NZ$1.024 per 1024 Mb)


# 1920 x 816Resolution

# 63 mbFile size

Personally I am a fan of H264/aac .MP4 format as being better than Divx, but that's only my opinion.

Sparks fly over electric shock dealing Dell laptop

Gates Horns

MacBook Pro also found to be shocking

The same thing happens to my new MacBook Pro, I thought it was the poor mains power in outback Aussie, but then I went back home to New Zealand and it is still happening here.

Gentle tingle touching the case, but if I am only touching on a tiny surface area (corner of case on forearm, say) then it feels sharper and more intense, almost painful. Any comments?, is this a feature or a problem? (I once bought an electric lawnmower with a special safety feature. As the salesman explained carefully to me, if I was to run over the electric cable with the mower, this special feature would stop the motor from turning. He just could not get it when I asked If I could have an electric mower instead that did not have this feature, and kept on running after you cut the cable!)

Global PC shipments up in Q4


$10000 for 16 pages ! Yikes !

The Gartner report you mention sells for US$9995, and is a PDF document 16 pages long (no doubt includes a cover page, a title page, a couple of pages of Index, a Bibliography page, and an almost blank back page detailing copyright information and Library of Congress number!) which might have 10 pages of information, double or triple spaced no doubt.

I wonder how many dollars a word that represents?