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Top adviser claims John McCain invented the BlackBerry

Dean Ransevycz
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3rd-rate journos fail to grasp comment -- again!

Seems exactly the same as the Gore non-quote: McCain's staffer said something about innovation & the government's hand in fostering it & a poor excuse for a journalist claims that a politician is big-noting himself as an inventor, then another 3rd-rate journo regurgitates the big-noting claim without a facts check. Then again, i'm not sure that the journalists are to blame in that the subsequent comments from the McCain camp would indicate that they to cannot separate a general comment about the government's hand in fostering innovation & a claim that said poli is a the inventor of some-such. Then again, maybe the subsequent comments are a response to the reportage, rather than to the actual meaning of the original comment. Wouldn't it be nice if editors would take the blue pencil to basic comprehension errors?

Gordon Brown claims a Brit invented the iPod

Dean Ransevycz

The internet invented snopes.com


Amazon pooh-poohs (ingenious) New York net tax plan

Dean Ransevycz

@ Crack-whore Coward

Boo-bloody-hoo! 'I hate governments because they expect me to pay for all of this stuff they give me!'

Get your head out from up your arse & admit that tax-avoidence it theft from your community.

Dwarves hidden in sports bags target Swedish coaches

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Purge The Register Linguistic Soviet!

"Dwarfs", man! "Dwarfs"!

Mandriva and TurboLinux unveil 10-person strong Manbo

Dean Ransevycz

Just as well they didn't call it...



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