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VMware renders multitasking OSes redundant


Fevered imagination?

The lean-OS model where many of the normal OS functions are handled in the app layer is more properly called an exokernel. I'm not sure about the current state of exokernel research aside from the MIT exokernel OS I saw some years back.

Dip into concept programming


An interesting idea, but...

Regardless of whether or not it's been done before, I think a highly extensible language with a flexible notation is an interesting idea and might have (as the author suggests) a lot of benefit in that the syntax and semantics of the language can be structured around the problem that one is trying to solve.

However in a production environment, it poses a number of problems. If this idea is carried through to completion, for instance it means that the guy who comes along after a chunk of program is written to do maintenance is going to have to basically learn a whole new language that supports these concepts instead of being able to rely on prior knowledge of how the language behaves.