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DVLA issues double tax discs


Not just car tax discs

I got a duplicate for my motorbike too.

I wonder if we've had two entries in the DVLA's car prize draw too?

Bit awkward for DVLA, especially after saying on BBC's Watchdog that they don't make mistakes!

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View

Paris Hilton

Paper bag sellers' opportunity

Are people really so vain as to think people are remotely interested in them to the point of stalking them? Presumably all these people who are complaining about the invasion of thier privacy walk around with a paper bag over their head in case anyone should recognise them in the street, and have twelve foot walls around their houses so nobody knows what it looks like.

The simple fact is that nobody's interested in you. Sorry.

Paris, because nobody's interested in her either.

'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos

Paris Hilton

Details matter


Fail! The clue is in the name...

Birmingham drops the possessive apostrophe


The Opposite

We've got the opposite problem where I live - stray full-stops.

Obviously whoever orders the signs doesn't know the difference between a contraction and an abbreviation.

Perhaps the residents of Birmingham could recycle our full-stops in to apostrophes?

Half of Brits abuse apostrophe's


Beware the feral apostrophe

The inadvertent inclusion of an apostrophe is not always the fault of the writer. Apostrophes are devious, and will infiltrate your writing without you even noticing. A sort of grammatical trojan.

As for CV's / CVs, the apostrophe there is pointing out that the letters i t a & e are missing between the V and the s.

For another contentious issue, also look at the feral full stop [period] that often appears at the end of contractions, when it only belongs at the end of abbreviations.

Jacqui Smith prints seized by No2ID in daring dabs grab


@Fraser (Freakin' Sweet)

I very much doubt that the fingerprints will be printed on to the ID card - they'll be encoded on the chip, along with other biometric data.

The photo? Well yes, that'll be printed on the card.

And yes, I know it's possible to clone the data on the chip - but unless you are the identical twin of the card holder it isn't going to help much.

PS: Isn't "biometric data" a great term to instill fear? The phrase "facial measurements and eye colour" just isn't as exciting...


So, what next?

Paris: because she doesn't think things through.

How, exactly, are you going to register Ms Smith's fingerprints for anything? The person overseeing the registration process would have to be blind not to notice that you're not using your fingers to create the reading.

You might as well take a koala with you and scan it's prints.

And yes, by virtue of my reply, I can confirm that I do read responses!

Paris Hilton

So, what now?

Far from wanting to rain on anyone's parade, but what are they actually going to do with her fingerprints? Commit a crime and leave the glass at the scene? Sell photocopies of them as a Christmas novelty? Come on...

It's like photocopying a passport and claiming to have cloned it - you're not going to fool an imigration officer with a photocopy.

As for Mr Brown's fingerprints, you're welcome to them. You'll find them on my door handle, keyboard, coffee mug, mobile phone, iPod, car keys... Help yourself.

Yes, that is my real name.

BBC fixes BT Home Hub auto-vomit bug


Not just BT

My Netgear router keeps falling over whenever I try to watch a BBC News Online embedded video. Wasn't sure if it was Netgear, BBC or Firefox to blame, but my iPod Touch plays back fine.

I've upgraded the router to the latest firmware and that's made no difference.

I'll wait and see if BBC's "adjustments" solve the problem.

[cue 9000 Reg. readers saying they have no problems with their Netgear DG834s]

Petrol stations deploy anti-theft stingers


Bed of nails

Whilst I appreciate that we motorcyclists are the spawn of Santa and deserve anything nothing short of hanging, but I dread to think of the consequences of a motorcycle being impaled on the spikes and unseating the rider. Falling on to them is going to hurt - and where is that ID tag going to end up being inserted?

Of course we two-wheeled villans with 15 to 20 litre fuel tanks are far more of a problem than cars with 60 litre tanks - so much so that one station has admitted to not wanting to serve fuel to bikes.

Or what about:

Whoops, sorry! Pressed the wrong button there...


Oh dear - wrong car... Sorry about that. That'll be 50p to use the air pump please.

Apple to charge $20 for iPod Touch update


Apple TV

"So pray tell, how come the Apple TV "Take 2" firmware is a *FREE* download for *all existing customers*?"

How long has Apple TV been around? Less than 2 years? No SarBox problem.