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BOFH: Fine detective work

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The next Fred West, a corporate spy!

Incidentally, is the BOFH trying to get rid of the Boss, or the PFY? Putting one onto the other is a surefire way to lose one of them, chances being the Boss, but he seemed to be dropping lots of hints that the PFY is a sociopathic mass murderer.

hmmm... the beginnings of a whole new storyline? BOFH vs PFY? Been watching much UFC lately Simon? ;)

Also, this says be the first to comment, but seeing as this has been up for just over an hour, I can't see me being first. However, if by remote chance I am... WOO! First to Comment! Took it's cherry! :)

Internet searches stimulate brain more than books


@ Magani

I would surmise that inexperienced means those with little or no experience, whereas unexperienced specifically means no experience.

Of course, a quick check shows what I thought - unexperienced is a non word. Someone is trying to play clever buggers and making up almost real sounding words...

A very bad habit in Journos...

Armed cops ice South London devil dog


@Sarah Bee

I think, after those 2 posts, I have fallen in love... If you are not available, do you have a sister?

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics


@ Johnathon Ellis

"At no-point during this story (and yes I've read a couple of other sources) does it mention that the kid is going to be counciled, going to be shown why it's perhaps unhealthy to show your bits."

Erm... what? Since when has it become un-fucking-healthy to be in your natural state? The way we are born? You mean because someone else might see them (your bits)? Fuck off back to planet retard along with all the other twats that are slowly but steadily regressing the world to a puritanical fanatics state...

Credit agencies get death lists


@ "that'll work"

Quote - "But it didn't stop Amex sending an unsolicited credit card to a name I made up for a third party online survey, whose name they then flogged to Amex, who then decided that he must be worthy of a credit card, even though he DOESN'T EXIST!"

Where was this online survey? I coul ddo with a few credit cards, particularly in names of people who don't exist ;)

US sky marshals submit to Heart of Gold randomware

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@ Tony Murphy and Paul Chandler

YOU BASTARDS! First one made me snort tea out of my nose, then the other made me spit it all over my keyboard JUST after I'd finished clearing up the first lot!

Phorm losses shoot up by half


Part of the problem

with inphorming advertisers they will not get your business if they use Phorm, is that most of the people that will take that step are those who would not buy from web adverts anyway. I suspect they know this, and are targetting the millions of uninphormed numpties inhabiting the intarwebs.

I feel the call to arms posted int he comments on a previous story about Phorm (recently, last or this week" is potentially the only way to go now. Perhaps we could engage in civil unrest, as I understand (although IANAL) that if you have genuine cause for concern, and the legitimate channels for addressing the issue are failing/have failed, REASONABLE actions will not incur penalties in the courts - I read a case recently where the defence was along these lines, and the court allowed it. Unhelpful, I am aware, and so apologies, but I cannot remember where or what specifically it was regarding - I read a LOT of stuff online, much of which is bullshit, but this was a legitimate article somewhere.

Anyone have any thoughts on what actions we could take? I believe the defence above even allows for criminal damage, but not violence towards anyone, and it has to be REASONABLE folks!

Thousands more City workers to lose jobs, says CBI

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@ Matt Bradley

Well, not having been part of the comments above, I would just like to say I work in a University. This would possibly be the whiter than white sector you asked about? Education.

Nvidia settles price-fixing lawsuit

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...but where does that leave us in the UK? Considering we pay a fair amount more than the Merkins for their hardware, can we also get a piece of this pie?

BT's third Phorm trial starts tomorrow


Leaving BT

Dear chaps, how about a little practical help here. BT advisors will claim (and have done to at least 2 people I know) that this substantial alteration to their terms and conditions is not a substantial alteration, even though we all know it is. This is quite important, as it is the difference between paying up the rest of your contract with BT, or not.

Anyone have specific pointers or advice on what to say to them to get this sorted with as little hassle as possible? I will disseminate this info to everyone I know and actively encourage anyone I know still with them, to leave BT.



University offers one-day Jedi course



Until they make one which I can cut through anything with, and not some shitty plastic replica that has a crappy light inside to make it "glow just like the real thing!", I'm not even remotely interested...

Tossers spend billions on making flying fortresses, when they could do something much more useful - creating a more elegant weapon for as more civilized age...

Royal Society: Schools should show creationism 'respect'

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@ JonB

Let me tell you about this wondrous thing called a "Globe"... It is spherical, and you can get them with lights in, and even better, you can get them that flip open to reveal a veritable Aladdins* cave of alcoholic goodness!**

*Subject to fair use policy - ie don't drink it all or there won't be any alcoholic goodness left!

**Alcohol not supplied with Globe


Flat Earth? WTF?

Come on, I expect *much* better from the pedants that inhabit El Reg's comments section... Kindly allow me to restate things...


Stop perpetuating this bullshit. It is not now, nor ever has been, a "legitimate point of view". In much the same way as religion is absolute bollocks, but with even less social acceptance as it never had believers! FFS people, pay attention!


Google to ‘anonymize’ user IPs after 9 months


"anonymize after xxx time"...

It's a big lie anyway, as everytime you do anything on Google's servers, the cookie is renewed, so it's 18 months after your last visit... and from what I understand, it isn't the cookie at your end that makes a difference, as I only allow mine for the current session...

Cheeky bastards.

BOFH: Lock and reload

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@ Sarah Bee

I see Mike's point, it would save a lot of reloading the BOFH page, while waiting on a friday...

Then again, I see your point. I know I'd have put on an angry comment demanding a new BOFH... After all, Simon is a slave to the BOFH now, and he gave up any right to a personal life as soon as it was added to El Reg... Didn't he?

Methinks the Moderatrix has been on holiday for the past couple of weeks so he has had a rest from the whipping and chaining and thought he'd just have a break. It's just not cricket, old bean! Mr Travaglia ought to be lashed with the "Cat", then thoroughly beaten with a stick, then made to write the next 10 BOFH's so that if ever he happens to be incapacitated due to the punishment dished out by said Moderatrix, er, I mean on holiday due to overwork *ahem* we don't go without our fix!


PS Excellent episode... When is the TV serial coming? And*, not really wishing to restart the old debate, but who would play who? I've always thought Adrian Edmunson needs some decent material to get his teeth into, after the Young Ones and Bottom, he's been a bit pants ever since...

(Indeed, one is aware one should not begin a sentence with a preposition, but language is *organic* and one does so like to play)

El Reg slips into women's-fit tees


Methinks an excellent opportunity...

...for El Moderatrix, and possibly ms Bee, to reveal their feminine charms by modelling said T's... Might I also take this opportunity to suggest another addition to the Reg shop - Hot Pants...

Mine's the mac with dubious stains on...

It's official: The Home Office is listening


Nothing to fear?

Why don't you tell that to Harry Stanley?



Or Nicholas Gaubert?


Or Jean Charles de Menezes?



or Derek Bennett?


or Steven Waldorf?



or James Ashley?



or Pearse Jordan



for our cousins 'cross the pond, Rigoberto Alpizar



or Randolph evans


I could go on and on and on and on, but I'm sick of this. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES YOU MORONS!

Orangutans concoct plant-based soothing balm


@ Hrishikesh

Shorely shome mishtake?

It should be


[coat icon] Ook Ook.

San Francisco's 'rogue' sysadmin still being paid while in jail


@ Tom

Fuck off yourself, fool. If you genuinely feel you are intelligent enough and inclined enough to comment on an El Reg article, I suggest reading it first. As another commenter put it so succinctly -

"Tom, you were *replying* to someone saying he hadn't been found guilty, and that he hadn't yet argued his case.

It takes a fairly big misreading of the article to still be confident enough that he'd been found guilty to reply to someone like you did without double-checking the article first"

Also, get off your high horse and stop thinking you are actually important enough that I would address my comments specifically to you (notwithstanding this one). Many people commented with things amounting to "lock him up and throw away the key". I refer you back to my original comment, and several similar by others since - "He has been *accused* of these things, not *convicted* of them" and I am tired of the "hang 'em and flog 'em brigade", when it has been proven, consistently, and over time, that violence begats violence, and treating people like criminals turns a large proportion of them into criminals. Give people a decent education and a proper appreciation for each other, and life in general, and many of the problems in societies around the world fall. There are exceptions to every rule - psychopaths and sociopaths are numerous, just to name a few - but I find if you give respect, you get it. If you are a rude, ignorant twat who cannot even bring himself to accept he fucked up, then expect to be abused.




Come people, you read El Reg therefore have *some* intelligence. He has been *accused* of these things, not *convicted* of them. He gave them passwords, but they didn't work. Stop assuming he did all this, no matter *how* likely it seems according to the media. It is possibly a frame-up, or possibly he is guilty. He should not have his pay stopped until or unless he is found guilty, and he should not be assumed guilty without evidence.

Do any of you actually *know* what this "insubordination" was? In my experience, some moron managers will try and get you fired because you don't ask how high when they say jump, and it rarely hurts their employability even if it is found later that had you jumped the whole house of cards would have collapsed, and you actually saved everybodies jobs by refusing. Not all managers are twats, but there are certainly many that are.

When you know the *full facts* of this case, *then* and *only* then, make a judgement. Idiots.

Busts 4 Justice battles Bulgarian airbag tax


What's all the fuss?

I used to weigh a lot more than I do now, and all I ever got from other fat people were bullshit excuses about "glands" ort somesuch, all the while cramming vast quantities of cheap, fatty, processed food into their cavernous gobs and not doing anything that involved physical effort whatsoever... now, granted, there certainly are people in the world who are fat, and have genuine reason for it, but FROM MY EXPERIENCE, AS A FAT PERSON, the vast majority are just lazy, greedy bastards. I now weigh a svelte 16 stone (and I do look pretty slim these days) at 6'2". I have a tiny bit of a gut, which is steadily shrinking, and it's entirely down to getting off my fat arse and doing things, as well as eating proper food, not visiting mc-scum-alds 8 times a day!

Just to clarify, I weigh a little over twice the amount I lost. I have begun getting heavier due to putting muscle on (I went down to about 13 stone).

I would pay more for bigger clothes, as it is not only the material but the labour which is increased. Stop bitching, most certainly stop threatening (I'm 6'6 so do what I say... bullying twat), and just accept the fact bigger people generally sweat more and therefore are generally smellier than others. much less so for big muscley people, but definately big fat people.

Oh, just a quick note, at 6'6 and 20 stone, if you are fat, you will never catch him, or me, and most the most likely thing is you'll have a heart attack and die.

Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway


@ Tom

I'm sorry, but anyone who needs an invisible friend in the sky that they can talk to, build monuments to, wear effigies of them being crucified (for OUR sin no less), and basically devote their whole lives to, is noether intelligent enough or competent enough to own a water pistol, let alone a fucking GUN!

Someone else more intelligent than me said "prayer is the best way to do absolutely nothing while feeling like you are making a difference" so why don't you bugger off to your armoury (yes, with a u) and pray to your god for my everlasting soul, and that he intervene when everything goes tits up and the whole populationa re eiother shooting each other or terrified of being shot, and the Good ol' US of A degenerates into a feudal system with localised warlords running everything.

Guns are bad. We are the top of the food chain, and have no natural predators, therefore we DO NOT NEED weapons. Every gun in the world should be melted down and turned into a monument to stupidity.

Relay server attack tactic dupes auto-reporting


I'm wondering

why it has taken them so long to get this going? Is it a case of incrememental evolution in malware, as in only bringing in what they need to at this particular time to get around security software? Or did it genuinely take them this long to spot this vulnerability? Or, worse case scenario, has it been in use for a long, long time by one of those coders/hackers with a genuine flair for coding, and the intelligence to author their own rather than a skiddie buying someone elses code?

I don't like any of these scenarios myself...

It's like the coca trade, it used to be fun back in the day (mid to late 70's) before the amounts of money involved enticed the organised crime gangs into the business, and the good ol' US of A declared it's "war on drugs" which did more to promote their use than anything the actual dealers could ever have thought of, let alone been able to implement.

Hacking used to be fun, and about the challenge and your own abilities. Now it's for money, and is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for gangs (particularly, it seems, from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Bloc, with China catching on at an exponential rate), simultaneously being utilised more and more by the (in)security forces of the world.

Rabbit murderer stalks Ruhr Valley

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@ Eponymous Cowherd

"And where is the Playmobile reconstruction. Couldn't find any bunnies in the Playmobile toybox, or something?"

What do you mean *Playmobile reconstruction*? Are you implying that the exclusive photographs regularly (well, semi at least) scooped by El Reg are fake? Granted the people look a little blocky, but using the sort of zoom lenses that would allow them to take such images from far enough away that plod doesn't feel our intrepid journo's collars will do that. I for one applaud the heroic endeavours of said journo, in so reliably capturing such pictures as would never see the light of day otherwise, at no doubt enormous personal risk!

*tsk* next thing you'll be telling me Santa isn't real, Vista is a decent OS, and Optimus Prime didn't destroy Croydon, it was actually built like that!

Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers


Well now...

I have seen and heard all of the tired old arguments on both sides of this particular fence.

I personally download music and films, watch and listen, if they are shit, they get deleted. If they are good, I will make the effort to go and buy the retail version (usually the directors cut of films, if available, and usually that little bit more than the basic edition).

The reason I do this is I have become utterly devoid of any faith in the music industry as a whole, and so sick of the manufactured shit that they constantly promote, everywhere they can, until you are almost brainwashed into buying it, then they drop them in favour of the next canned crap and repeat the whole process, that I could not give a monkey fart for any sense of legality, fairness, or any other wank you care to toss in my face (oo-er missus! that actually wasn't a deliberate turn of phrase, it just sort of came out like that, but I like it so it stays).

I will continue to download copyrighted content, testing the quality, until such a time as I am physically no longer able. I use encrypted torrents, through a vpn, so although slower than otherwise, I am actually still able to play CS;S while torrenting.

I spend in the region of £50 to £100 a month on music and film (although this does include at least one cinema trip a month), sometimes more, and I am by no means unique. I know at least one person with an income I can only dream of, who spend upwards of £500 a month on entertainment (of the audio-visual kind, but he goes to film premieres and the like).

Just to give you one example, I read about a Russian film, Night watch, a while ago. It sounded vaguely interesting and so I downloaded it. This film was amazing. I have since bought that and the sequel Day Watch on DVD (directors cuts), and have just placed an order for the first 3 books - which have been translated into English - in paperback, and a pre-order for the fourth book. I have also got an order in for all four books in hardback, as they look much better on the shelf. Several people I know have now bought the films and/or books based on my recommendation, and in one case, borrowing my films. So, in torrenting a film I might never otherwise have seen, I have ended up spending around £50 so far, and another £30 odd, perhaps £40, for the hardbacks, at a later date, and of those I know who also bought stuff, probably another £100 at least from them. You may think I waste my money buying new when I could get second hand copies for 0.01 + postage on Amazon, but I want them brand, spanking new, shiny and in mint condition.

I also downloaded (at the same time) a film with some american wrestler in (Steve Austin I think), and Vinnie Jones (normally a fantastic villain). Turned out to be a huge pile of shite. A frined of mine had bought it, and after watching it I encouraged him to return it, which he did (claimed it didn't work in his machine, part-exchanged it for full face value towards a copy of Night and Day watch). I realise this creates a problem for the retailer, but when they restrict their sales stock to such wank as this steve austin shite, well, that's their problem. This is what Capitalism is about, no? [/sarcasm]

So, all you muppets banging on about freetards and how they are ruining blah blah blah... go elsewhere to preach. I am not interested. I am far too busy enjoying the good music, and superb films I have just added to my burgeoning collection.

'HD TV gas' 17,000 times worse for planet than CO2, claims boffin


@ Andy Bright

"No doubt the world is also flat" This is a myth you muppet! There is NO evidence whatsoever this was believed by... well... ANYONE, EVER! *mumbles* bloody pseudo-scientific "facts" that get repeated by every man and his dog because it was on the fecking telly so must be true... *sigh*

In the middle ages, which is popularly believed to be when people thought the world was flat, the inhabitants of that era actually knew the world to be spherical - although Christopher Columbus thought it was pear shaped.

[/pedant mode]

Nvidia throws itself under the bus with chip defect, delays and lost sales


@ Sarah Bee

I am in love too. What are you doing tonight? I have a 15,000 word Thesis to proof read... ;)

BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off



Yes yes, I moved to CPW (Talk Talk) a while ago.

Much more importanlty than this, WHERE IS MY FRIDAY FIX OF BOFH?

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates

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When working in business sales for BT, all orders placed had a reference number which consisted of several numbers and 4 letters. We actually had a about 2 weeks of order reference numbers with C-U-N-T in them, and we HAD to give the reference number to the customer :) Oh the joys of arguing with people thinking you are taking the piss and having to call your manager over to confirm to the customer it was a genuine order number...

This was towards the end of 2006, in case anyone has old paperwork sitting about form then... Have a look...

Think tank slams paedophile paranoia culture


CRB checks

There seem to be a lot of assumptions about what CRB checks entail.

Unless it has changed drastically in the last 2 years, there are 2 levels: Standard and Enhanced.

The standard CRB check shows all "unspent" convictions since either 16 or 18 (I can't remember which). This UNSPENT (so still running) CONVICTIONS. A conviction is basically anything a court has found you guilty of (whether magistrates, crown etc), and the punishment could have been anything from a fine to a spell at her majesty's leisure.

The Enhanced CRB check shows EVERYTHING from the age of 16. This includes Cautions, convictions, fines etc, whether spent or unspent. Spent means you have done your time/paid the fine/completed your community service etc and a suitable time has passed without reoffending.

I know this as I have had both a standard CRB to work at BT (2 years ago), and an Enhanced CRB to work on a secure Psychiatric unit (about 6 years ago). I have a copy still somewhere of the Enhanced one, as it was asked about in my interview (I have a caution for contravening some maritime law or other which was basically getting lost while exploring Dover Docks and being nicked presumed an illegal immigrant, and the panel was curious as to what exactly I had done to get that caution).

I don't particularly think the CRB is a problem, it is all the additional legislation being brought in. One of the first comments regarding believing HM Gov. was heading towards a policy of no relationships without prior approval etc etc is, in fact, where we are headed. With or without pre-meditation, this is the world we are spiralling towards faster and faster. Assuming we don't destroy ourselves first...

BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters



This one had me almost wetting myself, first one for ages (though they are all funny)... Even had my manager stick his head out the office to ask if I was alright...

The Guardian ditches Phorm


Time for a better ISP?

Now would be a very good time for anyone looking to break into the ISP market, with ALL of their customers traffic mixed up and anonymised in a similar manner to TOR or JAP. That or something along the lines of all exit points are the same so it looks like all customers are only doing the one thing. Without knowing the technical aspects invilved, would that not be possible? Also not storing ANY customer data at any level...

If that ISP existed, I'd be with it, and not because I do anything iffy (I really don't! Stop looking at me like that. I'm a gamer, I spend more time on CS;S or TF2 than I do anywhere else apart from work! I don't look at pr0n as I have a hot woman [also a geek! They DO exist!]).

I'd also be willing to pay a little more than the average rate for it. As, I suspect, would almost everyone else. on the planet. ever.

Space shuttle descends: Satellite turkey-shoot to commence



Does anyone know if any party is going to attempt to film it?

would make for some good footage either way - US misses, makes self look even more like arseholes *or* satellite shot down to protect secrets blah blah blah, here yougo, something being blown up! :)

Please don't leave me... bitch


Just my tuppence

I have and do use Facebook to get more sex. On my list (not telling you how many) there are only 3 I haven't yet met, but am (using the joys of Private messages) in the process of arranging said meetings... FB has also been very gratifying in setting up fake accounts just for fun, like the Muslim who proceeded to join BNP groups and stir up some "righteous" indignation (oh the howls of horror when 'Ahmed' told them he had 5 children by 4 different white women, and was signing on the dole in about 7 different names as "we all look the same to you bastards" with no intention of getting a job, and they were paying for him to do all this out of their taxes) ...

IMHO, FB is a pile of shite used by Advertising leeches to try and suck every last vestige of financial life out of the younger generations, who, whether by apathy, being stoned on chronically over strength weed, or being that bit more switched on, are just harder to sell to...

It also, if used correctly, is a tool for endless amounts of amusement, and in one memorable episode, a 3some with 2 of the hottest women I've ever met in my life! (not bad for a slightly overweight, dodgy eyed baldie!) maybe I should confess to being fairly fit, and in pretty good shape muscularly, and I bear a passing resemblance to "Grunt" Mitchell the ex-eastender, which helps considerably in that regard... They also had a combined IQ of around 100, but hell, when they look so good you want to eat them, when they offer you aren't going to turn it down! ;)

Mine's the seedy looking smoking jacket, old boy!

Die for Gaia, save the planet?



"we can reduce the impact by having better technology and there's no need to go round slaughtering the chavs (well, OK, not this reason then)."

This shouldn't even be debated, the ONLY reason required for slaughtering chavs is that they exist!

Consumer group slams 'unfair' software licenses



These are not technically true, as you could certainly sell the end product. granted it will be in used condition, and there are very few people who would want to buy it, but there are a few freaks out there...


By Anonymous Coward

Posted Wednesday 20th February 2008 09:29 GMT

> Is there another product I can't sell once I am finished with it?



By James Condron

Posted Wednesday 20th February 2008 09:35 GMT

yeah, toilet paper

Jedi to open Surrey academy


@ b166er

"On the next census, we could all put Neo/The One"

Shouldn't that be 'the path of Neo'?

How about 'the way of Gordon'? - just in case the Combine *do* turn up...

Or (my personal favourite) 'Kama Sutra; make love not war' - bringing about global peace through spreading the love in a variety of interesting ways...

Mine's the one with the jumbo pack of Durex in the pocket...

Home Office opens sex offender files in pilot scheme


Gov talks bollocks. What a surprise...

"Allowing smacking to remain legal sends out the wrong message about our society’s attitude to violence"

What? If you really want to send a message then you need to ban ALL violent media (films, games, music etc) and ALL sports that involve violence (martial arts, boxing etc) and quite possibly also alcohol... The sheer stupidity of people who get elected or hold positions of power continues to astound me on a daily basis...

Also, the human body has evolved to heal itself after even quite significant damage. I am most certainly not condoning violence to children, but there are occasions when the *only* thing that is going to get through to them is a swift smack upside the head... I have 3 children, and have smacked them a grand total of 4 times, over the 10, 7 and 3 years they have been alive. I felt awful afterwards, but it had the desired effect that no amount of cajoling, bribery, punishment by removal of privileges etc had (in different orders)...

What they should be condemning is the abuse of children. A smack is certainly *not* abuse (unless applied excessively, or for no reason). The fact some people are able to breed is no reason to allow them. Christ, look at GW Bush for fucks sake, his parents should have been sterilised at birth, and if that didn't happen, Bush should have been put down as a baby! Put him out of our misery...

Nanny agency hacker fined


pedantry! :)

"You log onto someone else account that you do not have a right to, then it is blatantly a misuse of a computer"

Surely, using a computer for anything it has the ability to do is not misuse, but if it is against the law then it would be "illegal use". Beating someone to death with a PC would be misuse i.e. not the use for which it was intended. Similarly, she had a password and while her use of it may have been illegal/inappropriate as she was no longer a company employee, she wasn't misusing it as it's purpose is to grant access, and that is exactly what she did with it... no misuse anywhere in sight! ;)

Mis -use

verb, -used, -us·ing.


1. wrong or improper use; misapplication.

2. Obsolete. bad or abusive treatment.

–verb (used with object)

3. to use wrongly or improperly; misapply.

4. to treat badly or abusively; maltreat.

nb just in case you want to argue using definition 3; she used it properly, in the manner for which it was intended, just when she no longer had permission to do so.

Mine's the one with the thesaurus in the pocket...

Nvidia to purchase Ageia


@ peter kay

Not another one! Open your eyes and do some research... the HD3870 is a much better card at a lower price than the 8800GT, if you only take the time to set it up correctly. If you want your card to run fast and give you fantastic image quality (noticeably better than Nvidia) you should be looking at one of these cards. Granted, the 8800gt has slightly better frame rates in things, but the difference is marginal, and the image quality is much lower. With AMD, at least, they are developing quality cards, not just quick ones.

If you want to read about it, go to the MicroMart forums and search for posts by Slippy, who has done quite a bit of research into this. There are many others elsewhere, but that is the only one I can remember off the top of my head.

Submarine cable cut torpedoes Middle East access


Racism and outsourcing

Hmmm... racism in any form is bad, but there *IS* a legitimate argument around outsourcing very large sectors of any business abroad, which does have a significant knock on effect on the "home" country's economy. This is not racism, unfortunately it is often jumped on by racist elements and use as some sort of rallying call to other illiterate simpletons that can barely spell economics let alone understand them...

Another side point of the telecomms (in particular, there are many others) industry outsourcing is the exponential increase in telesales calls as these offshore firms are not covered by the telephone preference service or any of the UK regulation surrounding unsolicited sales/marketing calls...

In favour of the Indian call centres, I worked for BT and had more problems with the internal helpdesks based in Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff, thanks to very thick accents. and no, this isn't any sort of comment on intelligence (except perhaps that of the executives who decide all these ridiculous policies) simply communication difficulties presented by language barriers...

Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official



Can a veggie give head and still be called a veggie? And if yes, would they be allowed to swallow (a good source of protein) or be forced to spit?

Online gamer murders rival clan member


"games don't kill people..."

If we were affected by games we played then the over 30's would have spent a large amount of time in darkened rooms listening to repetitive music and munching pills...

oh, wait a minute...