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Tech talk bloke compares girlfriend to irritating Java tool – did he deserve flames?


Re: Bad poll questions.

On Bad poll questions...

Page 1:

- It's not even a joke: it's offensive, to Maven

(I assume that is what most of the current 120 votes are for)

Page 2, missing options

- His experience of girlfriends.

- His experience of Maven.

- It's a joke the comparison was facetious

Seriously; atrocities in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, people so poor they give away their children and kill themselves in Greece; how many other hideous things on this planet and people exercise their outrage on this? Grow up.

Aussie-Irish boozer ejects 'terrorist' drinker




Male pattern boldness

Thumb Up

How about...

a suggestion from one of my colleagues here: 'The Olfactory Method'... code that smells.

Refactory... the fashion of the moment: How about the old maxim of 'If it ain't broke; don't fix it', or at least the wisdom of if cost of change > benefit of change => don't change...

And the Mallory pattern... implementation of a design pattern 'because it's there'. Often leads to the Delicate pattern via the Fragile method.


Science and religion collide for galactic conference



Personally I'm agnostic, father's an atheist and mother's a Catholic; so inevitable really.

Life is probably nicer and more secure if you believe, but I see nothing that requires a god.

People with faith and common sense are generally really nice people.

Religion seems to be a generally bad thing. So many of the most horrific acts in history tend to be excused with it.

Live; let live... Really nice bit in the catechism I learned prior to my decent into science: "Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you"... with the exception of masochists; world would probably be nicer if more people followed just this idea.

Still, fun read... many contenders, but my fav quote would have to be:

"At no point in any of these comments has anyone stated "There is no God", merely that dribbling fuckwits who think dinosaurs just popped off last Thursday are retards."

Ranks with : "...it's not 2 billion rats in a wheely bin."

Cat senses impending death


Les Matthew - ouch

Not sure why I kept reading the comments, but glad I did... could hardly breath for laughing.

Children to nag adults through CCTV


George only got the date wrong...

"co-ordinator for respect"

You're not joking either are you?

I guess the plans for the Junior Anti-Sex League are well underway what with the legislation changes even on what you can draw; so when does the Ministry of Truth appear in name rather than just purpose?

UK gov mulls child porn changes


Law; huh! What is it good for...

Isn't the point of the law to prevent (or where that fails punish) one person/entity hurting(/damaging/adversely affecting) another person/entity?

No-one is hurt by anime. Quite the contrary, consumers take pleasure in it ; artists and their distributors find profit in it. The paint, the paper and the pixel are possibly exploited, but such is the case for any published medium and no-one has sought to protect them thus far.

Technobullies on the rise in school yard stripping games



so, steps are:

Step1: geek uses well known charm and interpersonal skills to persuade girl to send compromising photo


hmm... spot a flaw in the geek revolution...


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