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White House network pwned 'multiple' times by Chinese

Ambi Valent

Spotted somewhere in China......

...Back-up solutions? ask Wing Xhiu, founder of US Gov Mail Back-up systems

OMFG, what have you done?

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Microsoft will show world+dog how to write secure code

Ambi Valent

I wonder..

If you are driving down the street in your motorboat, and your wings fall off, how many secure lines of code does it take to fill a dog-house?

Rats, wish we had a dog icon.....

Securing the world against terrorists, scammers, and thugs

Ambi Valent

Off Tagent......

I miss the old site...plus the icons too

Mythbusters busted over RFID gagging

Ambi Valent
Black Helicopters


I wonder where their dummy Buster would be when they are busted by the CIA, NSA, FBI, KGB, TERRORISTS??

Houston, we have a virus

Ambi Valent


National Anti-virus Sucks Again......oh forget it. That dint come out right.

Phreakers seize government phone system

Ambi Valent
Black Helicopters

@ Osama

"Great now we can use the money you saved to get some new clothes and some milkshakes, Allah be with you"

Security breach at Belgacom exposed

Ambi Valent


Now lets see them limit the exposure of personal records........

This ISP must think its customers are half-wits

NASA invites you to travel to the Moon

Ambi Valent
Gates Horns

Have you stopped to wonder.....

whether Microsoft is involved in the scam? Its hard not to pin Bill on this one.

MS supplies cops with DIY forensics tool

Ambi Valent
Paris Hilton


...now all we need is for MS chaps to supply monthly patches to the USB doggle. I bet if it lands in the hands of hackers then reverse engineering it will simply go to the shelf as one of microsoft's other failed attempt at conquering the world

Paris, because she knows how to prevent any forensic evidence get adulterated

Anti-paedophile group targets child abuse sites

Ambi Valent
Black Helicopters

Lets get these bastards

I also feel we should DDoS the paedophiles servers out of the internet for good and plant root-kits in them so when they come back again we can do it again and again....

Probably Script kiddies have found their use finally......deface the sites and put a nice picture saying "We care for the kids"

Ok take cover here comes a flood of packets.........

Women love chocolate more than password security

Ambi Valent

@By AD

You seriously must be in isolation to even have 50% of the women decline to chocolate. And yes i do agree that with men a bit of flesh is all it takes to reverse the figures.

IMHO, Social engineering will soon take over convoluted code hacking and malicious code crafting and injection!!! So i guess this means good business for chocolate factories!!!

Mine's the one printed Cardbury's on the back!

Scientist who named the black hole dies aged 96

Ambi Valent


"It is estimated that 55 million people dies during WW2, so 200,000 seems small scale as a way of stopping even more deaths."

More and more meaningless statistics!

Only goes to show you how Bush-minded you are even you stop to think of the Iraq war and non-existent WMD.

Mine is the one with an A-bomb n the detonator peeping out of the pocket!

Kraken stripped of World's Largest Botnet crown (maybe)

Ambi Valent

re if they can find the bots...

I totally agree with that. There are tonnes of materials written about Botnets and there's even a whole book on them by syngress publishers.

it doesnt make sense to classify and baptize these menaces with fancy and cartoon like names instead of focusing on how to disinfected infected computers. Sure these researchers, if they are that smart to disassemble and name them, then they should be smart and have the decency to reverse the process.

HP Proliant USB key riddled with worms

Ambi Valent

@Kain Preacher

I think he meant "X" number of servers!!!

Pentagon attackers stole 'amazing amount' of sensitive data

Ambi Valent
Paris Hilton


Then i guess these Pentagon chaps should move over to my house, where my network is far more secure and the only sensitive info i have is my campus certificates.

Paris, because she's proven herself to be unclassified.

NASA reveals Moon's rugged south pole

Ambi Valent
Paris Hilton

Oh my!

Hang on, did i just see an interposed blob on the image?? Must be a Bug in Photoshop or Corel Draw...

My question is really simple, how come we dont have an image of the said pole, with an America flag, flapping in the vaccum???

Paris, because she she's been to the moon and back....

cDc automates Google Hacking

Ambi Valent

And i ask myself......

...why would anyone not take web security seriously

Mexico and Africa to become malware hotspots

Ambi Valent

Stop this assumption

"As far as I'm aware any real kind of networking infrastructure beyond dial-up can only be found in South-Africa where prices are a joke and promised speeds and actual speeds are two completely different things."

Johan, May be you need to actually travel there before you make any unfoundated conclusion. Personally am from Africa, Kenya in specific and we have broadband though kinda pricey. And as clearly stated you dont need broadband to make malware and traffic it around.

I agree with El Reg, Africa will be the next target for snoopers like NSA, CIA etc etc....we have several cases of massive compromises and if am not mistaken, you neither need broadband for that either.

Hackers go after Excel

Ambi Valent

Oh no! Not Again....

Damn this time round they dint throw in a flight simulator like they did in Office 97???

Am so offended that i could use Office 2003!

Is there a reason why Trendmicro, Mcafee, Norton etc havent added Windows to their Signatures??

2008 - the year VoIP gets hacked?

Ambi Valent

And i ask myself......

"Fixed/Mobile convergence is also suggested as a security weakness, with telecos connecting their systems to IP networks but lacking the skills to maintain the security of such connections.".

..............would it help if we tatooted "Security" on their noses before they think of coming up with anything that has an IP address.

Brrrr its chilly out there, Taxi!!!!!!


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