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Microsoft offers EU choice on Windows browsers

chas ponsford


Does this mean that if you have windows and do not use IE? that the updates will happen as it did not before as you had to have IE to do any updates?

NebuAd knocks at death's door

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Spineless UK Govenment

When will the Govenment stand up for the UK people....Oh yeh they are being paid by us to protect us. (that will be the day)

They are only looking after there own pockets and back handers or do they call it expeneses these days.

I hope the EU rip the UK Govenment to pieces as someone needs to protect the people of the UK.

BT threatens to pull plug on better broadband

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Thumb Down

Usual BT Heavy handed

The Govenment should open the market and tell BT to bid for to manage the UK's Telecom business. They are the reason why our telephone systems are so old and out dated compared to third world countries. OFCOM is a waste of time as they do as BT say and anyone complains and BT are the only company that can do the job. Open the market and let some real companies come in and see how BT do then.....Not

Data pimping catches ISP on the hop

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Gates Horns

Is Wow Part of BT

Does BT have shares in WOW as they seem to be doing the same thing.

Official: OOXML approved as international standard

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ISO Standards

This is from the ISO standards pages on Standards Provide to everyone:

ISO standards provide technological, economic and societal benefits.

For businesses, the widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can develop and offer products and services meeting specifications that have wide international acceptance in their sectors. Therefore, businesses using International Standards can compete on many more markets around the world.

For innovators of new technologies, International Standards on aspects like terminology, compatibility and safety speed up the dissemination of innovations and their development into manufacturable and marketable products.

For customers, the worldwide compatibility of technology which is achieved when products and services are based on International Standards gives them a broad choice of offers. They also benefit from the effects of competition among suppliers.

For trade officials, International Standards create "a level playing field" for all competitors on those markets. The existence of divergent national or regional standards can create technical barriers to trade. International Standards are the technical means by which political trade agreements can be put into practice.

For developing countries, International Standards that represent an international consensus on the state of the art are an important source of technological know-how. By defining the characteristics that products and services will be expected to meet on export markets, International Standards give developing countries a basis for making the right decisions when investing their scarce resources and thus avoid squandering them.

I do not see how MS OOXML works in any of these statements

Illegal immigrants spared the gamma-ray scanner

chas ponsford

The French

Good old French mess anybody else from stopping them leaving France as they cannot stop them getting in there country.

Human rights and all that.


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