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Nexsan gives 42TB array a make-over for picky Apple fans

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I had a couple of Satabeasts at the last place I worked, and believe me, they were possibly the loudest things in the whole server rooms including the aircon.

Can't remember where the fans were exactly, but I do remember the huge plastic 'fan' on the front was only a decoration, it was just a molded plastic fascia.

Hacker defaces temples to OS X

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Glenn Wolsey update

I see Glenn Wolsey has now posted an apology of his own...


Not the brightest idea in the world eh?

MoD in £270m splurge on extra HQ computer terminals

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@ Anonymous & Ben

Anonymous - Agree with you there, as far as I can tell, just about any project, IT related or not is almost always fcuked up from start (if they actually do) to end... the point I was making was that defence spending is very poor, not that any other govt projects are any better! :)

Ben - I should have clarified my point. I know EDS/Fujitsu are not British, what I meant to say was I have been at the sharp end of the equipment and systems they send out for the end customers to use and everytime they have, it has been a total joke. Everything is enormously overpriced and under spec'ed. If you are lucky, you might get a something that is 10 years out of date for 10 times the price you could put it together yourself for. Spares are even worse...

This is not to say that only the americans are ripping us off, we can do that very well ourselves..

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Hiss... Boo!

Just in the middle of our own Mr Lewis's book, and a very good read it is too.

After 8 years in the Army and having been on the receiving end of much of EDS/Fujitsu et al's "products" I can only agree with the theory that the govt is basically trying to keep British companies and/or golf buddies afloat/rich.

If the average taxpayer knew what kind of money is wasted on defence they would be very, very cross indeed. You could pay for all the new hospitals/schools/immigrant defences any self respecting Daily HateMail reader could possibly want with so much to spare you could actually equip our forces (yes, all of them) with every imaginable rifle/fighter/submarine etc you could ever need.

Just buy American/German or swiss, ok?

Technobullies on the rise in school yard stripping games

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And so...

..The geek *shall* inherit the earth... ;)


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