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Oracle tunes up VirtualBox hypervisor for Windows 8

Edward Ashley

Re: VirtualBox hypervisor is not a bare-metal or type 1 hypervisor

Straight from wikipedia as I can't be bothered to think about the best way to explain this on a friday night:

Type 1 (or native, bare metal) hypervisors run directly on the host's hardware to control the hardware and to manage guest operating systems. A guest operating system thus runs on another level above the hypervisor.

This model represents the classic implementation of virtual machine architectures; the original hypervisors were the test tool, SIMMON, and CP/CMS, both developed at IBM in the 1960s. CP/CMS was the ancestor of IBM's z/VM. Modern equivalents of this are Oracle VM Server for SPARC, the Citrix XenServer, KVM, VMware ESX/ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor.

Type 2 (or hosted) hypervisors run within a conventional operating system environment. With the hypervisor layer as a distinct second software level, guest operating systems run at the third level above the hardware. BHyVe, VMware Workstation and VirtualBox are examples of Type 2 hypervisors.

Intel rolls eyes at flaccid PC biz, cuts $1bn off expected sales

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Windows 8

Luckily Windows 8 will make the masses want to "upgrade" ;)

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?

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How about the cloud storage options, I know with S3 you can even publish a simple website using the service. You end up paying for the storage but would have easy access, and I imagine easy access to migration tools should you need to.

Microsoft pops preview of 'biggest, most ambitious' Office yet

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Was it coded with BRIC's?

I think Microsoft are trying to please not only the emerging tablet / touch screen market, but also the simplicity needed in the high growth markets of BRIC. I say simplicity only because even though I find it more difficult to actually get work done with the silly ribbon, new buyers with fresh eyes might find the latest incarnation more pleasing.

Microsoft have excelled at stealing ideas and software, so seeing them trying to keep up is actually quite amusing.

I wish Google Docs released a downloadable app that I could install and use daily, that would be a killer app.

When a DNS outage isn't an outrage

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I Concur

I have used easydns for many years, however I am now moving to Amazon Route53. The recent outage from BT seemed to affect the easyDNS service, but not the Amazon service. I don't think it was easyDNS' fault, however when the boss is sitting at his computer saying he can get on everything else but not his site I have to explain. However I second the fact that their support is really good and I would recommend them.

DNA-carbon nanotube microprocessors — small hope for a big shift?

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DNA + Chips

Is anyone else scared about the extensive use of DNA / Computing in this article?

Microsoft's LAMP answer arrives in pieces

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Gates Horns


Microsoft, Speed?

Is that only when you have read their documents on how to get your system back to responsive instead of dead?

Websphere on Redhat Linux, right so they've chosen implementing it in Java against I suppose C#, hmm, and Websphere against IIS, hmm.

Right whats the link to MSDN? I'm converted!!!!1!!1! (even if super fast MSDN now takes all day to load, and they've sorted hotmail so that I can login)

Meet the world's premier open source vendor - Sun

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Would help if you could read your links before you post them, and read up on the GPL it's not that bad.

Free use for those who never copy, modify or distribute. As long as you never distribute the MySQL Software in any way, you are free to use it for powering your application, irrespective of whether your application is under GPL license or not.