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AMD Istanbul - Time for something new already?


@ Ananymous Coward

That statement is a joke, it takes far more UNIX admins to manage a datacenter's worth of hosts than it does windows admins. Period. I have worked in enterpises with tens of thousands of Solaris, HP UX and Linux boxes, recently as one of the few windows admins and then later as a *nix SA. What you can do off the shelf with a windows environment takes far less time and effort. I takes SAs MONTHS to write a set of scripts to do what I can do with a windows platform in half an hour, and get WAY better reporting and control.

Apple raises retail stakes against Microsoft

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They could succeed....

but they need to get it right from the start. If their store doesn't come out swinging, it will get a poor reputation. They should consider the following:

-Work with some OEM to co-brand the most stable and well supported windows desktop and laptop platforms at 4 different price/performance points each.

-Have technology demonstrations or labs. They could have the MS surface there, a virtual server based lab for small buisness demos, I dont care what anyone thinks, its faster and cheaper to deploy a windows environment then to deply EQUIVALENT functionality on linux. Think Small Buisness Server....show me how you can install and deply a fully integrated LDAP/Kerberous/Sendmail/Samba/Sharepoint like frontend..etc...etc server in 2 or 3 hours.....and they had better be integrated....and any shmoe had better be able to use it off the shelf.....oh, right ,cant be done.

Have in-house support, via the apple model, IE only support MS labled product. Or better yet, have MS "Idiot savants" ;P That can work with both MS, OSX and Linux, can easily explain basic networking for the simple minded, and show how to make them all interact. And yes resolve issues on all OSs. Hell, they should even be proficient enough to teach someone how to integrate a home stereo into the mix......how to set the time on that old VCR.... Costly personel for sure.

Regular giveaways, upgrade and migration assistance, xbox lan parties, free electronics recycling (brings people in), They could have all the venders which sell Win Moble phones with displays.

Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond


WOW! There are some ignorant smart people making comment here.

I am no programmer, even with some scripting experience. One thing I noticed about the comments here was the fact that many of you are not realizing that banning the function at the compiler level, enforced with a warning, is not the same as disabling its functionality. This is identicle to having a service not installed or port listening after a clean OS install. Its precautionary. Where is the uproar over not having FTP running on a server a first boot? You can install it later if need be. If 95% of coders out there are lazy and unknowledgeable about proper coding and this is giving MS is bad rep......then MS has every right to try and enforce a policy that will lead to a better Mom and Pop end user experience. Let us all not forget that we It or development profesionals (or enthusiests for that matter) are but a small number of the global computing population. This has been the case since the Internets was established and will forever more be the case.-D

Attention Symantec: There's a bug crawling on your website

IT Angle

Bet the site is the work of outsourced coders

I'd bet good money on that.

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?


Ya' See what happens

And I thought our cousins in the UK were more educated then us hillbillys in the US of A. Why is it that all of the news about UK government policy that I read about points directly to a hard core police state? And no, we aren't far behind in that reguard. Why haven't I heard about massive demonstrations in front of Parlament? I guess leathargy is a common thread we all have these days.

Serial security hackers hit F-secure


Is there no defense?

I'm no security expert.......but cant you proxy against such attacks by now? SQL injections are old news. Its a tried and tested method that should have been defeated by now. WTF. Is it any specific versions of SQL? M$ SQL, MySQL. Why not use Oracle, or Dbase, something else? I'd ventrure to say most sites are cracked through thier GD databases. I remember years ago, when I was a bushy tailed consultant, I had firewall devices that could proxy every damned bit. Oh, I forgot, iptables is all you need, jackasses.... Astaro firewall, and yes even M$'s own ISS platforms can do this, application layer proteciton...... I guess they cant be bothered to stop picking apart the new bugs that get generated by the downloadable code kits to worry about protecting thier boarders, because why would anyone bother compromising an antivirus company..... Jerks.

AMD to axe 1,100 (more) jobs


Well, this may be good in the long run

Hopefully they scrape off a bunch of uselss marketing and MBA douchebags and make the company more efficiently run. In every large company there are many people that do not carry thier weight, I just hope it's them that get the AXE and not some random selection based on ill informed execu-whim.

Apple files 3D-interface patent

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They can't pattent this, they WILL get sued

Just another attempt to say "We did it first" by creating a patent. There have been 3d user interfaces for a while, for an example, look up "Browse3D". F them and thier BS pattents. They didn't invent jack here. May they be sued out of existance.

Spammers open new front on social networking sites


Lets make this easy

More effort is spent on plugging holes into registration systems to prevent automated registrations than the obvious. Follow the f'ing money. Go to the target sales sites, determine where the money goes, prosecute them. Matter of fact, start prosecuting drug companies for selling their wares to the bastards who set up these temporary shops in the first place.

Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up


M$ not the only one susceptible to this issue

I received an 'in office used' Mac G5 for my desktop. The system had a standard company image with minimum configuration and was fully re-imaged before it hit my desk. After logging into the system for the first time, I was prompted to install one of the larger OS updates along with quicktime/itunes crap updates as well. Installed the updates and rebooted. After the system started to load the OS......... Kernel Panic. It seams the wrong image was used and after the update, immediate kernel panics. There was no fix, the system needed the correct image reinstalled.

I can't remember weather it was a PPC image on Intel hardware or visa versa, or if thats even possible. I seem to remember it being the reason. But that would be very similar even with the vastly different architectures.

Vista security credentials tarnished in malware survey



So, it appears to me that the data proves one thing, it's the user's fault. Vista is based off of the Server 2k3 platform, just like XP x64. The users of said 2k3 systems are less likely to behave in a way to put the system at risk. What is not started in this 'Research' is what the operational environments were and how the systems were being used. Blah blah blah, point being, I do not operate my system with AV or anti spyware. I do install said software and run system scans from time to time to confirm that........My system doesn't get infected because I don't do stupid things online, I'm at risk but very careful. Don't blame the OS, blame the jerks behind the keyboard.

Dubya archives White House email by hand

Paris Hilton

Sweet mother of Christ!!!!!

Any first year IT professional would know better. FFS!!!! I'm sure this group of inbreds are in the same club as the fools that allowed classified information systems to touch the internets in the Pentagon. Maybe I should go to congress and get the head honcho seat for governmental IT infrastructures. If I took that office (yeah there are more than one orgs I'm sure) I could improve the situation by deploying Etch-a-Scetches and unplugging the damned internet. "Sorry Johnny Bigbrother, no youtube when you should be looking for ways to to save my tax money or get us out of a stupid war."

Paris: because she gets F'd like our glorious republic has been.

Redmond puts key Vista update on ice


I'll add my piece to this...

So, when I get a brand new Mac Pro at work, fire it up and apply the available updates, which completely destroys the OS, thats OK right? Or when I deploy a new binary into a production Linux environment and a memory leak takes down my clusters thats fine too? As long as It's not M$ for some it is........

IPv6 roots planted on the net


Richard Cartledge Apple cetainly wasn't first

1996 Linux gains alpha quality IPv6 support in kernel development version 2.1.8[26]

1997 In the end of 1997 IBM's AIX 4.3 was the first commercial platform that supported IPv6.[27][28]

1998 Microsoft Research[29] first released an experimental IPv6 stack in 1998. This support was not intended for use in a production environment.

2000 Production-quality BSD support for IPv6 has been generally available since

early to mid-2000 in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD via the KAME project[30].

Sun Solaris has IPv6 support since the Solaris 8 in February 2000[31]

2001 Cisco Systems introduced IPv6 support on Cisco IOS routers and L3 switches in 2001. [32]

2002 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 SP1 had limited IPv6 support for research and testing since at least 2002.

Microsoft Windows XP (2001) had IPv6 support for developmental purposes. In Windows XP SP1 (2002) and Windows Server 2003, IPv6 is included as a core networking technology, suitable for commercial deployment.[33]

IBM z/OS has supported IPv6 since version 1.4 that has been generally available since September 2002.[34]

2003 Apple Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" (2003) has IPv6 supported and enabled by default.[35]

In July, ICANN announced that the IPv6 AAAA records for the Japan (.jp) and Korea (.kr) country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) nameservers became visible in the DNS root server zone files with serial number 2004072000. The IPv6 records for France (.fr) were added a little later. This made IPv6 operational in a public fashion.

2007 Microsoft Windows Vista (2007) has IPv6 supported and enabled by default.[33]

Apple's AirPort Extreme 802.11n base station is an IPv6 gateway in its default configuration. It uses 6to4 tunneling and can optionally route through a manually configured IPv4 tunnel.[36]

2008 On February 4th 2008, IANA will add AAAA records for the IPv6 addresses of six of the thirteen root name servers[37][38]. With this transition, it will be possible for two internet hosts to communicate DNS without using IPv4 at all.

MS bundles Vista SP1 and Server 2008 out the door


Add me to the list of satisfied Vista users

At first I wasn't happy because I had various service related errors and the occasional blue screen of death. Reading around the web, I was under the impression that this was due to the memory caching services. In a way it was as when I disabled them my system stability increased. Then I ran some memory tests. My memory was erroring like crazy, it was some high end Geil. I replaced it with a pair of Corsair XMS sticks.................and all was well. The exact same system (with bad memory) running XP 64 did not exibit the same high rate of failures and instabilities. I'm guessing the Kernel memory manager is a little more picky in Vista.

So, with properly functioning memory, Vista works fine (for me). Even with all of my boutique Audio hardware and System crushing Audio applications. If Vista is unstable for you, I suggest doing a very deep level hardware inspection. Use various memory tests from a bootable media, run spinrite on your HDs, flash a bios here and there, something.

It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook


Proper tool for the job

As always, a Mac/Pc (Technically a Mac is a Personal Computer, but I digress) flame war ensues. I would never choose this device for work. It is a very niche device for a specific market segment. For the person whom stated..

"God bless the PC idiots who 'need' an RJ45 and a thousand USB slots (more isn't always better but it's always MORE, right?) and are clearly labouring in denial of a world where networks went wireless for the rest of us years ago."

You obviously have no profesional telecomunications or networking experience, nor have you worked with networked multimedia content creation, be it video or multichannel audio. Your "PC idiots" statement places you in a category of user that is limited by brand as opposed to functionality or useability.

The core of what this discussion should be is whether or not this is inovative. It is not. There have been ultraportable general purpose computers since the 80s for christ's sake. Texas instruments was putting out oversized calculators that were C/Basic capable with wide but short LCD displays. They had one on an episode of V back in the day. That stated, the Air is overpriced when looking at comprehensive functionality but about par the coarse for the UMPC market. It is only slightly more functional than my XV6700 phone.

I'll finnish by saying this device does not meet my personal requirements, but I'm sure that many Mac fanatics and other entertainment device consumers will embrace it. Enjoy it and keep your ignorant smugness to yourself.

P.S I use PCs, Macs, Linux, Solaris and HPUX systems daily. They are tools.


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