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'Windows Cloud' to descend this month, says Ballmer

Suresh Sundaram


all of these anti MS fanbois need to get medical help.

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo sued for foetus sex selection ads

Suresh Sundaram

is it india or...

i have heard that dowry system is rampant in the moslem culture as well; the mowlvi gets heftily paid (by the bride's father, ofcourse) & the groom gets treated royally.

india is going through extremes: they've been on the dogmatic extreme earlier, & now with the "bangaloring" & IT culture coming in in the name of globalisation, things get into total imbroglio, leading to identity crisis.

strangely enough, 15th aug is india's day of independence from the err.. uhum... british.

india is dead... long live india.

Nokia E51 executive phone

Suresh Sundaram
Paris Hilton


hi & hello,

just how much did nokia pay you for this review?


metal might

FDA approves cloned animal products

Suresh Sundaram

at all of them


we are either getting paranoid, or are simply "promiscuous" in the name of evolution/change etc. either ways, we are anti-nature and this is completely unnacceptable.

nature has proved that it is more powerful than man, and this time as well it will prove. let the daredevildonquixotes, in the name of "survival of the fittest", have their life.

best regards.


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