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Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout


sucks but.

it's exactly what happens to everyone in the construction industry.. of all the architects, engineers etc that i know who lost their jobs of all get statutory minimum, or less like when my firm went bust.

the site builders etc usually get about 3 hours notice and paid if they are lucky.

hearing about IT guys for banks getting a month for every year served.. that'd be the day.

Exam board to hear appeal over format cockup


the list is ambiguous

as it says the examiners will have this


microsoft office compatability pack

which is an upgrade to office...

as someone who receives CVs in word format i kinda side with the examiners..

Google OS gOS - if at first you don't succeed...


order of magnitude?

whilst i'm not really a mac fanboy, i am a pedant. "order of magnatude" would mean that macs were 10 times more expensive than equivalent PCs. whereas the reality is probably somewhere around 20%,

Google cedes Belgium to Germany



why is iceland talking

iGoogle personalises personal pages on other people's behalf


i'm in the haters though mostly because the

gmail widget seems to be broken, i can't imagine this is a univeral problem but it's very annoying.


Dutch ban voting computers over eavesdropping fear


wouldn't it be more sensible to use PEN and paper rather than pencil?

if you are so worried about security?

Online ID checks to limit teen booze and knife purchases



How are thse items being paid for? I guess you can get a switch card when you are under 18, but surely it'd be better for parents to be able to block cards for use online.

or that they are flagged as belonging to someone under 18

Vendor touts notebook as desktop server replacement


500 times the storage

"three 3Gb/s SATA hard drives in a 1.5TB RAID configuration"

I want to know how that raid setup works.

Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics


nice pool

if "a major component of their purchase decision was a desire for privacy" then perhaps could I recommend buying a house with perhaps some sort of wall, fence or hedge.

HMRC blows £1.4m on two-word slogan


it could be worse

I mean "HMRC Ambitions" is really a 5 word slogan, thats only £280,000 per word.

Hasbro fires off legal letters over Scrabulous


I could be wrong but

i understood that the game itselfwas no longer copyright/patented/whatever , just the name.