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Estonia fines man for DDoS attacks

Taimo Kolsar

Local knowledge would help

1 € = 15.64664 Estonian Kroons... which makes it € 1,118.45.

Today's £ rate is 20.9681, so the fine is equal to £ 834.60.

Motor titans crowd aboard 'green' bandwagon

Taimo Kolsar

@ Paul

We DO need hybrids.

Although probably they don't stand the test with conventional ones yet, still the idea behind is brilliant.

Let me explain: an ordinary car turns chemical energy into motion when accelerating, and when braking all that motion energy is radiated as heat through brakes. One burn, one ride.

A hybrid car at least makes an attempt to collect the motion energy when braking. By running the electric engine backwards and recharging the batteries it enables some more accelerations for the fuel initially burned.

Worth trying, I guess.


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