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DARPA looking for mind-controlrepair brainplug tech



maybe we'll see in game NPC's actualy be interesting to interact with.

NPC:- welcome <name>, have you <actioned> the <quest objective>?

Player:- no, i have bananas.

NPC:- have lots of <ingame currency>

Player:- Best. Quest. Ever.

or maybe counterstrike like bots not get stuck behind walls?

just an idea or two...

Jaguar-Land Rover to develop F1-style energy recovery tech


to spam

yes, the amount of heat and size of radiator is due to the internal combustion engine's poor efficiency. Approx. 30% of the available energy (and that is being generous) is actually extracted from the fuel and turned into motion. the rest is lost as heat through the cooling system, exhaust, etc. etc.

according to newtons laws of motion, a body will only slow down when acted on by a force in the opposing direction to motion... in the case of the car, be it wind resistance (negligable) , transmission drag (meh) , or, your brakes (fairly effective - i hope).

so all the energy used to push you forwards, has become the momentum of the car, and is dumped into your brakes in order to stop, and dispelled as heat. (assuming a non-skid scenario).

so, if they are claiming about 30% of the energy lost through braking is reclaimed, that roughly equates to 10% of the original fuel energy used, and so i would guess they can claim a corrisponding 10% increase in fuel efficiency? yes? no?

year 3 maths lesson over. jesus christ. someone get this guy some crayons.

Super Micro squeezes four servers into one chassis


yes but...

will it blend?

play crysis at more than 2fps?

play raytraced quake3?

is it able to run a single outlook mailbox restore over mapi at more than 200kB/s?

sorry, just getting it out the system...

World's 'smallest, lightest' laptop launches



if only it was built on an equivilently clocked ion platform...

nice little device non-the-less, fairly tempted

ESA gives £6m to Brit spaceplane project


frontier - elite2

"specialy adapted cargo hold to carry people " and "no windows"

this just reminded me of having to kit out the cargo hold with life support systems to transport .. erm .. livestock, in the game...

Third-gen iPhone to run on Nvidia chippery?



in yet, you still queue overnight to get one?

Three hospital worm infection dubbed 'substantive failure'


heh, two words.

public sector

Veteran F1 designer readies 'affordable' sportster


in case ....

they dump the batteries and go hydrogen fuel cell... ?

Unravelling PC form factors


just as well posted as AC 20:03

as if i knew where you lived i'd knock your house over and setup stall at a car boot.


Belkin boss 'extremely sorry' for cash-for-good-reviews plan

Paris Hilton

Belkin's usually good...

especialy that 'belkin' open wifi connection just outside brentwood station thats usefull when the train stops for no reason other than the driver needs a quick sleep.

paris, cos i'd hop on for free, but wouldn't pay to take it home.

Last major VHS supplier ejects from tape biz


blueray is dead, long live blueray...?

downloads. streaming video. video on demand. physical media is so last century. if you can't be more imaginative than a DVD under the xmas tree, then i think you have more pressing concerns than which media format to invest in.

althought.... UK peeps haven't got the infrastructure to cope with that sort of bandwidth.

hmm, sony paying BT to keep us in the broadband darkages?

UK will save its 48-hour opt-out, says employment lawyer


opting out....

exzaktly. those of us that want to earn the big bucks, turn in the hours, and get paid for it, while we can, will thanks you yes.

given any luck, i won't have a mortagage by the time i am sprogging up.

3month stints of 7 day weeks at 10-12 hours a day, hard, but worth it. makes holidays very nice to me.

you takes your money, hows you wants it. or not. your choice.

public sector cannot understand work working more than 9am to 3pm.

Tesla takes Top Gear test to task


to be honest

i was pleasantly surprised by the positivness of Clarkson's review, and i didn't feel there was any undertone of "i hate this because it's electric".

the ge-wizz got the "i hate this because its crap" and rightly so. nothing to do with the power plant. the ge-wizz got slated because a mobility scooter has more go in it.


Fast - yes, even with half ton of battery.

Handling - let down by half ton of battery.

Range - let down by half ton of battery.

Noisy - lots of road /wind noise.

Range - battery not enough.

Fun - yes. just needs to loose the half ton of battery and go hydrogen fuel cell.

i like the idea of regerative braking, but it sounded like their implementation was an all or nothing approach. not the progressive braking in "normal" cars.

they admitted to having problems as the two speed gearbox and locked it down to one. so from tesla's point of view it was definatly a proof of concept, and not really the finished showroom product. thats what i can guess as to why they had two there in the first place in case one went pop? its not like you can pop down your local tesla garage and take one for a test drive. these things were probably negotiated over, shipped across, fettled and honed. then one then still goes and blows its fuses.

As for the Honda. well, if they were only petrol heads, then this wouldn't have even got a mention. as it was, James flew over there, found out about it, drove it, and i personally, wouldn't have heard about it otherwise.

"GO" icon for Top Gear.

Jobs, Apple out of Macworld Expo

Thumb Up

all this hate...

Macs are Macs, windows is windows, and linux is linux. all have pro's and cons.

use the best tool for the job i say.

hell even the old miggy gets a turn of the crank now and again.

still, there is no denying that Jobs has turned that company around into a viable contender :)

Before Pong, there was Computer Space


i just had an idea for a new game

it's called commuter space. that rare and oft fought over commodity shared by hundereds and thousands of cube slaves every morning and evening, on the train/bus/etc...

no... i didn't think so either....

Delta Boeing 777 engine suffers 'uncommanded rollback'


Jet A1 fuel

is basicly parafin

Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag



freaking pinko lefty communist thought police. grow a spine.

Big Blue donates cloud to unborn solar cells



not only do they take my tax money, my beer, my time when explaining the real world to graduates, but they want my CPU cycles as well? naff off!

go and get nvidia to sponser a CUDA ladboritory or something.

Back the F:\ Up


killing a PC

heh, easy. install linux. no drivers, no games, no applications, incomprehensible interface.

boots from zero to useless in 30 seconds! :))

Nokia goes to tinsel town


research lab full of hollywood execs?

i trust there will be disections, and lots of experiments along the lines of "will they blend?"

25 years of Macintosh - the Apple Computer report card


here's to another 25 years of apple

while i may not entertain the use of any fruity themed apparatus myself, and i can definatly stand up and say "i'm a PC", i'm glad Apple is around to "stick it to the man". Otherwise this world would be a lot more boring without them.

and as such, I hope the shining radiance of his jobsness also goes across when the mantle of Apple's guiding light is passed on...


Date set for Jatropha Jumbo biofuel-2.0 test flight


nut allergies?

well, most "nut" allergies are attributed to Peanuts, which acually belong to the pea family, rather than then nut family.

so if my dark distant remembering of vegetable genus is correct, we should be ok on this one... :)

my only thought is, how many nuts must you squeeze to part fuel mix a jet engine?

plus an engine designed to burn mixed fuels will get better power/efficiency, than a parafin burning turbine. hell it could burn vodka..... stopping off at duty free to fill up just took another meaning...

Broadband speed testers fail the test


Virgin media suck.

i'd treat this story with the contempt it deserves and ask "who cares what that cowboy outfit says?"

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


but then...

without doing any research myself, these stories could just be a way to get rid of the Daily Mail reading section of the british population to other shores?

Sky 'to bid' for Tiscali


sky broadband... satellite... nnngh

it still comes through your phone line...

Mobile blocking tech for trains

Thumb Up

how about some EMP device..

that kills schoolkids mobiles. stops them spouting "choons" at distorting volume from its speaker? speaker phone for music playback. who the eff thought that was a good idea?there's a godd damn hanging offence right there.

and lets face it,

bloke phone call "hi honey, i'll be at the station in 25 minutes, any chance of a lift? ..... thanks babe, bye."

female phone call "so this morning, i got up, had a piece of toast, blah blah blah and can you belive what happened in <insert soap opera here>..... etc etc etc...." 20-45 minutes of big brother/corry/enders mindless pants.

i'm getting one of those pocket sized quad band mobile phone jammers imported from the states. cos lets face it, after a 12hour shift at the coal face, i, and all my other fellow commuters hate you, the phone abuser, more than you could ever imagine.

do it. quiet means _quiet_.

oh and as for wifi, it does happen. usually when the train is stuck somewhere. usually outside brentwood on my line. there is an unsecured belkin router there that works a treat.

Ford to build 'boring-EV beating' eco-engine in Bridgend


just waiting

for the hydrogen conversion kit for internal combustion engines....

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret


back in the day

you didn't need special equipment to detect TVs. hell, i could and still can, HEAR the 15.7khz whine off of tv tuned CRTs enough to tell which houses had tv's in and which didn't.

these days, plasma's and LCDs are a welcome silence to the constant scream of standard definition tele tubes.

Financial meltdown hits Hilton where it hurts


checkout magazines

it really does bother me that some people's lives are so empty that they cling on to these celebutards to bring meaning to their, so i guess, seemingly miserable existance.

soap operas and tabloids can be brought into the same umbrella of "dumb britain"

and the brain drain continues...

Virgin Media accused of shafting customers on upload rates


i keep seeing those "true 10mb broadband" adverts....

and then i see conversation threads like this one. eff virgin.

i've got sky bb max (unlimited) , and i'm currently torrenting at about 3.5Mb down, 0.6Mb up. and apparently i'm a bit of a way out from the exchange. but i'll turn over about 25GB down, 8GB up a day.

i've got uploading limited to 60KBs as i need some bandwidth for my "logmein" connection from work

its effing great! thanks sky for removing your "fair use policy" :-)

Gov cans 'national day' plans

Black Helicopters

Lame Fail Day.

how british is that. the "almost, but not quite" mantra has now permiated the hallowed halls of government.

no wait, isn't that where it came from?

won't this offend the non-nationalist "we are one world" earth view fundamentalist minority movement?

black helicopters cos i used "offend" "fundamentailst" "minorty" in one sentance. *waves Hello to gov. web monitoring service*

Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?


shifty measures

so in otherwords, its an excuse for brewery's to shift 2/3 pint measures for full pint prices.

put it in a fancy galss and no one will know the difference. b'stards.

not that brewery's are known for quality practices anyway. like buy back half casks that are known "past it" and push it back out to pubs as quality draft. pumps and pipes at aren't cleaned properly, or when they are, you get your lunchtime tipple half cut with bleach. fantastic.

60% the time a dodgy tum isn't the result of ropey post-drinking food, but the crap beer people drink. drink bottles or spirits. effers. effing eff faced effers.

Next Windows name unveiled: Windows 7



windows 7 is apparently going to be a complete core strip down and de-bloat re-write. new filesystems, new file handlers and protected kernal, blah blah blah, and apparently it'll be faster than sh1t of a shovel.

if i recall correctly,

vista was going to be a complete core strip down with bloat removal re-write. new file system that was going to rock, kernal protected from drivers.... sounds familier... not what we got in the box.

Legal digital music is commercial suicide


and speaking of quality....

it might help the record lable's cause if they released something worth paying for.

I'd pay <insert current female 'artist' here> to use her mouth, and it wouldn't be for singing.

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple


mac clones aren't new.

there have been a few Mac clone makers over the years. even with supposed agreement from the sunshiney arsehole of apple themselves. but only so long as they didn't compete directly with apple products. ie. lower spec cpu, gfx, etc. some even got round it by offering much better spec machines than apple, and mac cpu/gfx accelerators for standard machines.

none of them exist anymore...

i think psystar will just become a PC distributor playing off their 15 mintes of fame from an apple cease and decist judgement untill they disappear into the ether from whence they came.

nice try though.

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones


Nokia slowness

i thought nokia's were slow untill i got a free upgrade to a 6120Classic.

how about quake running on a candybar midrange phone? oh yes, and how. fast and snappy. very happy with it.

maybe temped with an N85 ...

Samsung SGH-F400 music phone


NO. just for the love of <non specific deity>, NO.

people DON'T want effing speaker phone functionality. they DON'T want to be forced to listen to the so called muzak of socialy ignorant Eff-tards on the tube/train/bus.

"excuse me, do you have headphones for that? you do? would you mind using them please? oh you've stabbed me".

i'm working on a pocket sized waveguided EM pulse generator that can take out music playing phones from the moronic generation.

all i want to know, is how much Samsung paid B&O for the use of their name on this POS.

Nvidia pulls off Project Blowout in Q2


where did they find one billion dollars?

they call up the US congress, and UN on video phone, smile, put pinky digit to mouth and say, "i want one billion dollars, or your laptops shall explode... mwahahaha!"

Blu-ray to rule by 2011


and i predict

that sony execs, like the dinosaurian music industry, will still see physical removable media having a place in the future.

UK's most popular Wi-Fi router defaults to insecurity


not being funny

i just wasted 10 minutes concisely and susynctley typing an argument that covered every point made, showing you lot how paranoid you all are, then realised that would take away my fun of watching an afternoons stupidity in the comments section. so who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows him?

carry on!

SanDisk warns that unsecured flash drives are coming to get you


after loosing the 3rd usb stick at work...

i "orb'd" my home machine so i can access everything from where-ever... plus stuck a 4GB card in my phone for local storage if needed. no need for a seperate storage device... but hey, whatever's good for you...

Galaxy's smallest known black hole discovered



surely quantum physics/mechanics is both right and wrong at the same time?...

ok, mine is the red one thats also blue.... :)

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era


god it looks awfull. Korean car design comes to computer cases.

that design recalls nothing of the amiga era. the only thing in common is it is an all-in-one unit.

a home built apple II with original peeling 70's wood veneer would look better than that pos.

Paul Burrell pulls website amid 'hate mail' blitz



please stop.

she's dead, he's made his money. and people who buy into this crap just drop it already, so the tabloids and celeb magazines move on?

oh, and can all celebrety magazine employee's report to the industrial sized wood chipper out the front. apparently there is a big scientific experiment to see if this raises the average IQ of the general public.

Government told to ditch biofuel targets


Chav / matrix power source.

when the council estates are empty, we can move onto the prisons.

then those lifers can contribute something back to society...

Symantec sells off Veritas' hopes and dreams


symantec, what did you do to veritas?

I used to work on the support teams for Veritas in the pre-symantec days. the old "the customer is always right" mantra, with multilingual, and multi-OS skillls, based in the Reading office in England. good times. sounds like things went pete tong afterwards

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2


are you sure you got your bits and bytes right?

so, you measured bandwidth using bits and got,

620kb/s down, and 90kb/s up? are you sure? as thats not even a tenth of what is advertised on the box... however, if you were measuring using bytes, that would give 6megabits down and nearly 1megabit up. much more like it. can you confirm which you used?

and yeah vodaphone used that image resampling trick since before i got one of the first 9210i nokia communicators... cheeky monkeys