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Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?

Paul Leighton

Hopefully configurable?

I have 3 screen's with the Start Menu still in the middle screen. So I hope this "hot corner" doesnt literally have to be the corner of my desktop? Hopefully configurable or even optional....

BT on site-blocking: Every case will need a court order

Paul Leighton

I'm happy with that

Let them block newsbinz then.. at least newzbin will still work :D

One per cent of world's web browsing happens on iPad

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angry birds IS available for Windows Mobile....research > makingstuffup

ISS crew man the lifeboat

Paul Leighton


3 inside and 3 on an inflatable banana boat to be pulled behind it!

50 day lullaby of Lulzsec is over .. for now

Paul Leighton
Big Brother

lulzsec 1 EA 0

My user details were on the list from EA, although the password was md5 encrypted it took about 1 second to reverse that online and reveal the password. Not a word from EA advising its customers about this even when it was clear within seconds of release that their customer logon details have been retrieved from them and released online.

Very poor EA!!!

As slightly annoying as it was, its already made me secure things of mine further and make sure I'm using a different password for everything. So at least lulzsec made sure people knew what has been retrieved which is a much better job than EA have done and opens our eyes to show how many times are companies getting hacked and we're not finding out about it!!

New PlayStation Network hack hijacks user accounts

Paul Leighton

I wasn't talking about PSN, I said SOE

1) agreed

2) agreed

3) agreed

Although I wasnt talking about PSN, I said SOE! the other part that got h4x0r3d!

Yes I find it odd have said my suggestion of it being unsecure to just need a username and password to change the details and needs some additional way to secure it and avoid only needing the details that have been retrieved, clearly some people are stupid!

SOE setup only needed a username and password, let me do what I want with it, it seems yes I did get an email to say someone changed those details but I actually missed that, assuming it was spam/ads no doubt.. an after the event warning is not a good process, what if someone has changed their emails since??

I repeat.. pathetic SONY!

Paul Leighton

Poor security methods

For the SOE network I didnt have to do any workarounds or special methods, I launched a game and was asked to change password on the SOE site, the site presented me with boxes to put my existing username+password in (the info that has been supposedly retrieved). I then put in a new password. That was it!?!

at the very least I would have had it initiate sending a link to my email to present a reset password page to at the very least help verify who I was with a method that requires more than whats already been leaked to change my account info.

Appauling Sony!!!

Sony tweets 'secret' key at heart of PS3 jailbreak case

Paul Leighton
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Twitter messages are not private ruling...

So this info appeared on twitter officially by sony we are allowed to publish it ourselves since twitter was ruled not private.... brilliant :D

MS drops drive pooling from Windows Home Server

Paul Leighton

Not quite in context of the product

To a certain extent you are correct when the full picture is using a form of RAID striping. WHS didnt split files accross drives, it just replicated them so you always only got the speed of a single drive anyway making your comment irrelevant.

What MS have done here however is made WHS worthless. DE was the single best standout feature of any server I've ever seen. From a perspective of capacity and ease of upgrading hard drives using different sizes and even mix of connections to provide pooled storage with redundacy and upgradability without data loss was fantastic. I've used WHS for a few years now and was stunned by this decision.

I will now be looking at alternaives for a replcement to my WHS soon. MS=FAIL on this one :(

Asus serves up Windows 7 Home Server box

Paul Leighton

W7HS or just WHS??

Is there such a thing as Windows 7 Home Server? I'm only aware of Windows Home Server (based on SBS2003) and the potential of a newer WHS2. So can you clarify if Windows 7 Home Server actually exists then or just a mistake?

HTC to launch WinMo phone with Android-oriented UI

Paul Leighton

Which came first? Android/WinMo??

Not sure I follow this story? The UI is TouchFLO 3D but updated with new icon's, animations and a few other nice bits and now given the name Sense? This is still a WinMo oriented UI, originated from a WinMo front end (TouchFLO 3D).. not android?! Just happens they standardised on the word Sense!

You might want to re-explain this one!

Europe clears Windows 7 for takeoff

Paul Leighton

Its a fake choice..

Microsoft will have used the techniques out of the old joke error message and will ensure when you go to click on anything else the curser will auto jump around until you hit IE8. :)

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

Paul Leighton


I'm with BE and although the connection is rock solid and fast, highly rate that! I've never been happy with their support.

I received the email from them last night to look at the 'new site' and promptly replied to ask if its a joke? 'my first website' springs to mind...

Apple moves to patent fingerprint-controlled gadgets

Paul Leighton

Already done!

My laptop can do this already, keep thinking apple!

how about toe control, or blinking at your eyepod ;)

hmm.. quick whats the number for the patent office!!?!??

Symantec opens Norton door to cloud

Paul Leighton
Gates Horns

25GB of NOB?

25Gig for a full backup? are symantec nob's still living in 10 years ago?? This is surely only useful for netbooks these days!! 100GB would have been a more realistic starting point for modern computers.

I tried carbonite the other week and might sign up for that. unlimited storage for similar figure of $55.. now we're talking.

Missed flight woman goes absolutely mental

Paul Leighton


lol, I thought exactly the same at waggers comment!

SkyFire beta goes public

Paul Leighton

I've heard good things about this....


"Skyfire will not run on WVGA Windows Mobile phones" doh!! wont work on my HTC touch HD yet :(

HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone

Paul Leighton
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Thumbs up!

I have the HTC Touch HD and so far I think its the best Windows Mobile I've used, and I've had or used a few over the years. Watched an entire film on it whilst on a coach from the airport in germany and it hardly impacted the battery... approx 1/4 power used.

It does appear to suffer from the occasional latency and stutter when doing things in the touch interface, I'm assuming thats down to software rather than a 'crap processor'. A few times I've gone into screens I didnt want as I press, nothing happens, press again and find it spring to life and register both presses. I hope HTC/MS manage to patch that at some point.

Using the onscreen keyboard works very well and web browsing in opera is a much better experience than any attempt with IE on WM's in the past! especially on such a good size and resolution display.

Designer touts 'super sight' sunglasses

Paul Leighton

I already have the ability

I've no need for these, I can see clearly to my left and right without glasses. I just turn my head! Also in Quake2 FOV increase gave you the illusion of moving faster....

What I am really waiting for is x-ray spec's! :)

Vista volume activation cracked

Paul Leighton
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Vista isnt bad!

Once again I see the usual 'who would use this shit anyway' 'vista is shit' type posts from people whom most probably never used vista and just following the other sheep.

@ Mark... I click the volume bar, and it appears! instantly!! not 2 seconds...suggest you have other issues?

Been running vista for a year now, business and at home, theres been a few glitches but no more than xp had pre sp1+2 im sure...

overall its a relaiable, solid, decent OS and hopefully SP1, and future SP's will improve it further!

Asus Eee PC gives Sony the willies

Paul Leighton
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eee pc girl

"nice to see her back!"

and her front!

Netgear recalls 82,000 powerline Ethernet adaptors

Paul Leighton


see above :)