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TalkTalk: 9,000 broadband customers did the walk walk last quarter

Matthew Banwell

Faulty Router, Compulsory New Contract

I was a bit miffed recently when my father-in-law's TT-supplied router died, but TalkTalk refused to issue a replacement until he renewed his contract for another 18 months. This seemed very unfair to me, but guess that was how they prevented him doing the "walk walk"—for now at least.

Google asks the public to name the forthcoming Android N operating system

Matthew Banwell

The Sainsbury's Effect?

Isn't this like that Sainsbury's story where they wanted an artist to paint their canteen for free? The naming website just slurps suggestions without a submission form, and the T&Cs take ownership. This is branding, and branding is valuable. Surely Google could afford to, and should pay?

Shadow of the Beast: Amiga classic returns from the darkness

Matthew Banwell

The Amiga Years

Nice-looking "Commodore: The Amiga Years" book on Kickstarter at the moment, currently heading for its second stretch goal.


Separate film coming too...


Facebook pays INFINITELY MORE UK corp tax than in 2012

Matthew Banwell

My corporation tax bill in 2013, for my one-man company run from a spare room, was a touch more at £3,185. Bit annoying that.

Raspberry Pi patch adds warranty-safe overclocking

Matthew Banwell

RS Components could do with a turbo mode...

Windows 8 release preview imminent

Matthew Banwell

Re: Live Mesh

According to Wikipedia, "Windows Live Mesh is set to be superseded by a new SkyDrive desktop application" which will mean PC-to-PC sync won't work any more, it'll have to go via SkyDrive. A shame.

Gamer claims complete console collection

Matthew Banwell


He appears to be missing the Amiga CD32, Amstrad GX4000 and the Commodore 64 Games Systems for starters - but I don't want to be the one to tell him.

HTC Desire HD

Matthew Banwell

re: HTC Sense Website

Great phone - I love it to bits - but the HTC Sense website is terribly unreliable. Sending text messages through it is a bizarre game of chance. Their support stay it's under maintenance but for something that has been so heavily marketed and really isn't that complex, this should have been fixed by now.

Carphone Warehouse considers TalkTalk amputation

Matthew Banwell

Talk Talk...

...The Party's Over.

Defrauded punter says 'catflaps' to PayPal marketing stunt

Matthew Banwell

Good Customer Service!

If the seller doesn't use Recorded Delivery (and even if they have Proof of Postage), you can make a claim to PayPal that you never received the item and PayPal will take your money from the seller and credit it back to you. So, you get a refund *and* get to keep the item. What a deal - seems like good customer service to me...!

(Disclaimer - had this happen to me, though have never done it myself)

Tosh on top for laptop reliability

Matthew Banwell

@ Rik Hemsley

There should be a consumer mag which reviews consumers mags, a "Which Which?" if you will...


Spam filtering services throttle Gmail to fight spammers

Matthew Banwell

@ Hany Mustapha

Quote "Paris because... erm... he and she might appear to be well suited!"

They're not phishing spam emails in my Gmail. They're from Google. Therein lies the humour.

It's very simple. Just like Paris...

Matthew Banwell

Gmail Spams Itself

Gmail not only sticks mail from Google itself into the Spam folder, but also marks these messages with the anti-phishing message, "Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information."

So, on one hand Google is sending me emails about update my Adwords billing info, yet on the other they're hiding them from my inbox, and telling me not to trust these emails. What to do?


Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

Matthew Banwell


A tube in a pipeline? Will it make a sound like a swannee-whistle?

Virgin Media taps Microsoft in lengthy email outage

Matthew Banwell


Yes, our Virgin Media installation took two months - from them arriving to getting the internet, TV and phone to actually all work.

Matthew Banwell

Two weeks?

Don't count on VM being that quick - our recent VM installation took nearly two months!

Dell XPS M1330 laptop

Matthew Banwell


For a machine with "XP" in its name, it's a shame you can only get it with Vista.

It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook

Matthew Banwell


If you want a new computer that fits in an envelope, it's probably a better upgrade path to simply buy a bigger envelope.


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