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File-swapping Icelanders slapped on wrists

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The equipment.

The equipment they owned was confiscated. That really was the sum of the punishment. Why mice and keyboards and such were taken by the police is beyond me.

On the scale of Icelandic justice this was a pretty harsh judgement. You get smaller fines for aggravated assaults round here.

Also, like I said before the major defeat for 21. century computing was that "making available" was made punishable. The law says otherwise, but in the future weak willed judges in Iceland are going to look back on this ruling for support.

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It wasnt a win for p2p

SMAIS got its point through that "making available" is punishable, which really is a corruption of the law that states "distribute".

Lenovo ThinkPad T61


Non one wanted widescreen, including Lenovo.

Lenovo tried to supply 4:3 for a very long time, but apparently Laptop screens follow the televisions. Once 99% of all television sets went widescreen, so did the Laptop manufacturers.

Try "Base software administrator" Brian Miller, to get rid of the "value added" programs. The recovery partition is highly customizable.

T61 really is the first true Lenovo machine. T60 was engineered by IBM, although it was manufactured by Lenovo. T43 was a stopgap machine and a rather strange one at that (ide connector, sata controller fex.).

I rather like the X series more than the T series. Writing from my T60. Lenovo FTW.

Big Blue talks up 45nm PlayStation 3 processor possibilities


wrong title

Big Blue big on small chips?

Swedish cops probe flying fermented fish attack


Dunno abot surströmming

but Ive been kicked out of hotels for HardFisk (seasalted dry fish, Icelandic).

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges


21 century already pls.

No one is going to make me drive/walk whatever to the recordstore again to buy overhyped crap again. Doesnt matter if they kill TPB. These guys lost the initiative when they killed Napster.

Everyone from that era should be fired if they havent already.

American LaFrance blames IBM for bankruptcy


IBM is pretty good...

If you have to go back to the 60ies to find a parallel example.

Rogue trader blows sox off control systems


Its only a crime if you loose indeed.

Just how many have gotten away with it because they made money?

RIAA told to pay legal fees for harrassed defendant


No more Granny.

Thats it. Im never taking phonecalls from my granny again.

Online gamer murders rival clan member


Games are saving lifes.

Im pretty sure that if ppl werent hanging out in front of their computers all the time, we would have a lot more lethal beatings in the streets.

iPhone turns blue as IBM creates Lotus client


Lotus Notes FTW

The latest Lotus Notes version is good.

Japanese whalers lash protesters to mast



1. Whales are wild like many other animals. This is a pro whaling reason. No inhuman treatment of animals involved.

2. Some types of whales are scarce. None of the species being whaled today are scarce or endangered from whaling. Shipping and pollution is.

3. Whales are not finicky breeders. They reproduce at a slow but steady rate. Case in point Humpback has come back faster than anyone thought possible.

4. Whales raise more than one calf at a time.

5. Whales are killed rather fast. More than 80% of minke are killed almost instantly. Sure there can be a bad shot once in a while, but take it from me, sheep and cattle dont all die instantly either.

Your arguments are bunk.


Fin whales arent endangered either.

Fin whales are fewer in number and that is why the Japanese are only taking 50 per year. Another drop in the bucket.

There are lots of endangered species in the world, some of them whales, but they are not endangered by whaling. International shipping and pollution are much more likely.

If you want to save whales, stop tuna hunting (smart whales like Dolphins) and inuit hunting in the states (hunt endangered species).


Holy cows of the sea again.

Minke whales arent endangered. There are over a million in existance and they reproduce at a healhy rate. What the Japanese are taking is a drop in the bucket.

There are endangered species out there, but they are mostly endangered by international shipping and pollution and past whaling by nations other than Japan, Norway and Iceland, which are now paying the price for still having stocks of whales.

Tom Cruise Scientology vid leaks onto net


Scientology is extra nutty.

Xians and others have the benefit of a shrouded past and reading between the lines. They explain away 7 day creation and humans genetic past with parables and the holy book only being inspired by the creator.

Scientology has no such luxury. Its a fully fledged word by word scifi religion with extra malice and greed.