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Google boss tracks Carly, Arianna, all three Dixie Chicks

Aaron Gilliland

Tony Robbins?

Really? Why?

Does Eric spend his mornings jogging and chanting "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better!"?

Edward Woodward dies at 79

Aaron Gilliland

Obligatory Noel Coward reference:

Edward Woodward. Edward Woodward.

Sounds like a fart in the bath.

Legless woman falls onto Boston train tracks

Aaron Gilliland
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Red rectangles

Oh, those. Not worth worrying about.

It's just the AI aligning its targeting sensors on the soft, fleshy humanoids.

Brother creates direct retinal imaging specs

Aaron Gilliland


Brother, can you spare some direct retinal imaging specs?

Beeb's Carla Bruni coverage hits rock bottom

Aaron Gilliland
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Ah yes

+10 points for making me read the Oxo Tower thread again.

Montblanc punts £14k Mahatma Gandhi pen

Aaron Gilliland


When you turn the pen upside down, does Gandhi's diaper come off?

I'll take three.

Apple tablet will 'redefine print,' says rumor mill

Aaron Gilliland

Redefine, eh?

So print's current definition is "something written on paper."

The new definition will be "something written on paper, as opposed to something you will see on an electronic display."

Thanks for clearing that up!

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

Aaron Gilliland
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And then they can provide a way for users to hug poisonous snakes.


They will HUG and KISS some POISONOUS...


Byrne's naked shorting crusade outs Yahoo! security vuln

Aaron Gilliland

Hands up

Everyone who thought of David Byrne, naked, say "Aye!"

Apple Store pillaged in 31 seconds

Aaron Gilliland
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In summary...

Faithful fanbois forlorn; fast filching frees Feiss-favoured factotums. Felonious febrile fiends five-finger fantastically fashionable fornication facilitators for funds.

Street View applies extra blur to Swiss

Aaron Gilliland


Instead of blurring, stamp an image of Heidi onto all the faces and plates.

Then we can all be reminded of her courage and fortitude.

And delicious chocolate.

And secret bank accounts.

Microsoft apologizes for digital head transplant

Aaron Gilliland

Isn't it obvious?

Poland is in The Matrix. One of the Agents is taking over the body of the black gentleman, but he's only 25% complete.

Or 24%, since he isn't wearing sunglasses.

US Stealth bombers may get nuke-bunker nobbler for 2010

Aaron Gilliland

Actually, Nigel...

SAC lived at Offutt AFB, not under Cheyenne Mountain.

The More You Know (tm).

Mrs Slocombe's pussy vanishes from Twitter

Aaron Gilliland

Ground floor: Perfumery,

Stationery and Leather Goods,

Wigs and Haberdashery,

Kitchenware and Food, going up...

I remember seeing that show as a child and thinking "Do/did the Brits actually find this funny?" I also tried desperately to find Wendy Richard attractive.

Russian's Bulgarian airbags burst mid-flight

Aaron Gilliland
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Re; Not due to air pressure

I'm sorry, did you just say that the Mythbusters disproved something? Yes, of course, what with their rigorous, dispassionate scientific investigation that had nothing at all to do with television sensationalism.

I'm sure they fired rifle bullets into the fake tits and replayed it in slow motion, or something. I'll bet they even found an excuse to visit the aircraft boneyard.

Israeli TV star ordered execs beaten up

Aaron Gilliland

He's in deep Dudu

Could I be an Israeli TV star?

Gordon Ramsay breaches f**king broadcasting code

Aaron Gilliland

Shock horror

The man's Scottish. And he's on TV.

And he sucked at football.

People should be surprised at how reserved his remarks were.

Google hires goat army for lawn maintenance

Aaron Gilliland
Paris Hilton


I thought goats tended to destroy grass rather than trimming it.

Any goat experts care to enlighten me?

Zero-G vanishing bone issue solved, says prof

Aaron Gilliland

Old news

The report may be new, but the concept has been applied all over the place.

The American space program has used various treadmill modifications (elastic tethers, negative pressure* waist cuff things, etc) and the Russians had a "penguin suit" which applied force against the limbs throughout the day.

The problem isn't technical. The problem is compliance. The solutions are tedious and uncomfortable to use.

* - yes, I know there's no such thing

Text-message hoax threatens death by Wal-Mart

Aaron Gilliland
Paris Hilton

Oy! That kidney thing really happened!

...to some guy the uncle of a friend of a co-worker heard about.

Right-wing Oz politico in nude snaps rumpus

Aaron Gilliland
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Willie said it best...

Back to the Loch with you, Nessie.

Fiorina treated for cancer

Aaron Gilliland
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Never again

will I doubt the power of thousands of HP engineers and their focused negative thoughts.

Photography rights: Snappers to descend on Scotland Yard

Aaron Gilliland

Roddy Doyle

Am I the only one who thought of a bunch of infant Irish bastards parachuting onto Scotland Yard and swearing a lot?

I'll be seeing Colm Meaney in my dreams for weeks.

Absolutely Fabulous ups sticks to LA

Aaron Gilliland
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Re: Josef Mengele root canal

My only question for you is...

is it safe?

Brit loonies adventurers headed to Timbuctoo by 'flying car'

Aaron Gilliland

Bear Grylls, eh?

So the trip will include staying at resorts with your film crew and eating caterpillars for no reason?

Asus' angular laptop-of-the-future designs spied

Aaron Gilliland
Paris Hilton


Visions of the Commodore PET.

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

Aaron Gilliland

Wikipedia doesn't censor?

Go on. Pull the other one.

I'm very sorry, says gay health warning clergyman

Aaron Gilliland

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who smirked and turned a shade of bastard-pink at the mention of "St. Michael's Cornhill"?

Stick health warnings on gays, says Stock Exchange chaplain

Aaron Gilliland

Stock Exchange Chaplain, eh?

Shame he isn't a catlick; the trading floor confessional jokes write themselves.

"Say 9 Hail Mary's and buy 1000 Pratts at 5 and a quarter, my son."

Crypto guru thinks outside the box with Cube attack

Aaron Gilliland

Let me be the first to say...

"Well, obviously."

Mine's the one with Schaum's outline of high-school algebra printed on the arms.

Captain Cyborg creates human bat with Reg baseball cap

Aaron Gilliland
Dead Vulture

New line of clothing, please!

I want a whole category of Captain Cyborg and his various creations...

And at least one of his animatronic corpse being picked clean by a group of vultures.

Google trumpets PageRank for pics

Aaron Gilliland
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Re: take a different TACT


Surely you meant to say "TACK"...


(now waiting for this comment to be picked apart for style, punctuation errors)

The American way of bioterror - an A-Z of ricin crackpots

Aaron Gilliland
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Re: Anton Chigurh's "sniper rifle"

Uh, pretty sure it was a shotgun.

Sniper rifles tend to produce a hole rather than a spray that leaves Stephen Root gurgling on his office floor.

Dubai mobe cracking demo barred by Heathrow boffin bust

Aaron Gilliland

Re: "cheap" USRP

I'm sorry, I'm so out of touch with exchange rates.

When did $700 qualify as "cheap"?

James Bond menaced by red hot Chilean

Aaron Gilliland

Re: Inconsistency


Caught on camera: the Downfall of HD DVD

Aaron Gilliland

Re: Funniest thing I think I have ever seen

You've obviously never seen "The Two Ronnies"...