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Small, Cheap Computer countdown continues

Alan Stepney

Here is a small cheap computer system....


Fatal explosion hits Virgin space programme

Alan Stepney

Quote "....we also use it to scare the newbies...."

Quote........We use nitrous oxide all the time at work and we also use it to scare the newbies; someone opens a valve and sticks fire in front of it just to watch the newbie run away screaming. It's great fun.....end quote

Hmm, you werent involved in this accident by any chance ,were you ?. Anyway let me remember not to get a job at your, erm, professional establisment,lol.

Notorious car clamper facing Asbo

Alan Stepney

licensed thieves

This people are nothing more than licensed thugs and thieves and it is high time this Government cancelled the licenses of all these private car clampers. This is yet another sign of how this Government is both allowing, contributing to and encouraging this Country into becoming a police state. Note also the fact that under this Government very soon the bailiffs (also licensed thugs) are going to be allowed to actually break in to your house !!!. This "Labour" Government bears no resemblance to a true Labour party and should be given the boot asap.

Sacred blogging bovine turns camgirl in sympathy push

Alan Stepney

Vitamin D

perhaps they should feed it loads of Vitamin D as they released study this week that concludes that it is very good to prevent (and cure ??) TB.

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Alan Stepney

end of microsoft ?

Surely this large a cockup could cause microsoft some very severe financial losses and eventually cause its collapse ????

Oregon boy in double spider ear blockage horror

Alan Stepney

wasp in ear

This story reminds me of incident last year when I saw a motorcyclist

writhing around on the pavement and his bike laying down. I thought they had a crash as one car had stopped and driver was standing over him but found out that a wasp had flown into his crash helmet and thence into his ear as was stinging him down deep in his ear.Painful !

Fungus fingered in US honeybee wipeout

Alan Stepney

without bees Planet lasts 4 years according to Einstein !!

Interesting,and scary article. I heard on a documentary few days ago that Einstein had opined that without Bees pollinating plants, and the knock on effect on animals etc etc that the Planet would only last 4 years. The scientists have since researched this and found although Einstein correct the time we will last as a Planet is 7 years !.

Does this scare you as much as myself ?. It is true apparently.


Program Names govern admin rights in Vista

Alan Stepney

backdoor in Vista ?

Just wondering whether it is likely that Microsoft have put some kind of backdoor in Vista ,given that so many overseas Countries/Government's use Microsoft OS's I cannot believe that someone like CIA would have done a deal with MS and allow them access to such overseas computers ?.

What do you think ?.


ICANN gets restraining order against RegisterFly

Alan Stepney

What ICANN should do

It is about time that ICANN took a firm grip of the Registrars that it has "verified" and ensure that this mess does not occur again, as it otherwise surely will. What is the point of ICANN if it cannot even keep its own Registrars on the straight and narrow ?.


Bondage pics found in astronaut's car

Alan Stepney


Should'nt the title be "hold tight"s" for lift off" ?.


In the wake of RegisterFly, is ICANN taking flight?

Alan Stepney

Gutless !

ICANN must rank as one of the most gutless organisations around. If ICANN backtrack on this matter of RegisterFly and wash their hands of it then I hope we are saying goodbye also to ICANN as it is. What as earth is the point of having such a waste of space "overseeing"

the domain system ?. NONE !


Thailand blocks YouTube

Alan Stepney

tony blair brings in new law

I hear that Tony Blair is thinking of bringing in a similar law as Thailand's to jail people criticising or mocking him or new labour, so the jails will be overflowing soon im sure.


ICANN fires back with stern threat of legal action...again

Alan Stepney

impotent ICANN

What on earth is wrong with ICANN, they are nearly as bad as Eurid (who run the .eu registry) . It is about time that ICANN spent as much time acting as they do posing .



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