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BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot


arms race

how long till someone rigs it with a makeshift neutron bomb?

Terence Conran slams 'appalling' Olympic mascots


who voted?

"The sad thing is that the UK is recognized around the world as the leading creative country"

Since when?

Apple-obsessed geeks launch fanboi dating site



Now that they're on a list it makes things so much easier.

Wii weights unveiled

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Wow, great

So, do these come with manacles or something? Because I can only imagine the kind of lawsuits that will come when someone fling that thing out the window.

Cryptic formula hints at Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360


I think I have it


I'm serious.

Geeks whup Marine ass in Call Of Duty 5


"Sure you can do it in the game," a Marine taunted. "We do it for real."

Really? You fight Nazis in real life?

Sony preps PSP firmware update


Sony preps PSP firmware update

Russians prep to crack PSP firmware update

Sega to launch PSP beater in 2009


Did anyone say Dreamcast yet?

Dreamcast Portable!

Add-on to turn iPhone into games console

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looks like it's too big

and where are the L and R buttons?

PS4 and Xbox 720 due by 2012, says Crysis firm


Need more power to run your game?

How about you optimize that bloated game engine instead?

Official: Eee PC range to expand


Why buy a small, cheap computer if it isn't cheap?

Because it's small.

it's basically the pyramid of compact, powerful and inexpensive PCs. You can have any two but not all tree, and quite a few people are willing to pay more if it means a system is compact and powerful.

Dell adds multi-touch to Latitude XT


Multi touch starcraft

"And another thing- why are Multitouch demos always resizing photos and zooming in on Google Earth? I mean okay it's a bit cool but isn't everyone a bit bored of that? Surely something like a multitouch Starcraft battle would be vastly better? If you get a decent touchscreen it is actually quite enjoyable!"

How would proprietary touchscreen technology integrate with a game like starcraft?

Will punching the screen launch a nuke?


horrible video

For the love of all that is good, HIRE SOME ACTORS!

Although I respect their work, Engineers should not be seen or heard.

JVC pitches deeper driver in-ear 'phones



I don't mind the newer JVC earphones, they're quite good as a cheap alternative when you don't want to use your Ultimate Ears on the subway.

US PS3 sales surge


And they're just getting started

"The sales will drop to almost zero as thats almost the last exclusive the PS3 has to drive hardware sales."

-Um... what about God of War and GTR? Those are their biggest exclusives and will no doubt make the PS3 sales skyrocket.

Apple ships Air


Think different - get assimilated

The end result of the Air is going to be hundreds of Apple junkies carrying around bundles of USB adapters and battery packs.

People make fun of Microsoft for being Borg like but ultimately Apple is the one that will turn you in to a wire bound cyborg ... although on the plus side you will be whiter and prettier then the other borgs.

Also your cube will have beveled edges.

Surgeons to turn to Wii to sharpen their scalpel skills?


nothing new

There are many surgeons that strongly believe that playing games will improve hand eye coordination, and that's very useful for any surgeon. However the Wii is not the first choice for this kind of training, the DS offers a system does a far better job since it's far more delicate and uses a stylus which is a lot more like a scalpel then a Wii-mote.

Caught on camera: the Downfall of HD DVD


bottom line

We do a lot of multimedia for trade shows and since the beginning of last year there has been a phenomenal demand for HD video. We thought we'd have a hell of a time with deciding if we will go for HD-DVD or BR but then we realized: hey! HD-DVD doesn't even have a burner out yet.

So that made decisions a lot easier.

Polaroid pops out ink-less photo printer


I might be getting senile

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this basically what Polaroid has been doing for years, just a lot smaller?