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WD puts twin-platter 640GB HDD into mass-production

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640GB - That's it?

1TB's have been out for a year!

Hitachi's deskstar it $280 and the ultrastar is $330.

WD still using a chisel and stone?

Nexsan gives 42TB array a make-over for picky Apple fans

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They are good...

So I have more of these then you can count on your fingers and toes, actually more then all your friends fingers and toes. Yes they are a bit noisy, no they don't overheat, in my world they are very affordable MUCH better then the thumpers which DO overhead and frankly ZFS s..ks put a lot of small files in a multiple TB file system and it's toast. I've tried EVERY other vendor I think there is out there including the other 48 bay guys, they may supply the chassis for all the netapps, but it's clear why no-one uses their controllers and firmware... I easily put eight of these in a rack without going to high to get to the drives out the top, I've never had a problem with that part of them, there's nothing else (that works) that gives you this kind of density. The only complaint I have is the front cover and how the led's are covered you either have to be far away which I can't be with rack after rack row after row or you have to bend down to see the lights. Guess I should request this style... HOWEVER the email notification has never failed me so I don't care much about the lights and I don't even bother doing the smtpwalk or wget nonsense etc like I've had to do with many other vendors.


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