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Fancy a nuclear power station in your backyard?

Andrew Mountain

Just a couple of points...

1. No reactors up north - Using the heat elsewhere - means building the reactor close to Housing estate or Hospital - not very popular

2. Pebble_bed_reactor - Because these have the turbines in the radioactive "Hot" zone - IE the coolant gas acts directly on the turbine, it would make servicing the turbines next to impossible without a risk of contamination

I think Nuclear is probably going to be the way forward, for now, considering it takes 1000+ wind turbines to produce the same energy, and then only if the wind blows....

Future PCs to integrate powerline Ethernet

Andrew Mountain

PC World Techies

Don't you mean a PC world Techie will now no longer need to leave the office to wreck your machine??? :-)

Family converts dead dad into diamond

Andrew Mountain

Calendar Check...

I just had to make sure I hadn't entered a time loop to 1st April...

Anyone seen the Smirnoff Advert with the company called "Live On?"

Same idea

Kinda cool though...