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Jesus Phone to exhibit holy gift of bilocation

Chris iverson

Well I guess us heathens..

are to still have Sunday off, eat bacon on Fridays, Develop for and summarily destabilize our chosen mobile computing platforms

Are Android users the new pagans who must be converted?

Microsoft claims 90m sales of Windows 7

Chris iverson

So its the article

where MS gets to drop its wang on the table. Well true or not good for MS. I rather like W7 and the transition from XP to it was pretty easy. Im happy with my choices so far, penguin based phone, xp laptop with various penguins on USB sticks and W7 gaming rig that I leave off since I kill the planet every time I turn it over.

Acer predicts end of cheap PC era

Chris iverson

No the previous commenters...

were talking about an efficient non bloated OS that runs crazy well on 15 year old kit. Ubuntu struggled on my 8 year old athlon laptop.

enough with it already.

Apple is suing HTC

Chris iverson

OHHH Noess!!!1111

Hey Stevie, there's a shark over there that is in need of being jumped.

US unveils planet-hugging London embassy

Chris iverson


I believe the diplocube is reference to shape of said building being discussed in the article. I would say that said structure does look like it is designed with symmetry in mind. And of course a definition of symmetry is (not bothering with a dictionary at the moment) both sides equal from a dividing point or line. So hence a cube. And since it houses an embassy which usually houses diplomats, we have a very nice pet name of diplocube.


Castleford locals storm Tickle Cock bridge

Chris iverson

Forgot one

French Lick (Indiana, USA)

Echelon computers can't cope with bad lines

Chris iverson


even more ginormous in California. Live 15 minutes from one. work 10 walk from one

USB hack connects Droid to printers, video cams, and more

Chris iverson


The guy who created it happened to be hired by Apple after they started using it in 10.2 which was about 5 years post its creation.


Bogged-down Mars rover may be doomed to chilly death

Chris iverson

No need to be sad people

By no means do I wish the end of our rugged metallic robo-boffinry on Mars. I more wish to thank them for their contribution to space exploration at large. They have provided much more valuable data then they were intended to and lasted far longer than their design life. So i'll drink to that

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

Chris iverson

excuse me just a minute ladies and gentlemen

I just wish to point out that users dont care about standards compliant, open source, etc. It's more "can I watch my porn/hulu, check my email in a non-annoying way, and does it f*ck up all the time." Now I more or less care to an extent, been using FF since 1.5 and have dabbled with Opera a bit. Also I have taken care to block ads and whatnot at the hosts file.

So the point is if you want to move someone away from something you do it with cheerful gentle prodding in the direction you want not with ZOMG!!!!! internet ending scenarios. That just drives people to be recalcitrant.

ok Im off, need more coffee, tea, and nicotine

2010 will be 'boom time for Apple'

Chris iverson

@all of you

I do love the healthy cynicism of a computing professional. Apple releases or is going to release rumored [iProduct], Investors cheer, lay people don't care, and us 0 and 1 types claim victory/waterloo for Apple. I wish them luck with the new [iProduct].

Me personally, living with and interacting with content creators and distributors, there is a lot more chatter about Android and specifically the Nexus One and the Hero. No shift from apple en mass but more a competitive mix between phones. Either way 2010, I hope, will be a fun year in consumer electronics.


why do I need a tablet to augment my phone and netbook?

MS spins IE security disaster into Windows 7 upgrade opportunity

Chris iverson


Experts and lay people alike discover that software needs updates. Hell I took my car in to the shop and it needed a software update.

In other news:

Water is wet

Birds can fly

Pigs smell like sh*t

US makes travellers go online, before getting onboard

Chris iverson

Please help us stop this

As a Merkin this is now becoming far beyond silly. Please help us put this to bed. Dont come here anymore and cite this as the reason. A form to approve entry!!! I thought we were allied nations but I guess, as I often am with the government, was mistaken.

Grenade cause I'd like to put these under a few walls

'Plutonium pinch' nips NASA

Chris iverson

Yeah we do

We have something like 108 or so currently in operation

Nexus One bits and bobs cost $174

Chris iverson

in short

yes it does

Enormous raygun-on-a-lorry project acquires lorry

Chris iverson

its a tanker then

so this truck is a tanker now with incredibly clear walls

Truck cause American blah blah blah

The Googlephone - there's more where that came from

Chris iverson


I dont think there are going to be ads on the phone but to get you into Google services. Be that as it may since I got my hero I havent logged into my gmail account from a PC. Though I do have outlook on the portable.

Apple angling to transform TV?

Chris iverson

Nice Idea

It will be interesting to watch what happens here stateside. But we already have Hulu which provides much the same functionality with limited ads plus the fancy desktop app which is for PC, Mac, and Penguin.....for free to work with whatever TV you have or monitor....

As I said shall be interesting to watch

EC drops Microsoft browser probe

Chris iverson

For a time

Yes I would when Ford owned Jaguar

Potent malware link infects almost 300,000 webpages

Chris iverson

simple attack

Just gonna quickly blackhole that domain before anyone finds out

Virgin Galactic trumpets SpaceShipTwo

Chris iverson

Im glad the bearded one...

Has built this. its a start to an industry that should yield many important benefits. yes its expensive and only a toy for the rich but so was flying 60 years ago.

Accused phone thief snared after phone sends pic to victim

Chris iverson

Why you ask

Cause they are fun to shoot. Mind you I go to the range though instead of on fleshy targets.

LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown

Chris iverson

Wait, Wait

We cant open a portal to other dimensions yet. I haven't finished my plasma rifle and BFG yet. All the lost souls that will be flying around are a little more than my .45 can handle.

Grenade cause thats all I have working

Britney's Twitter feed hacked again

Chris iverson

I knew it

She was a Gelgamek. It all makes sense now

Newspaper story commenter to lose mask for teasing politico's son

Chris iverson

Ahh the suburbs

Firstly having lived not too far from the location in question, they are an uppity bunch. They do not know about moderators and on top of that this is the kind of area where the attitude is " how DARE you challenge my belief on ...... and there is no question that my son/daughter is the best, brightest, most attrctive, blah, blah, blah" and the "they can do no wrong" attitude. Or perhaps living in the midwest US for 13 years made me bitter.

Grenade cause it looks neat

Americans promised all you can eat Twittering for $99

Chris iverson



Shsssh! Google Voice has 1.4 million users

Chris iverson

GV is a fabulous service

I would agree that it is a Telecom and pretty good for a free service

Globo-renewables all electric future touted again

Chris iverson

criticism is how it starts

What's lovely about having an article torn apart is that it opens it up for questions. Though informal this comment page is a debate on the piece in question. I cannot say I agree with everything that's said but at least it opens a dialogue so that we can have a firey knowledgeable and informative debate. Or if you choose we can just throw poop at each other

Microsoft's Sidekick restoration turns into farce

Chris iverson


Directed to /dev/null cause it makes them fast

Apple plans turbocharged Mac Pro speedster

Chris iverson

my my....

all fanboi-ish stuff aside. it looks like apple might be having a go at the old SGI space. at least the lower end of it.

Grenade cause I like the hardware. but have no need for it

Boffins 'write directly to memory' of living brains

Chris iverson


So Bennie did come after me with the mining truck right before I started the reactor?

Yes the one with the ticket to mars...

Federal boffins: 'Giant invading snakes' will soon rule USA

Chris iverson

Having a friend that lives in the area

He lives in Texas ('m in California, pretty much the same just swap repub for lib etc) and judging by the average arsenal that is stowed there the snakes may well just turn into target practice. Also having shot most of the afore mentioned arsenal some of which is modified as to be able to clear an average sized club of its fleshy bits in mere seconds that said snakes would not have much of a chance to attack unless it were by surprise and they were knife proof.

Hand grenade since I will paint it like a dog and feed it to the snakes

Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours

Chris iverson

As has been posted 10,000 times

I have a netbook as a second machine mainly since I would look foolish walking around with a fullsize desktop and well to power the thing.... But I've found that I use the netbook more and more for everyday stuff such as general work, email, web, posting comments on El Reg. I couldn't use it at work due to screen real estate issues as it doesn't handle 15 open windows that well. But having adobe reader, firefox, outlook, word, and IM open its runing very nicely. My desktop I have now reserved for games and when I want to watch movies on a >10" screen. Though VLC does do pretty well on this box

Snow Leopard data-munching bug predates Snow Leopard

Chris iverson


Macs dont have problems, the tv tells me so

in other news....people who use computers dont back up their data. hmm not as surprising as it should be

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5870 and 5850 DirectX 11 GPUs

Chris iverson

@Anton Ivanov

maybe I missed it but the numbers are lower for the new cards somewhere around 27W idle then again I may have misread. Also as a PC gamer the power draw from the GPU and the system in general is a fact of life. thats why the netbook does the day to day stuff and desktop only gets cranked over for game time. Its like the guy who has the v12 Jag in the garage and drives the civic to work. Both can do the same job within reason, one does it faster while the other does it more economically.

Fanbois howl over data-munching Snow Leopard bug

Chris iverson

And that is why...

I am a fan of copy my documents folder to the second drive, disconnect said second drive, perform clean install of the OS or restore image(I do a bit of mucking about), copy my documents back from newly reconnected second drive.

I know...logic....im on my way

US spontaneous human combustion raygun video released

Chris iverson


surely this has been talked about in other death-ray articles. But last I checked the mirror would have to be perfect to survive a blast from the ray since imperfections will trap the heat from the laser. I imagine the same rule would apply for reflective paint. So it doesn't reflect it but it will slow its effects which may be all thats needed

Techies suffer as US unemployment inches up

Chris iverson

Im part of Septembers numbers

I signed up for unemployment which here you pay into as well. They have extended the benefit to at least a year at this point. Also I had a fair bit of cash saved so i will be good for a bit. Time to start studying again

Twitter gets $100m injection

Chris iverson

Very nice

I appreciate the screenshots that sell the whole idea. Now I always thought that El Reg's articles are a touch short but Diablo be damned if that isn't a touch too short.

And brown pants....what shoes are going with it?

Lawsuit seeks to tag WGA nagware as spyware

Chris iverson


umm yes I have. Other than having the computer throw errors about new hardware for a half hour and then the activation link bug me for a day or two. reactivated windows over the web and all was well. Even spent time cleaning the registry of all my old bits of hardware. Could have imaged yes but the same problem would have cropped up.

Grenade cause I want to blow something up

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

Chris iverson


you also mean like:

net use \\<your IP here>\X\music

which has existed since NT was called NT

ok im off before the flames get lit

NASA sat snaps LA wildfire

Chris iverson


And LA doesn't want you either

Forget solar panels, it's time for rooftop slime-tanks

Chris iverson

@Artificial trees?

Not only can trees sequester carbon and then conveniently store itself as houses. Don't forget paper, tables, pencils, bed frames, desks, that bit of wood paneling in the Jag. And Im sure there are for more places its stored that I haven't mentioned.....including the wood pile out back so I don't use gas.

Flames cause they keep me warm

How to turn a world leader into a fourth-rate broadband economy

Chris iverson

Funny how those white spaces

Coincide with huge swaths of desert. Clearly the run down shack off the freeway(motorway) next to the solar plant needs 100 MBPS connection. As much as I would like a 100 meg connection I dont see a use for it. I like the idea of FTTH as a way of improving the last mile quality. But however the cash rich companies we deal with should be doing this on their own accord. But as with anything it takes time and this recession isnt helping much

Apple loses students to netbooks and Windows

Chris iverson

@David Walker

Thank you for sounding off in the general direction of El Regs' readership. I rather enjoyed the statement of obviousness regarding the purchase of computers is akin to automobiles.

*takes Captain Obvious bars and applies to left breast of jacket*

And surely someone of your calibre can surely understand that we are all elitist about our chosen platform/s for which we play, work, and relax in front of. Now I please request that if you are to poke fun at us for arguing over a survey that is lacking at best in scientific basis you please find something more creative than F*cktard. What about sniveling twits, or perhaps snobby snobertons, or the steve jobs resistance front. please keep those in mind for future flame wars



Hackintosher denies Apple's documents allegation

Chris iverson

Are we really caring about this?

After Apple gets their nose bloodied by Pystar(not saying they are gonna win). Whats to stop Pystar from moving to another less reputable country like Mexico or France and doing it again.

Anyway I already run BSD for free, no need to pay the Steve Jobs Army for the privilege.

IT Crowd writer defends NHS

Chris iverson

@ Macka

Yes Fox is terrible for the fact that it is very firebrand and whatnot. problem being that MSNBC and CNN are no better from the other side. All these channels aim to discredit each other, the people involved, and generally add to the confusion. They are all just smear campaigns in disguise. I guess for myself I just prefer to read stories and discussions instead of them being compressed into 4 minute segments between commercial breaks. At least then I can understand the topic at my own pace and contrast it with another article from elsewhere. But I'm a minority USian for that I read for my news. Although those channels are good for breaking stories but that requires that I own a TV.

Cops taser naked doorbell-ringing giant

Chris iverson

I second Ding-Dong-Ditch

Thats what I called it. In addition to the cascade effect that friends and I attempted we did also tape it. Occasionally there would be other pranks pulled as well.....such as a yard full of mufflers(the car part). That was a funny one.

...Damn the shackles of work

Les Paul dies at 94

Chris iverson

Thank You

Dear Mr. Paul,

I wish to thank you for the contribution that you have made to this world. You have given so many of us a voice that we may have not had if you had not invented what you have. It is merely a tool yes but a powerful one that can bring joy, tears, satisfaction, and mourning with a simple movement. So before I start rambling I wish you the best of luck wherever you happen to find yourself now.



I believe this calls for a somber pint all around

Texan judge outlaws Word

Chris iverson

about i4i

From http://www.i4i.com/overview.htm

i4i is a world leader in the design and development of collaborative content solutions and technologies. Founded in 1993 by Michel Vulpe, the Company has a proven record of accomplishment and innovation. With its partners, i4i has successfully developed and deployed collaborative content solutions to customers in industry and government around the world.

It looks like they sell labeling solutions as well as XML authoring which, ironically, they show a screen shot from word


Ohhh well not to be left out, BURN THE WITCH and all that