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Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport

Dave Smith
Paris Hilton


Boris, What an idiot. Who will police this?

I certainly wont approach a large group of drunks and ask them not to drink, or expect anybody else inc Paris or those who work for the underground to do so. They get enough abuse as it is.

Another reason to leave london now the conservatives are taking over.

* get rid of the congestion charging in Chelsea and Kensington (the only 2 areas that can afford it)

* scrap the idea of Chelsea 4X4's paying more

* ban drinking on the tube, which People from Chelsea don't use.

* public transport costs increase to compensate, which people from Chelsea don't use.

Where does rich Boris live again?

How is this helping the average person in London?

Nokia's N95 successor slips out on web

Dave Smith

battery life could be alright

Has new Symbian 9.2 which means dynamic page files/voltage and therefore a huge reduction in battery power required even compared to N95 with the latest firmware that has this feature.

Point noted though, will see how long this lasts in tests when it comes out.

I wonder if the GPS is better than the N95?, the flash/memory/size/shape is

Facebook checks for Cambridge applicants

Dave Smith


A lot of people have missed what I see as a major point.

What stops the school bully, or anyone that doesn't like you creating an account in your name. posting some bad photos. This happens at school as a form of bullying but when it effects your university application its ridiculous. They have no proof it was you, ur details, or photos u want published.

They should stop this now.


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