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New York pressures more ISPs into child pornography crackdown

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Black Helicopters

political game

results of 'crackdown'

1) ISP gets to drop a service it has contracted to deliver - saves money - money to Cumo's 'crusade' is cheaper. Please note your fees will NOT be reduced. Profit up and companys image is polished.

2) Cumo gets advertised as fighting a problem "Kiddie Porn" - But like most politicos he picks a problem that has no solution. If he solved it then he would have to find one before the next election. Otherwise he would lose votes.

Cumo can crusade against porn on the internet (remember the 2257 rules?). Since this problem is unlikely to be solved he can get election after election out of it.

If he chased people who crashed the mortgage industry by faking buyers credit status he could get convictions - but not forever.

He even has gotten on the local radio stations here in Houston.

He's more fond of the problem than the fix.

It's the same as crusades to prevent polutution by oil drilling or global warming

or to fight the scourge of homosexuality-something that won't go away but will get votes. Many political causes had the same objejective - keep some pompass politico in power.

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

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Reincarnate - Soon

Asimov, RAH and now Clarke - so many of my books will not have new Kindered.

I passed many days reading - I guess I'll start over on his books.

what a bummer

BOFH: On the brink

john trotter

sco a friend gone bad

I have used SCO for 20 years - I have had systems fail for hardware causes - but none that I could blame on SCO UNIX.

I was willing to use it even tho the cost was high vs linux - the support pages were easy to use and I could answer clients questions easily. There are too many versions of linux to respond off the top of my head.

The front office clowns that started the legal &^(@&#^(*&^@@ ( I doubt my opinion could be stated here in detail ) people and management who destroyed a good product and company.


Mass web infection leaves researcher scratching her head

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on source

Ok - I am no good on these things - i just keep my av running and pray.

BUT - How long has it been since an attack came out on the source of software.

There were supposedly two bad code problems that came out of suppliers on original cds THIS WAS BEFORE WWW. One had gotten on a machine because the programmer took his code to a trade show it was infected there and then was put in production.

What I am getting at is a contaminated source for the download of Apache or an associated program. Mom and Pop sites could have gotten downloads instead of original CDs. Only one alternate download site need have been contaminated or rerouted to China or something.

Just a thought - paranoid but it matches the criteria - different hosts etc