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Chinese researchers inadvertently release IE7 exploit code

yeah, right.


Yet this freetard commentard notes that the Microserftards continue to claim that the Mactards, Linuxtards and Unixtards are only spared because of market share rather than fundamental differences in their security models. As in, Microserftards don't have one.

I also note, following Orlowski's latest uncommentable diatribe, that the editards and some journotards of the Reg continue to think that putting 'tard after words is oh so funny or descriptive. Rather than realizing that many of us readertards consider it to be really childish, intelligence insulting, and quite retarded.

If you thought the above was funny, I guess you're a target market for the direction El Reg is going in.

Apple's Snow Leopard set to exploit GPU power

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Microsoft won't support OpenCL. Instead, they'll create something called DirectCL which they claim is "completely compatible you can use it with no issues trust us". If enough fools fall for the old, old scam, they'll start to extend DirectCL so that it's no longer truly compatible, but will blame OpenCL for any breakage. Developers will have to code for both, or pick one.

I can only hope that by that time Microsoft has a low enough market share that people will not pick DirectCL.

Hackers ahead of the game despite McColo shutdown

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Anyone have a breakdown of the operating systems that are involved in botnets, etc? As in, how many of each type, OS versions, and so on? I've looked, but I find a complete dearth of "by O/S" breakdown of botnet systems.

In-the-wild attacks find hole in (fully-patched) IE 7

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I don't believe the term means what you think it means. To me, "hardened" means "close to impenetrable". What Microsoft does is more like "vaguely firm, sort of", but definitely not "hardened". It's like the difference between "carbon steel alloy 1090" and "firm tofu", with Microsoft's offerings more on the "firm tofu" end of things.

A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots

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The article specifically says that the cabin noise goes right through the earplugs they use. Either they need better earplugs, or a white noise generator as suggested.

Aussie convicted over Simpsons sex pics

yeah, right.

lost in translation.

Excuse me, but when's the next shuttle to Mars please? This world is definitely off the rails and heading straight to the moronic black hole. From Americans making EULA breaking a criminal offence, then charging a girl with child porn charges for sending a picture of HERSELF, to the UK ISPs unilaterally banning Wikipedia, to most if the Arab world, and now this, I think I've definitely heard the flush of doom. Armageddon isn't about fire and brimstone, it's about anyone with an IQ of over 50 committing suicide because of the pain. Also turns out it was a bad translation. It wasn't "the MEEK shall inherit the Earth" but rather "the MORONS shall inherit the Earth".

Who knew?

Apple disables Egyptian iPhone GPS

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Google now seems to be looking at the IP address of where the request is coming from and returning results based on the request location. If you do the same search through an internal chinese proxy you get the censored version. I'd post link, but the proxy I used last has vanished. Google is basically desperately trying to hide the fact that they censor their results.

Intel trumpets world's fastest silicon photonic detector*

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It's not a unit of measure. They're simply telling us the design still has a few bugs...

The one with the fuzzy antennae, thanks.

Fiat shows solar-panel wrapped 'Panda of the future'

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Reminds me of the OLPC laptop colour scheme.

That said, apart from the horrid styling: WANT! Range and top speed are just right for an "about town" car. Won't get me from Glasgow to Tunbridge Wells (should I ever need to do such a thing), but it'll get me to the shops and back, repeatedly.

Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format

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Which only goes to show the students weren't properly trained. They needed to look up the data format standards themselves, not trust "management". Excellent lesson that they'll never forget, assuming it gets drilled home as a lesson and not as them being "victims" or something.

Ariane 5 greenlights fat pipe net satellite

yeah, right.

orbit? Fact checker, aisle 3.

It's unlikely to be "in orbit over North America". More likely to be "in orbit over Ecuador", or some other place on the equator. That is, after all, where geosynchronous orbits need to be.

EDS boss Rittenmeyer 'retires' from HP reorg

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short-sighted shareholders vs long term health

It's a constant battle. The people like A.C. above who think that, because the only thing a company exists for is making profit, everything else is fair game, and you don't have to think beyond the next quarter. Then there are those like the founders of HP, who saw creating and growing a business as much more than just a focus on short term gains, but rather on building a solid team of people that can weather any storm.

You can't treat people like furniture, then expect them to do whatever it takes to keep the company going. HP used to know that, but the new management has completely missed the point. I'm sure the shareholders are happy - but they're also happy when they've shorted a company and it tanks. A company is only as good as the people who work for it, and right now HP is doing all it can to destroy that aspect of their business.

Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader

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There is no sanity in government bureaucracies. They've gone public with it, therefore they WILL find something to hang the guy with. Bureaucracy was, after all, invented by the Chinese, to whom "losing face" is the worst sort of shame. All bureaucrats since then hate to lose face, and will lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to avoid doing so.

The guy is fucked, no matter what the facts of the case.

007 Warhead screenplay sold for £46K

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Something different?

Nuclear powered robot sharks with refrigerator sized beam weapons? Built by a secret lab owned by the Big3 car makers. So the paint peels and they leak, with the resulting malfunction threatening to destroy some place people care about. So not New York. Slough maybe. Meanwhile, Bond has a drink, shags the gal, and goes home early after realizing he's nothing more than a civil servant anyway.

Nobody misses Slough.

VoIP is coming to the iPod Touch

yeah, right.

Dear Reg

Please teach your people about the difference between "press release" and "news". Or at least have them mark the press releases as such. Just a little bit of research outside the parameters of the press release would also be useful to a news organization.

You're supposed to be biting the hand that feeds I.T., not sharing back scratching duties with it.

Microsoft preps IE 8 for the web-challenged

yeah, right.
Gates Horns

in other words...

In other words, it seems to me that Microsoft intends to use it's continued quasi-monopoly on the OS to browbeat website owners into breaking their websites for anyone else but Microsoft products? Or perhaps force them spend even more making their websites "compatible" with both established web standards AND Microsofts inability to adhere to those standards? I take it this is part of their "extinguish" approach to web standards, by forcing websites to choose between supporting 20% of the market, or the 80% of the market that Microsoft thinks it controls?

The continuing switch to Firefox and other browsers must be making them nervous perhaps? Or are they still that arrogant? I guess they haven't been hit hard enough yet.

Apple prepping $99 Wal-Mart iPhone?

yeah, right.

so long...

So long as the device isn't tied to some of the most expensive or useless providers on the planet, but is instead sold as an unlocked mobile phone that can be used where ever the fuck I want to use it. THEN I might consider it. Otherwise it's just Apple shilling for certain phone companies all over again.

I've sworn off Apple products at the moment. I've gotten tired of trying to drain Steve's ego from the devices I already have, be damned if I'm going to create even more work for myself.

Python 3.0 appears, strangles 2.x compatibility

yeah, right.


It's a point-zero version - there are always teething issues. Hope they fix the speed thing though. As for breaking compatibility, I'd say that's a good thing. To improve, it is good to learn from the past, but not necessarily be tied to it.

Since it's open source, support for previous versions can continue indefinitely for anyone who doesn't want to upgrade. Whereas those who need the new features can also move on. There's no company behind the product forcing anyone to switch before they're ready. Best of both worlds really.

SonicWALL licensing snafu short-circuits protection

yeah, right.


You write: "False positives for Windows Genuine Advantage left users unable to download updates from the software giant last year."

Those weren't false positives. Those were the software finally working correctly at stopping known malware before a marketing bod went in and whitelisted it.

Microsoft opens arms to Firefox with OXML plug-in release

yeah, right.


This would be the "embrace" part of "embrace, extend, extinguish", or the "extend" part? Hard to tell these days with Microsoft.

Is this the "Open"XML version they stuffed down ISO's throat, or is this some incompatible version? I was under the impression that the ISO version still hadn't been implemented anywhere?

Battlestar Galactica prequel shuns space, spaceships

yeah, right.

Hey now

Well, if stripping the "science" out of "science fiction" makes this "fiction" more palatable, maybe they should strip the "fiction" part out too? How about two feuding families in a remote location? We can call then, I don't know, the "Hatcoys" and the "MacFields" perhaps? As one commenter above put it, they could call it "Caprica: Dynasty".

Ick. I want my science fiction damnit. SPACE opera, not another damn soap opera.

Study spanks Adobe Flash for abuses of power

yeah, right.


Please, when this article is binned, do recycle the electrons.

Windows internet share drops below 90 per cent

yeah, right.


So long as the sucker doesn't get a powerup, the ghost in the machine should eventually take care of that particular pacman.

Tux makes home on the iPhone

yeah, right.


You write "It's hard to imagine there are many iPhone users out there who love the hardware but are unhappy with the OS and interface". I see you have no imagination. The sheer number of people who unlocked their iPhones prior to the 2nd generation one should be an indication that some people don't like being restricted in what applications they can run on hardware they have purchased.

So yeah, it's probably going to take a while to bring it up to speed, but it's a start. At least this way some people now have hope that they will eventually be able to make the most of some rather nifty hardware, rather than in the crippled way Apple forces everyone to use it.

Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

yeah, right.

Seems evident

If the ISPs are going to not only throttle but choke bittorrent traffic to death (as mine has done - I can't even get an O/S distribution via torrent here, have to use ftp), then you can expect the developers to react accordingly.

If ISPs stopped lying to one and all about "unlimited" bandwidth, and implemented reasonable policies, we probably wouldn't have a problem. But, like the music industry, it's easier to blame their customers for problems than to own up to an utter lack of ethical backbone on their part.

µTorrent for Mac is go

yeah, right.


I've tried to download several linux and bsd ISOs with bittorrent, but it looks like my local ISP is heavily filtering bittorrent, or even blocking it completely. So I'm stuck using ftp for the most part. Pity really.

Boss frogmarches bound employee to cop shop

yeah, right.


Thanks for the additional information. Now the judgement makes more sense, as opposed to El Reg's attempt to foment discord and dissonance. That's the BOFH's job.

M42 closed by marshmallows and beer

yeah, right.


All that was needed was a spark for a really good outing then?

I assume the IT content revolves around the marshmallows somehow?

How Microsoft blew its own RIA invention

yeah, right.

Alternative conclusion

Could it be that Microsoft did not use its own invention because they can't recognize internal innovation even when it kicks them in the teeth?

They are like pirates, waiting for others to build the ships before they pounce on them and claim it as their own. From DOS itself (purchased QDOS) to every component of Microsoft Office, to almost everything attributed to Microsoft, with very few exceptions it was outsiders who did it first, and Microsoft who came in and either took over, or "embraced, extended, and extinguished" it.

Me? I've been fighting their substandard crap since 1982. But they keep proving that it's not what you know (or how you do it), it's who you know (or who you can bribe).

'Bloody' is an offensive word, declares ASA

yeah, right.

WTF? (warning: words in the dictionary are used)

Bloody hell! What a fucking plonker! The complaining cunts should taken out back and have their goddamn pricks sliced off for being such utter twats!

Oh, sorry, am I allowed to say "prick" here?

Oxford student vote kyboshed by email

yeah, right.

Oxbridge FAIL

Reality: 1, Oxford 0.

Email is not a guaranteed delivery mechanism. Idiots.

Lapdancing 'not sexually stimulating', MPs hear

yeah, right.

Quite true.

Lap dancing is NOT sexually stimulating. Imagine, for instance, Gordon Brown giving you a lapdance. Are you sexually stimulated? Probably not (if you are, please leave. Now.). Now imagine the same thing with your favourite strumpet.

So obviously it's not the lapdance that's sexually stimulating, it's the person doing it.

I'm sure most politicians there should appreciate the very fine hairline distinction being used here, since most of them owe their careers to such distinctions. If they didn't, most of them would be in jail for fraud.

Government finally names the day for porn ban

yeah, right.


I see the UK has gone straight through the "nanny state" stage and right into "Fucking LA LA land".

Google to jettison 'second class citizens'

yeah, right.


what kain said. In North America in general, "contractor" is equivalent to "full time temp worker with no benefits and no security and gets paid less than salaried employee". Often seen as a way "into" a company, but mainly a way for companies to keep a float of employees they can treat like shit to make the regular employees feel better about themselves. Contractors have all the downsides of being an employee, with none of the perks.

Yes, there are better paid "contractors" - they're usually called "consultants" to differentiate.

US Army in $50m video game upgrade

yeah, right.

next step

Next step will be to convince everyone that it's a lot more useful to settle military conflicts "in game".

US prosthetic todger pair plead guilty to conspiracy

yeah, right.

Not to mention...

No mention anywhere of the invasive, anti-privacy and possibly anti-US-Constitution nature of these employer drug tests. Nor of the utter futility of the whole "War on Drugs" that has only resulted in several million victims, no decrease in drug use, and insanely rich drug barons and weapons merchants.

If this is what the USA is reduced it, it's fallen a long way since the days it stood for individual rights and freedoms.

Sirius satellite radio squashes 6-year-old bug

yeah, right.

Piracy costs?

"costs millions of dollars per year"?? Oh really? By whose counting? The same people who claim that piracy costs Microsoft billions, because any computer without windows on it is counted as a pirated version? Or the same people count the losses to the studios for pirated videos, using current retail prices as if everyone who had copied (some of them - gasp - legally!) a DVD or movie would have paid for a full version instead of the copy?

I call bullshit.

Did Parallels ship pre-release version 4 code?

yeah, right.


Oh come ON! NO software is "final" software, they're always finding new bugs to fix. How is this at all news? OK, some people with an older build had problems. Did they update? Who knows.

As for me, I'm having trouble with Parallels 3 and installing various builds of Fedora, OpenSolaris and others. At the moment, I'm unwilling to try my luck with version 4. Looking at VMWare.

The Apple Armada - Still worthy of the Jolly Roger?

yeah, right.


Arguably it's the role of government to do those things that neo-con style governments leave to charities. Governments abandoning the hungry, the homeless, the sick and the destitute is a sad state of affairs, not something to crow about.

SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m in Unix royalties (again)

yeah, right.

die. Die! DIE!!!

I can only hope that Novell gets to lift the corporate veil and go after the personal assets of the directors responsible for SCOs fall from grade. McBride has enough houses he could sell one or two off to pay a debt he is directly responsible for.

I'm guessing that SCO will continue it's bankruptcy shenanigans though, and nobody is going to see any of the money they are owed in this mess. Meanwhile, SCO is busy quietly shifting funds to non-bankrupt subsidiaries in foreign countries. Zombie Bride of SCO anyone?

yeah, right.

@die. Die! DIE!!!

That's "its" not "it's" damnit.

Parallels 4 users want their money back

yeah, right.


When someone can sell me a desktop PC system with equivalent specs to my iMac for a lower price, I'll possibly consider it. I have no love for Apple, only well designed products. That spec includes the LACK OF NOISE, something I find missing from every price comparison I've seen so far. Until then, since I occasionally need to run a Windows/Linux/Unix/etc. instance, I'll use some sort of virtualization software.

Until now that was Parallels. Tried VMWare, didn't find it to be as mature a product. Since Parallels 3 does what I need it to do, I doubt I'll be upgrading soon anyway, so the point is moot for me. When the time comes, then we'll see which is better, or if I would be better off putting a couple of cheap, noisy non-Apple PCs in a soundproofed room (that I would have to build) and using VNC to access them remotely.

Oddly, other reviews I've seen have pipped Parallels 4 over VMWare at moment. But complaints forums are always good source material for a slagging.

Terror in orbit: ISS piss recycler in fire alarm mishap

yeah, right.

test batch?

I hope it managed to produce a test batch of water, rather than a test batch of urine? Or even PROCESS a test batch of urine, not produce it. Otherwise... eww.

Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

yeah, right.

I think....

... therefore I'm not inebriated yet. Sorry, wrong line.

I think I'll have to wait to see the show before making up my mind. It looks like it could be good... or it could be the biggest pile of dung since Matrix 2 and 3 or the remade Star Wars (Han shot first).

Company sues Facebook over somethingorother

yeah, right.


The people who define the rules for the USPTO need to be taken out back and drowned. Every last sodding one of them.

BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks

yeah, right.


Imagine a political party formed by the KKK and the John Birch Society. That's the BNP.

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

yeah, right.


It's vaguely stunning to watch the number of people who vociferously claim that because it's not taking that long for them, then these people must be lying.

Hey, ever heard of the concept of "different configurations"? Hardware, software, scripts, setup, all affect startup. Do you people even know how to spell I.T.?

Although technically (and reluctantly) I have to agree it's not necessarily a Vista problem, but a configuration problem, and most likely mainly a bossware problem. Unless for some reason Vista itself is causing some of those slowdowns due to the way it does things?

yeah, right.

Glitch? Yeah, right!

Not a glitch. Companies who pay by the hour like that will do anything to trick their employees into logging less time than they actually work.

But 15 MINUTES for startup? WTF?

eHarmony settles over same-sex dating

yeah, right.

Both kinds

They got both kinds of religion in the USA, Christian AND Born again! (with apologies to Blues Brothers).

Regulators back Bell Canada choking indie ISP traffic

yeah, right.

In the pocket

Unfortunately, the CRTC has a history of being not so much a regulator as an enabler for the larger companies like Bell Canada. Consumers? Who are they, they didn't bribe my political bosses enough.