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Ballmer clashes with Obama over US tax rules

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The Antichrist is apparently a competitive position... I'm voting Obama wins over Balmer on this one

Sarah Palin's words get data mined

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RE: RE: hmm, same crap...

Not sure which dictionary you are using, but I last time I checked "conserve" means , "To use wisely." "Keeping the same" would be a "preservist." Of course, as you said, Liberals are allowed to change whatever facts they want to and flip flop back and forth in order to stroke their fragile egos. God forbid you be wrong, you're liberal buddies might make fun of you for taking responsibility for your actions. Speaking of, since when to liberals admit they're wrong? They don't, they just say, "this is what I believe is right now... at this point in time."

But yes, you do manage to crap of a true fact: A core facet of conservatism is to stick to you know what's right in the face of opposition. Everyone has different opinions, it's a conservative thinker's personal responsibility to sort out those that are merely trying to personally profit unjustly at other's expense, and those who truly have good intentions and seek to better everyone. It's a conservatives responsibility to preserve human rights, willfully help others, and oppose "fads" and swim against the current occasionally.

So all in all, when bridge jumping becomes the new fad on CNN (we're getting very close lately), you can count me out. I'll stick to my guns with my redneck, Yankee, cowboys while your posse of popped collar pink polo shirt protestors tell me 'it's a new century and my beliefs are outdated.' The whole way you fall feel free to scream I'm close-minded, stubborn and I won't survive unless I buy into what you are currently yabbering about.

Oh a wishy-washy, waffling flip-flopper is how you describe a person that, "won't take responsibility for their actions, likes to blame others for mistakes, irresponsible, immature, and unreliable."

Intel badmouths Jesus Phone

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x86 is a disease

Here are a few literal translations for what intel has said here:

"Mobile browsing currently stinks because no one is paying us any royalty/licensing fees"

"YOU need a mobile phone that also is a handwarmer/portable stove top! Get an x86 phone today!"

"x86: Everyone else is jumping off a bridge, why aren't you?"

"We sorry, but we seem to have missed the bus on this 'mobility fad'. Please, please buy our kit"

"Mobile browsing is nothing without our proprietary, inefficient, power hungry, over-complicated, non-concurrent, patched up, outdated instruction set!"

Cops cuff anti-drug ninja vigilantes


...coming from the state where it is illegal to pump your own gas

Ever been to new jersey? Try pumping your own gas. All gas stations are full service by law for "safety and insurance purposes." New Jersey is a little piece of the UK ('nanny state') in the USA... A tribute to the 'protection' we so envy of our funny speaking counterparts across the atlantic.

I live in KS where guns + beer = weekend fun... my ex-g/f from NJ was shocked when she discovered that people 'actually do that in the midwest,' 'own guns!', 'don't hurt themselves'. Ninjas with swords and stars sounds like fun though, i'll have to see what I have going on next weekend.

skull and crossbones because I'm going to shoot my eye out.

Hacker unearths young Chinese gymnast scam


Imagine if america did this

...some kids would burn a bunch of cars in a riot.

China does this... "these are not the documents you are looking for"

Penguin, because open source is communism really.

Mac users urged to ditch Safari


Smarter than the rest?

I'm really not stupid enough to fall for it... and I definitely don't need the "ARE YOU SURE". YES IM SURE OR I WOULDNT HAVE CLICKED IT.

To quote blackhawk down,

"This is my safety Sir." ::points finger::

So what's the easiest box to hack - Vista, Ubuntu or OS X?


My guess is unbuntu

personally, i think i think they shouldn't install third party software, just defaults with full patches.

The quicktime exploit last year would have also worked against windows, but the exploit writer was quoted saying he targeted mac on purpose 'because of smug attitude' (because i wanted to join the smug club)

Ballmer deploys greenery in CeBIT charm offensive

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33% less power??? what, in sleep mode?

I'm pretty sure he made all of that up. I run vista at work, it continously taxes the hard drive and CPU (even with 2gb of memory) no matter what you are doing.

Boffin stacks 16 PS3s to simulate black hole collisions

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But the WII is so much better*


Pentagon: Bullseyed turkey-sat pieces will all burn up

Paris Hilton

RE: Size of a Football

You are correct, Size of a football is not a El Reg SI Unit.

Are these pieces larger or small than a bulgarian airbag?

Gates! says! Yahoo! offer! fair!


Correction: Microsoft does not need to bolster it's online business

It needs to get back to it's roots get over this gluntenous pie in the sky non-existant so called invisible competition with google. Their business' overlap in the smallest of proportions.

Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)


AAC is not only apple. and retailers, please stop using MP3

eh, my moto q, samsung phone, windows media player, zune (erghhhh) will all play AAC audio in a m4a container (This is the non-drm'd music).

Will retailers please stop using 1980ish mp3 format? We have better more efficient codec's than the lossy scratchy compressed rauchny napster mp3 format. Please let it die already.

Finally, 224kbs AAC is about equivelant to 320kbs MP3, except the MP3 file will be much bigger.

Comcast: Our BitTorrent busting is 'best in class'


When we say 5mb/s down we don't actually mean 5mb/s down

I think ISP's are fully of crap. If you advertise a 5mb/s connection, the consumer ought to be able to max out 5mb/s all day without affecting anyone else.

If the network is not capable the bandwidth the advertise, than they shouldn't advertise it as that! (we provide a 1mb/s connection with burst speeds of 5mb/s)

Comcast is getting away is a bunch of crap and the FCC is going to let them slide; screwing consumers instead of being forced to upgrade their network. Eventually, everyone is going to increase their bandwidth consumption as the world moves to IP switched voice/video... ISP's need to quit 'fighting the future' and upgrade their dammed networks.

Is Verizon gaming Google in US wireless auction?


uh oh

I remember back in the days where you were forced to earn customers with innovative products and faster service simply because if you weren't on top of the ball game, your customers would go somewhere else.

That whole innovation bit kinda cuts into profits though so thank god for locked applications, 4 year contracts, carrier locked phones, and locked networks. It's much easier to keep customers if you force them to stay... Competition in a free market sucks!

Ballmer! explains! hostile! Yahoo! bid!

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yahoo employees: kiss your jobs goodbye

"interesting in branding" not developers or products.

So now I guess we can expect to see "microsoft live!" (notice added one ! point) instead of "yahoo!".

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head


Et tu, brute?

Point 1. At least our government trusts us with guns. can't say so much for your nanny society. neener neener

Point 2. Off your high high horse you... dumb people exist everywhere (As scott adams said, "stupidity is our only true unlimited natural resource.")

Tiscali hits 'undo' after bandwidth throttling chokes iTunes


sue em

They shouldn't sell what they don't own, sonds like frauding customers. If they don't have the bandwidth, they should stop signing up new customers... If you pay for 5mbps down, you should get that speed all the time, regardless of what your neighbors are doing.

Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network


@ W @ steve

Snopes is wrong on this... One of my college projects was using OpenCV to create a similar system, as well as personal experience with my Motorcycle and Car.

A good majority of intersections work with Camera Vision Systems coupled with Inductive Sensors in the pavement. My small Tiburon (Coupe in the UK) was able to set off inductive sensors, but at night, I would experience problems with intersections that were purely based on camera vision triggered. I saw this 'tip' on snopes and gave it a try. I discovered that turning on my brights (not flashing) would trigger the camera recognition system.

My motorcycle (Honda VTX 1300c) is not able to trigger most inductive systems and has a small profile that very few camera systems would pick up. I discovered tha.the "blaring the higbeam" (again, not flashing) was the only way to trigger some lights.

The CV system works by detecting a change above a certain threshold in it's picture view. Turning on your brights createst a greater change in the picture.

If you happen to live near Overland Park, KS, you can test what I have found at the intersection of College and Nieman in the south left turn lane on Niemen. The intersection would not pick up my bike/car without highbeams (I used to run the light on my motorcycle after sitting for 5-10 mins)


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