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Oxbridge lectures now on iTunes

Julian King

It *is* free

Universities are legally obliged to not disadvantage blind or deaf people, so pretty much all of the content on iTunesU from UK universities should be available via some other route. In the case of Cambridge it is. Mostly in a number of formats so as to not exclude particular OSes either.

Declaration of interest - I was involved with the Cambridge system:


Nexsan gives 42TB array a make-over for picky Apple fans

Julian King

Not that good...

We trialled one of these boxes a while ago as an alternative to a Thumper (X4500). The performance was attrocious. As far as I recall the price wasn't competetive compared to the X4500 either (this is academia, so it may be different in the real world). Courses for horses, however we just bought 1 ~35TB (usable) X4500, and I think have 5 more on order.

I'd rather use that with NFS and an Xserve.


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