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Fast and 'free' beats steady and paid on MySQL

Anne Bokma

specially if fast and good enough...

become better as the original.

Nuf said

Ubuntu lovers slap Canonical over Firefox EULA

Anne Bokma

its so simple

ditch the artwork, call it Ubrowser and no eula is needed. Done

Be the first millionaire on your block to go Tiltrotor

Anne Bokma

It might just....

It might just fit on the landing pad of my yacht ;)

US: BAE 'could have' pirated our secret Stealth 3.0 tech sauce

Anne Bokma

Payback is a bitch

The yabks "stole" the movable tilplane for the chuck yeager mach breaking plane, so iits about time something comes back on that "investment"

BOFH: Fun with automatic doors

Anne Bokma

No use then...

No use getting my coat, I dont dare use the door ;)

good one again

Florida cops taser naked old timer

Anne Bokma

Hidden weapon?

They must have smelled something ;)

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!

Anne Bokma

you suck so....

So Microsoft is offering a ton of cash and saying that Yahoo! sucks anyway, the old stick and carrot approach I pressume?

Who stole My coat?

Meet the world's premier open source vendor - Sun

Anne Bokma
IT Angle

It's cheap

Consider putting an advertising campaign into effect that will be seen by as many people that download MySQL. Put a $ figure on that, now compare that to buying MySQL. Sounds a good deal doesn't it? and that is without all the other synergies at play. Very good move SUN keep it up, buy Apache next ;)

Dublin's free Wi-Fi falls foul of competition law

Anne Bokma
IT Angle


Couldn't Dublin do a deal with Fonero to pay for the Fonero points to be given away and all residents given free wifi in return, then only visitors need to pay, at least if they dont have a Fonero themselves.

AT&T to crush copyrighted network packets

Anne Bokma
Thumb Up

let's make some money :)

First produce something with copyright, tel AT&T to filter it and have a contact with an AT&T account download it. Then sue AT&T for not filtering it. Of course your contact has to be sure they can't be found or sued, but if that's sorted, lets start making money :) who is to say My work isn't worth in access of 200.000 dollar? I know that about 3 pounds nowadays :D


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