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Frontier promises it won't 'dumb down' Elite: Dangerous for Xbox


Often a trademark registration proceeds the details of the release of a paid expansion.

Blizzard did it al the time, and that's how the next expansion pack's names leaked.

Win! El Reg exceedingly fine mug collection


Nah Give me


anytime ;) oh wait hang on how much????

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable


Gigabit is out there - just depends where you live

I've had 1Gb Fibre for over a year now, that's 1Gb down, 100Mb up. Residential cost is ~£60 a month

Elite: Dangerous 'billionaire' gamers are being 'antisocial', moan players


The Billionaires are no more.........

See https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=94161


The “Billionaires”

Firstly, I just want to clarify who I mean by the “Billionaires”. These are the very few commanders who received large amounts of credits due to a bug in our credit refund process following our brief database hiccup. These credits were not given by a bug in our server – more in the tools and processes we use to rectify commanders and their saves if something goes awry. This was of course fixed, should we need to use the tools again.

Secondly... we hear you! After initially deciding we would offer the choice to these affected commanders about whether to keep their credits or reset themselves to their pre-credit-refund state; commanders in the community questioned whether this would affect the integrity of the game and the wider galaxy. In light of this (and after much deliberation) we have decided to remove all credits, assets and gains from these commanders to balance the playing field. We shall be contacting the affected commanders directly to reflect this change in our decision. Which leads us nicely into...


Elite:Dangerous goes TITSUP


Funny all the people that had trouble, I for one had no issues throughout the entire Christmas holiday. I was able to play (and did frequently) at any point with no problems.

It seems the forums where full of a few people who were whining (as usual in these circumstances) - you only every really get the negativity, since the positivity is usually being eaten up by people actually playing the game, only those that can't have the time to bitch about it.

Offline mode, did it really matter, hasn't the majority of the world moved online now? - Did I not read somewhere that Xbox and PSnet where under attack and down on Christmas day? Does that not warrant more headline space ?

Really... an iKeyfob? Apple continues war on fanbois' pockets


Rounded corners ?

Apple patents technology to STALK YOU in your own HOME


Here's were it's going.

Why don't they just have done with it, require all fanbois(and girlz) have an itunes apple account chip embedded in their arses that has GPS/RFID/WIFI on it, then apple can track them everywhere.

Sueballs lobbed at Tosh, Samsung and LG over 'optical disk cartel'


Don't see why Acer should get anything out of it, since it's us the end consumer that has paid if there was any price fixing. Acer will have just passed on what ever price they paid for the components.

It like bitching well if we'd have got it cheaper we'd have made more profit, but if you'd have got it cheaper, you'd have sold your products cheaper, since you wouldn't know that you could have sold them for more.

HP fires sue-ray at makers of Blu-Ray


Don't see why HP should get anything out of it, since it's us the end consumer that has paid if there was any price fixing. HP will have just passed on what ever price they paid for the components.

You won't find this in your phone: A 4GHz 12-core Power8 for badass boxes


Lot's of 'U's

where's the STFU ?

The toy of tech: The Mattel Aquarius 30 years on


It got me started

Was my first computer, and very quickly I learnt Z80 machine code, initially by playing with the numbers to see what happened.

Of course, assembly was required if you wanted to drive the AY-3-8910 sound chip in the mini-expander (same flavour of chip that was in the ZX 128, Amstrad CPC and Atari ST- the ST version was the the Yamaha licenced version), and again you could could do some funky screen effects like on the speccy by using the screen vertical sync to change colours and get 192 colours in the Y res.

You could also extend the (Microsoft) basic quite easily once you had worked out the token parsing system.

I still have it, and it still works !! - Even if it does have a few extra chips hanging off the back of the Z80 !!

Oh and I replaced the keyboard with one from an acorn Atom ! (rewired it of course to fit into the membrain type that was used!)

UK WoW fans plead for Lich King Collector's Edition

Thumb Up

Not All Doom And Gloom.

Quote from a Blizzard Poster in said thread on the forums

Stock allocations for UK retailers are being finalised these days, and we’re certain that once the retailers know the exact number of boxes they’ll have available they’ll be happy to put up pre-order offers for you guys :-)


Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple


If Billy Boy Tried This, The UN would have him up on anti-trust

Title says it all really, imagine Windows HP or IE for DELL, I mean damn, they slapped MS around just for putting a browser in the OS.

I hope Jobs gets his comeupance on this one, since the last apple i bought was a granny smith, and that ended up in the bin cause it was rotten in the core.

I beleive that going back to the IBM PC clone, if their boot rom or whatever is reproduced (however it's done) then they can't do squat about it. IBM lost to 3rd party vendors over bios code, so Jobsie should loose to. But then the law is a funny thing - never seem to side with the logical.

Mines the one with the flameproof liner :)

Government piles filesharing pressure on UK ISPs


This could really screw up Blizzards World of Warcraft Updateing

Since it uses P2P to download the updates, so that the load on the servers is drastically reduce..

Another LEGAL form of P2P !!


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