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US House OKs Obama's IT stimulus

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Like taking candy from a baby

mmmm......I can use the recession to reduce my work force....then when I get one of these government projects, I can resource it with low lost labour from around the world........I can make enough profit to shield my shareholders from this wretched "downturn"

IBM approves Obama's IT stimulus package


good to see the chain of command is being respected


Open source fanciers finger Beeb's Win 7 'sales presentation'

Gates Halo


very thin really.....the ubiquity validates the coverage. they do the same for apple, sony, bmw, ....

Ex-IBMer and new iPod boss ordered to stop work


How can I get one ?>

A court order preventing me from working.......nirvana.

Bang&Olufsen slices 300 jobs



doesn't every know they are a design boutique reboxing phillips and samsung rather than a hifi company ?

they are a painful reminder of the 1980s.

IEEE fails to agree on powerline Ethernet standard



for 50 quid 6 months ago, I got 2 such plugs claiming 85 Mbps. I now have a lovely flexible network backbone, with wireless 54g segment at each end of the house.

So has my mom.

The IEEE are in great danger of invalidating their existence as far as networking is concerned with this kiind of pointless procastination

IBM dumps Rational tools on unsuspecting users

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is it just me - or a missing the bit where the users were "unsuspecting" and the software was "dumped" ?

NHS IT loses key contractor


Re distribution of wealth

...what an awesome scheme !!

...and unlimited amount of money can be siphoned from tax payer and into the pockets of big business - and better yet, it need never end !

Almost anyone "in the trade" knows that had there been genuine commercial pressure to deliver, it would all be over by now.

how can patient records present anything more complicated than say, ebay ?

IBM back on Federal bid list


Who do you think is in charge anyway ?

I expect some civil servant has attempted to dig their heels in over a payment dispute - something they are quite entitled to do, all things being equal.

Unfortunatley, all things are not equal and no one may prevent those particular wheels from turning by throwing a spanner in the works....no matter how righteous that particular spanner may be.

Any escalation of such a dispute would result in mutually assured destruction and your government doesn't want that.

Ofcom wins pirate radio components case


community radio is no crime

Shameful to waste time & resources downpressing something so harmless.

On the rare occaision I drive to London, I love flicking through the frequencies to hear who's playing what and making super-localis0ed annoucements for the people that live in the area.

It beats the criminally bland, appeal-to-everyone, trite nonsense that nationwide licensed channels transmit 24-7.

Bill Gates loses richest man crown



In the ultimate act of arrogance, or philanthropy I thought Buffet gave all of his away to Charidee ??

IBM gives mainframe another push

Gates Horns

an old wintel trick

microsoft and intel's greatest trick was to convince us to run only one app per box (or group of boxes)

Don't shed any tears for Pandora


actually, i will shed a tear

Forgive me Paul if I do shed a tear for the innovator.

The "music industry" will never realise that modern technology has (or will) totally invalidated its business model.

To put it simply - My mom makes her own CDs in her study and she no longer needs them..

The widespread adoption of digital storage media has killed them, stone dead. And dinosaurs never saw it coming. Agressive DRM just made customers angry and trying to play hardball with innovators like Pandora has added a further nail to its coffin.

Many people would be prepared to throw a couple quid at Pandora : it ADDED VALUE to the process of me finding and hearing music from the artist I like (and indeed might like)

.....however, the overheads added by expensive licensing would make it uncompetitive in the "where shall i turn for 30 mins of news market"

people wont pay 20 quid a month for that. Maybe 20 quid a year.

...trouble is everyone get feckin greedy and the service has to die..