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Boffins find that over nine out of ten 'ethical' hackers are being a bit naughty when it comes to cloud services

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Stop over complicating statistics!

Of the 75 security professionals and hackers they spoke with as a part of a larger examination of attacker psychology, more than 93 per cent admitted to abusing cloud services to create attack environments and launch attacks.

Let me fix this for you:

Of the 75 security professionals and hackers they spoke with as a part of a larger examination of attacker psychology, 70 admitted to abusing cloud services to create attack environments and launch attacks.

Why do you need to make things more confusing than necessary?

After 30 years of searching, astroboffins finally detect the universe's 'missing matter' – using fast radio bursts

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Re: ...but does it really "matter" given the state of Humanity?

Looks like you got downvoted by a conspiracy nutcase.

Hospital hacker spared prison after plod find almost 9,000 cardiac images at his home

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"HAcker" that knew the password to login and just changed the admin password deemed a hacker.

Hahahahahahaha FFS, literally crying here!

Why is a 22GB database containing 56 million US folks' personal details sitting on the open internet using a Chinese IP address? Seriously, why?

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The world wide web is a cancerous piece of crap these days

Sort of related.

Every time I login to this website, I get a warning via Chrome that my account may have been compromised.... anyway..

Are you at all shocked by the article?

A company wants to make money. - Tick!

Said company doesn't give a crap about your privacy! - Tick!

This is the internet these days folks, get used to it.

Tempted to play with that Chinese Zao app for deep-fake frolics? Don't bother if you want to keep your privacy

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Re: Might be a good time to start reading those EULAs

But if we read every EULA and fully understood them we wouldn't be using 95% of the apps we use on any device.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moves to shut Parliament

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IT Angle



TalkTalk's voice-over is writing speeds that its text can't match: Ad pulled from broadcast

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I also

reported the exact same thing to TAlkTalk over Facebook messenger about a week ago. They didnt seem bothered.

Braking bad? Van with £112m worth of crystal meth in back hits cop car at police station

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It turns out

A rather large number of you seem to know an awful lot about preparing, transporting and using illegal drugs.

Just sayin'

At $1k a page, take care when RTFM: Apple-1 documentation sells for nearly $13,000 at auction

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Thank you

For the really small image of the manual. Really helpful. Thanks.


You TalkTalk a big game, says ads watchdog, but your testing not good enough to say your Wi-Fi's best

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Invest in customer service

Investing that £1.5bn in sorting out their customer service issues would probably have helped a lot more in the long run.

Jeff Bezos finally gets .Amazon after DNS overlord ICANN runs out of excuses to delay decision any further

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Re: Once upon a time ...

Are you always that pedantic?

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Re: Once upon a time ...

Hi Mike,

I remember this time too. Hence we still use host names in place of IP's on our work network. Easy to remember names like company1-wb01 etc.

Why then, has ICANN been given a truly overlord style command of the almost entire domain name system?

I was thinking about my original post and a few things came to my mind that I hadn't thought of before. And, hey, I may be wrong.. but:

- With the old style of limiting the TLD tree to .com. .net etc, this gave value to domains. Real value. You own the domain "bigcompany.com" and we're called "Big Company" then people knew, remembered and felt a sense of security that the domain they were at was the real deal.

Now we have so many words for TLD's that can the average internet user really ascertain if they're not on a website with a very bad agenda on their list of things to do.

For example:

If wix.com (for example) had their site copied or mimicked their site by someone to gain usernames/passwords and then billing info etc and had it hosted on wix.company (which the TLD .company actually exists, but does not yet resolve: wix.company’s server IP address could not be found.) How the hell is the average Joe supposed to instinctively know they are dealing with the defacto wix.com ? I may be missing a bunch of holes in my example but.. it does beg the question.

Daniel Hall

Stop with the TLD abusing!

The year is 2029, a publication from ICANN hits your inbox


That's right, internet.

As we decided to start allowing words as the TLDs while ago, you can expect it to get harder in the coming years to know the address for a website.

It wont be too long before you wont know if a web address is suckmydick.com or suckit.suckmydick or suckmy.suckmydick or suckmy.dick



Lyft, Uber drivers boost app surge prices by turning off, tuning out – and cashing in

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14,000,000,000 divided by 1,400,000 equals 10,000

Please, I am sick of hearing how such and such company has paid out such and such total money to its workforce/contractors as a whole etc etc without telling us how many there are to divide the payout by.

Can we start having ALL the facts from now on?

According to Google Lyft has 1.4m drivers. Averaged out that suggests $10,000 each earnings. Which means absolutely sod all.

Facebook blames 'server config change' for 14-hour outage. Someone run that through the universal liar translator

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Re: Not sure the comparison is valid


Are you stupid?

Our data is our payment! GTFO.

Biker sues Google Fiber: I broke my leg, borked my ankle in trench dug to lay ad giant's pipe

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No. Stop.

As soon as I got to the part where it said it happened 4 years ago... I stopped reading.

Reminds me of all these sexual allegations coming from people for incidents over 20 or 30 years ago.

Report it at the time or STFU

It all hinges on this: Huawei goes after Samsung with its own foldable hybrid Mate X

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What is it with...

...all these tech websites saying "dont buy this one" "best avoid version 1.0" "Wait till next years release"

You know, if no one buys Gen 1, then there will likely not be a Gen 2!

Put your money where your mouth is, I will be, and support Gen 1!

Samsung pulls sheets off costly phone-cum-fondleslab Galaxy Fold – and a hefty 5G monster

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Most comments:

Ohhh its really good.

But it costs a lot.

You cant have good and cheap ya know!

Reminds me when people ask me to recommend a laptop/PC to them to "play games on" or "do video editing" and when I mention it'll cost upwards of £1000 they gawp at me like I'm some kind of devil!

Three quarters of US Facebook users unaware their online behavior gets tracked

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Most what?

Title: Most US users...

First line of article: Most Facebook users

The UK is not the US.

The rest of the world is not the US.

I complained before about this website and the lack of transparency up front of whether an article is written by a US or UK person.

I'll say it again.

Hire BRITISH writers.

An AI system has just created the most realistic looking photos ever

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Re: They Are Among Us

There are ALWAYS errors in the Reg articles. It's just a fact of life!

Vitamin Water gets massive publicity for new flavor: Utter BS

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I thought they were selecting ONE person out of all entries to go smartphone free for ONE year to win ONE prize of $100,000....

It's December 2018, and a rogue application can still tell your Apple Mac: I'm your El Capitan now

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Re: hurr durr


To the non techy people out there, you know who I mean, anything that alters the working state of a computer against the will of the user will get called a virus.

I was simply implying the world is full of Mac loving sheeple who love a Mac for no other reason than they "heard it doesnt get viruses"

Dont worry, its Friday tomorrow.

Daniel Hall

hurr durr

Macs are invincible. Macs never get viruses.


FCC slammed for 'arbitrary and reckless' plan to change how text messages are regulated

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Wtf uk

Oh wait. Its not us being idiots this time.

Carry on.

OM5G... Qualcomm teases next Snapdragon chip for phones: The 855 with a fingerprint Sonic Screwdriver, er, Sensor

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What the f**k

Let me get this straight..

We have 4G that goes a long way, kind of goes through some walls and doesnt get badly ruined in fog.

4G is also FAST. as in, the SAME major cities where 5G will be implemented typically already have 4G doing 60mbp/s+ all day long with low latency.

Who the HELL needs more than that speed on a mobile device?

This feels like the 3D TV ballache from years ago. Why try and replace something with what is literally a gimmick.

Black Friday? Yes, tech vendors might be feeling a bit glum looking at numbers for the UK

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It's because

We're not stupid, well, some of us arent.

Oh look this soundbar is on a black Friday deal, 30% off you say?

When in reality that soundbar was increased in price nearing 30% on the run-up to the sales.

Thanksgiving brings together Apple's Siri and Google Assistant

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Proofread fail again and again

What is it with journalism these days and the journalists not proofreading the stories. Even my thesaurus advises changing the offending word to something else, that'll ensure you are no longer feeling as if a stroke is happening whilst trying to read the poorly written sentence.

Find the dodgy part of this sentence:

Not at all annoying. Having to say two companies fixed wake phrases is actually better than having to say just one because it will remind you have much you love saying brand names out loud all the time.


Dot-com web addresses prices to swell, thanks to sweetheart deal between Uncle Sam, Verisign

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Re: Yes, WE lose

Your government, not 'the' government,

Dont ever include government in a sentence without clarifying that it has nothing to do with OUR government.

YOUR government are a bunch of twits.

Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads

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"What you might not know is we've sold more iPads in the last year than the entire notebook lineup of all of the biggest notebook manufacturers,"

When will the advertising world realise that we're sick of their shitty spin on words.

Piss off!

36.9+32.1+23.5+13.9+13.1+2.4+0.4+0.3 does NOT equal 44.2

Forgotten that Chinese spy chip story? We haven't – it's still wrong, Super Micro tells SEC

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All that will happen is this..

In 6 months time or less, some or none of the ideas in this thread will be shown to be true.

SuperMicro's share price will have recovered back to not far off what it was before.

Everyone forgets or doesnt talk about "that time we thought China put spy chips on those motherboards.

Because, as much as you're generally all smart enough to figure out what the real story is, no one will push to get the PCAP or photos of the boards and those chips. It just wont happen.

It's just another rumour and we've all got a bit excited about it. All I will get is negative comments from people I've offended. Boohoo.

You get a lawsuit! And you get a lawsuit! And you! Now Apple sued over CPU security flaws

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Sign off

Your sign off:

"Apple did not return a request for comment on the suit."

Might as well be added to every single Apple story you do lol

Intel, Microsoft confess: Meltdown, Spectre may slow your servers

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Switch to....WAIT

You all might have loads of money to burn, I dont.

I would love to switch when I liked. Guess what is stopping me?

The fact I have to also buy a new mainboard (+RAM??)

Here is what I think.

Standardize the damn sockets!

There, I said it.

Seagate's lightbulb moment: Make read-write heads operate independently

Daniel Hall

I cant be the only one..

..that initially read the heading and thought, oh cool, one actuator for reading and another actuator positioned somewhere just for writing...


5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing

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Dear ElReg

Can we please discuss the option of placing the flag of the country a person is commenting from.

USA and UK are 2 different countries.

When everyone gets on their high horses and starts talking politics the only way, currently for me to know if they're American or not is if the way they're talking sounds stupid.


Ads watchdog to BT: We say your itsy bitsy, teeny weeny Ts&Cs too small for screeny

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Re: Wrong

Companies regularily try and hide things that would otherwise make a consumer walk away before purchasing.

I bet there are teams of people in each outfit tasked with only this...task

Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google's creepy always-on location tracking in Android?

Daniel Hall

Re: WiFi too

No one in that thread provided proof.

At least read the entire thread first

DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database

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From - https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/#benefit-matrix

"Our DNS nameservers are always:"

So... Our domain name server name servers are always"?


Google's phone woes: The Pixel and the damage done

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Re: The original blog has an unfortunate line break...

Taken from:


//With search-based advertising still accounting for the lion’s share of Google’s revenue, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the search giant is more than willing to pay Apple an exorbitant fee to keep Google search front and center on mobile Safari. According to analyst A.M Sacconaghi Jr., Google this year is on pace to pay Apple a whopping $3 billion in 2017 for the right to remain the default search engine on iOS.//

BT agrees to cream off less profit from landline-only customers

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That's a YES from me!

As above!

I dont want your million included minutes because **SHOCK HORROR** I have a mobile phone!

I. Just. Want. Broadband.


RIP common sense!

There's a way to dodge Fasthosts' up-to-160% domain renewal hike but you're not gonna like it

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Worked there..

6 odd years ago.

Terrible company with regards to foresight.

This article surprises me just as much as when they launched redhat on hyper-v before it was ready. Not.

SPY-tunes scandal: Bloke sues Bose after headphones app squeals on his playlist

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"When he downloaded the app and saw what information they would be slurping, he should have not accepted the app and asked for a refund on the headphones."

Well, yes... but..

How boring would our lives be if everything we wanted to use had terms we didnt like.

I also think the whole world attitude to assuming its the norm to give up your data should be quashed to history like slavery.

Apple wets its pants over Swatch ad tagline

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Re: This is what lawyers do

No, its all these pesky 'muricans.

I find it hard to read some of the articles written in American English, the sentences don't flow like they used to in English English.

BezosBux: Amazon gets into scrip game with Cash scheme

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UK retailers?

Are you able to create a sub-heading for articles that arent to do with the UK so I know to avoid them.


business-> US

Getting tired of reading through articles to find I get most of the way through before realising the article would only benefit me if I was a US citizen.

I fail to be able to marry up:

"CVS Pharmacy, Family Fare Supermarkets, D&W Fresh Market, VG's Grocery, Kum & Go, Speedway and Sheets"


theregister.CO.UK ?

Microsoft wants screaming Windows fans, not just users

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Re: Windows makes me scream too

My Win 10 box with a crappy Q6600 (just showing its age) has been up for just over 4 months now!

As for the rest of your issues, I can only advise that your PC must be haunted. I come to this conclusion that the tens of users I support privately have NONE of the issues you have described.


That damn forced restart. That is the only truth in your 'story'.


Europe will fine Twitter, Facebook, Google etc unless they rip up T&Cs

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Re: Good

@John Brown (no body)


Sorry, couldn't help it.

How Lexmark's patent fight to crush an ink reseller will affect us all

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Even before I opened this article it stank of America's typical patent/suing/ill take all your money attitude.

I miss the reg before this rubbish. Keep it UK!

Wow. What a shock. The FBI will get its bonus hacking powers after all

Daniel Hall

To go after...........

..........malware victims

Did I miss something?

Idiot flies drone alongside Flybe jet landing at Newquay Airport

Daniel Hall

Ive spoken to Gaz and passed some info back as well as my contact details.

I appreciate there are contact us options but I am staging 5 new PC's in a bit of a hurry so was flapping slightly.