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El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't

Phil Barker

Camera reports

What the reports ALWAYS fail to take into account is the fact that the amount of people killed on the A road where the camera is might drop, but on B roads around the camera site where people start driving to avoid cameras it rises

I'm probably what most of you would class as a "boy racer" and I love speed cameras

We used to have traffic cops sitting behind every corner with guns and I got 9 points on my license, but now all the funding goes on cameras you can spend £50 at your local halfords on a GPS camera warning system and never get nicked

Points free for 5 years now!

Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments

Phil Barker
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Do you not think maybe bluray is outselling because due to the massive amount of bribes sony has thrown at movie houses, there are more movies available on bluray than on hddvd

And the sudden large price drop in ps3's giving everyone a nice free bluray player probably helps too!!

If the same movies were available on both formats and bluray still outsold hdvd then yes, you could say it was a better format

But it isnt.