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Delete all you like, but it won't free up space

Ben Oldham


But this isn't a bad thing, surely you're already reaping the benefits of a centralised, de-duped array? And you're using less space that you would otherwise be?

His numbers do make sense though, although the rate of change surely needs to be considered.

A brief history of the BlackBerry UI

Ben Oldham

apples and oranges?

What button did you press on a VCR, or a walkman to stop something?

Israelis seize woman packing 44 iPhones

Ben Oldham


it was lucky you didn't get nicked

Are disk drives beginning to spin down?

Ben Oldham

oh look - a title!

It can - cloud storage is typically on fewer, bigger disks, is typically thin provisioned, and de-duplicated.

NoTW editor suspended as phone-hacking stink persists

Ben Oldham

Please define hacking

As entering a default PIN into a voicemail access landline number doesn't fit IMHO.

Gear4 UnityRemote

Ben Oldham

Remote Control Sharing?

Are you drunk?

Distressed cock whipped out of wheelie bin

Ben Oldham
IT Angle

I'm disappointed

That no mention was made of the business of the "poultry farmer"

Her youtube video's are epic!

Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'

Ben Oldham

Speed limits

They shouldn't matter to pedestrians as long as you don't walk into the road without looking.

Booze makes you clever, having none makes you stupid

Ben Oldham
Jobs Horns

Oh Mick...

Ask Steve Jobs...

BT and TalkTalk threaten court to kill Mandybill

Ben Oldham

But... am I a muppet?

Whilst I am happy that someone is standing up against this ridiculous legislation, something smells fishy.

Why would BT or Talktalk be upset at pirates(yes yes i know...) wanting to go to smaller ISP's to avoid detection? Surely those are the higher bandwidth users that they could do without?

The enterprise storage buyer: Why I stick with the big guys

Ben Oldham


Have you ever tried to get your board to spend millions on kit from a company they have never heard of?

Low risk is better than a faster ROI in many segments...

Beeb reinstates teaboy in Pestogate scandal

Ben Oldham

A few pence

Go on, give us a paypal account to contribute to...

Man jailed for sex with donkey and horse

Ben Oldham

He Clearly.....

Sunglasses on...

Made an Ass of himself.


Security guard admits he hacked hospital PCs

Ben Oldham

Social Engineering

How about a post-it note on the monitor?


Facebook rejects CEOP 'panic button' demands (again)

Ben Oldham
Jobs Horns


If you are worried about your kids being contacted by people on the Internet, try a revolutionary technique I have dubbed "Talking to them".

Teenagers have always thought they know better. I know I did.

A button is going to make naff all difference, so why this berk from CEOP keeps going on and on about it, I don't know. How many (related) arrests have there been since the button was put on MSN?

(Does anyone else think Steve J carries a packet of Werthers around i his pocket?)

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

Ben Oldham


I'm local, and there is no way on this blue earth you'll get me down Coopers Hill.

Agree with Kristian though - tis a proper good day out, with Cracking Cheese to boot.

US music royalties' collector sues T-Mobile over ringback tones

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton

Ringtones are NOT Ringback Tones



Come on guys. As if you'd pay a monthly charge for an MP3 file on your phone...

Even Paris wouldn't.

Would she?

Parents demand control over text messaging

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton

How about...

Don't give them one...

My offspring can have one when they can afford to pay for the damn thing themselves. I refuse to believe that the big wide world is any more significantly dangerous than when I was growing up, and bleating Daily Mail readers telling me to "think of the children" can quite literally stick it.

I'll protect my kids through good parenting, not by throwing money at them dag-nammit!

/High Horse

(Paris cos i might be tempted to give her one...)

Half a million customer records: Zurich Insurance admits big data loss

Ben Oldham


Zurich have systems based in SA that look after UK customers.

Its categorically NOT a tax dodge...

Oh. Wait.

SA pigeon outpaces broadband

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton

Vista copying speeds?

Another hour was needed to suck the 4GB off the stick.

Paris - well, you know!

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton


Or read the article first...

If I lived inside the M25, and used a car to commute, and someone offered me a car that was limited to speed limits when inside the M25 i would probably ignore it, and walk on by.

If it was cheaper, either through initial subsidy, cheap/free tax, cheap insurance and congestion charge exempt i would definately be interested.

I'd be more interested if it only limited me when in 30 or 40 mph areas, but didn't bother me on a dual carriageway/motorway.

I'd be more interested if I knew it couldn't "phone home", or at least I couldn't be forced to let it...

I'd be really interested if it made the car fly /invisible / had machine guns in the indicators... oh, sorry!

Paris, cos i'd be most interested if they could trial it there first!

BOFH: Spontaneous Legal Combustion

Ben Oldham

Jumping the?

(complete with fricking laser beams...)

BOFH: Cable entanglements

Ben Oldham


Not as "bastardy" as some, but the reply from the saleswoman was pure gold!

BOFH: Remote access malarkey

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton

Found it!

Excellent job Simon - just off for my 3 pints complete with chasers now.

Oh, and please can we have a link on the front page, for some reason clicking on the word "Sods" is frowned upon here...

Paris cos i've clicked on enough sodding links to her...

Oldham murders owl with whalesong

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton

"a thrilling "One Oldham" banner."

Any idea where I can get one of those?

(Paris, cos i'd give her one)

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph

Ben Oldham
Paris Hilton

Go on...

In a fair democracy, surely he should be allowed to kill himself however he likes. If his vehicle of choice is a 450BHP (His numbers...) bike with an extra long swing arm, then thats up to him.

Bearing in mind the pic of the bike in a fairly undesirable area of Gloucester on another vid, can i presume he works at Fasthosts?



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