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Your mom, girlf, boyf: Spying on your phone and email

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Oh do tell how this is as a result of scaremongering and not what is visible with my own eyes and audible with my own ears? In case you hadn't noticed, this is a technology rag and there's a fair chance that those reading the articles are technically minded, might even work in the internet industry (as I do), so I have a pretty good grasp of what constitutes danger to my children without someone "scaring" me.

Paul Rogers

Is Bill Ray a parent?

"Blissful ignorance" was all well and good 20 years ago, but not so now I'm afraid. The internet (and the world in general these days) is a dangerous place for children for all manner of reasons and it's the parents who are ignorant (or just don't care enough) who will end up suffering the consequences.

Not even ten years ago were children regularly and reliably able to communicate with each other outside of school or with other children further than half a mile down the road and, even then, not "privately". Communication isn't a bad thing, but it HAS to be monitored. The parents who don't monitor what their children are doing on their phones/ipods and on the internet are creating a huge problem for those parents who do actually give a toss. Questions I have to field from my 13 year old pretty regularly are "Why can't I have a phone? ALL my friends have phones", "Why do you have to monitor and restrict my internet usage? NONE of my friends are restricted". I appreciate this is most likely the exaggeration of 13 year old desperately trying to shake off the shackles and deeming the whole thing terribly unfair, but I reckon there's still some truth in what he says.

"In 2011, 37 per cent of parents admitted checking out their children's communications (for their own good, of course)", I sense a hint of saracasm and the implication here is that these parents aren't doing it for their children's own good? If that's what you're saying then you're an imbecile

Unfeasibly vast amphibian found croaked on video card

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Isn't it obvious?

meta-material croaking device

BBC dumps Gulf oil spill on Middlesbrough

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If there had been a gulf sized oil slick on Boro', how would you know? apart from the air and the streets being slightly cleaner of course...

Heathrow security man cops perv scanner eyeful

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You know the rules

Post photos or it didn't happen

US woman to drop sprog live on internet

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yes I can just see it now


Operation Eagle Claw nets 18 Nigerian spammers

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Mrs Farida Waziri continued....

"All we are need to keep operations eagle claw to run is £10,000 (TEN THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS) which we hope you will give us this aid. In return we will fund your bank account with £1,000,000 (ONE MILLION BRITISH POUNDS). Thanks you for your help in this delicate matter, may Allah bless your children

Mrs Farida Waziri"

Aussie atheists knocked offline

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by holding a convention and organising themselves aren't they dangerously close to being the one thing they detest? Irony is lost in Australia it would seem

Spider-Man director to helm World of Warcraft

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WoW Gold farming epic fail!

I'm betting there'll be no WoW l33t Gold spamming by knights of the randomly charactered names. I wonder if the robot chickens will make an appearance?

I can see it now, 2 hours of our heroes following a robot chicken, beating to death any beasty/mob that comes along only to be given quest 2 in a 10 quest chain at the end of it... which will lead rather nicely into WoW 2: The quest for the robot chicken continues

Pudsey Bear refused UK passport

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I thought I'd heard it all. This woman needs help

Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet

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If you're a scrote and government legalises drugs, where do you get your drugs? The shop. How do you pay for your drugs? You mug old ladies, because THAT'S ALL THEY KNOW.

What the hell would change? A criminal is a criminal is a criminal. At least with drugs illegal, I've a fair chance of getting my kids through adolecence and becoming decent strongly moralled human beings without them partaking in such a dangerous and anti-social past time.

If it's everywhere and there's no resistence what really is to stop them? The main issue is the addictiveness of these drugs, if they're legal then they'll be easier to get hold of and mine and your kids will have a much greater chance of getting involved, hooked and ultimately end up screwing up their lives and all because some idiot takes offence at the general population despising them funding all manner of other criminal activities. If there was no demand there'd be no supply. It's the numpties who create the demand that we should be working on, not trying to drum manufacturers and dealers out of business.

US gambling capital bans iPhone card counter

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I think you've just answered your own question. Gambling truly is a mugs game. Casinos, bookies, game machines have the rules hopelessly stacked in their favour, so if there's a gambler out there who honestly believes they can beat the casino/dealer consistently, then I'll eat my hat.

Just say no kids (to gambling) if you want to keep your shirt

Internet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea

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Arf! Dikshit? Rakoff?

this is made up right? <checks date>

LG tests 100Mb/s download phone chip

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700Mb in 60 seconds. On my current tariff, that would cost me £1800. Nice little earner for O2

Lords told to listen to science on cannabis

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Reduction in usage

Is more likely connected to the raising of the legal age for smoking in general. If you smoke from an early age, I would say you're more likely to smoke cannabis, if offered, than someone who doesn't smoke at all. Once you've crossed that moral white line in the sand (so to speak), one drug is the same as any other and you're not going to think twice about doing other recreationals such as cocaine, speed etc which could then lead to Heroine if you've got a particularly addicitive personality and dependency issues.

The answer is to ban smoking completely. Kids will find it more difficult to take it up and won't feel tempted to move onto "training drugs" like cannabis. The next generation will benefit the most, this generation is f*cked.

All in my humble opinion of course

Police probe Baby P text messages and websites

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I really do worry about people in this country

Do they not have any idea how the judicial process works? Don't they realise that by bombarding everyone with hate campaigns, they are prejudicing the view of any jurors unfortunate enough to end up on this case and are jeopardising the process of a fair trial (as everyone is entitled to no matter what the offence) ?

Are they so stupid or do they just not get it? I got a text message with the names of the mother and boyfriend and I contemplated responding with vitriol of my own, but I decided not to fan their flames any further.

Rogue SF sysadmin coughs up passwords

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Or were using a Mac (fanboys or technopleges) to log in and the password had a # in it.....

UK's tallest bovine soars to 6ft 6in

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There's no hiding place

cud these puns get any worse? udderly terrible!

BT hits 'undo' on anti-spam email update

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Got to love BT/Yahoo

First they start deferring email coming into their servers without any discernable whitelisting process, then they start blocking email going out. Will BTYahoo! Not! Be! Happy! Until! Nobody! Can! Use! Email! At! All!?

Aussies whip out their a*se antlers

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Re: Flunge

Gunt, no?