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Kate Moss kills Kills cuts

Arnold Marton

Laptop in the drink?

If, indeed, there is anything critical on the hard drive, I'd think it could be removed, the electronics dried out, and be placed in another computer to copy the files. The hard drive is hermetically sealed and should not be affected by the water.

Worst possible case--the powered-up electronics shorted out in the water. Buy an identical hard drive and switch the components that were damaged.

GM sees future: Cars and drivers full of booze

Arnold Marton


Isn't it interesting that the features most people need--fuel efficiency, air bags, antilock brakes, traction control, even outside rear-view mirrors (for the people whose memory goes back about fifty years)--are provided first on vehicles the smallest number of people can afford?

(Before you say it, as a concept car, the Provoq could have had any badge GM wanted to put on it. But I'm thinking about the items that have made it to the real world.)


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