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Tiscali titsup fears grow


Worst company ever.

Easily the worst broadband provider I've ever used, a nightmare, to cancel, then they kept charging me, and then wouldn't acknowledge the full amount they'd overcharged me by. Ended up getting posted a cheque for less than a fiver.

My thoughts will go out to anyone losing their jobs, but what a useless company.

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning



Is he really being tipped to be the new Home Secretary, the blokes clueless! I can't stand watching him on Question Time, he seems to be totally devoid of independent thought, and all he can do is parrot the party line. I can't think of anyone in the government more annoying or useless, and that's saying something!

Obama inaugurates YouTube-side chats


Tight bastard

He could always have streamed his video addresses from his own site, it's not as if youtube's the only way to put a video on the internet!

Palin demands $15m to search her own emails


13 hours per email account.

That's hilarious, even Outlook isn't that slow!

Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders


Tiscali - robbed me too!

I also left Tiscali for Sky, they carried on billing me, I've asked them for it back, and managed to get a cheque for about £4 even though they'd charged me for a whole month.

Dabs.com courier goes titsup


Dabs aren't that bad!

I used to use Dabs but wanted to start using ebuyer, but then they asked me for a copy of my passport and proof of address before they'd sell me anything so I'm back to using Dabs!

Ubuntu trumpets aromatic pistou of borage



There's a hairdressers near me called Curl Up and Dry, beat that.

Captain Cyborg creates human bat with Reg baseball cap


I saw that!

I was watching that and thought it was an El Reg cap, but the picture changed to quickly for me to check! Glad someone found a shot of it! :)

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour


I'm inclined to belive 'em...

I think they're not going to bother with Blu-Ray, removable media's fastly becoming a redundant format. They'll be waiting till they can provide HD content over Xbox Live.

Jimmy Wales resigns from Wikipedia


Published Tuesday 1st April 2008 12:02 GMT

Is that 7 years bad luck, or just time differences... :D

Pork and politics energise the biofuel delusion


Nitrogen's a greenhouse gas?

There was me thinking it was an important part of life...


UK.Gov green lights nuclear power


EDF Energy?

Would that be the same EDF Energy that Gordon Brown's brother Andrew is the Head of Media Relations for?