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Nokia plotting Symbian laptops


Can't wait

All the parts for this already exist - Nokia just needs to design some fancy new hardware for it to sit on.

Personally I think the EIKON interface running on Symbian OS9.1 (or newer) would be fantastic. The netBook was the best device I ever owned, only being let down by the fact they stopped developing it so support for emerging technologies did not exist. I sold mine approx 3 years ago. Everyone who saw it wanted one.

Long battery life, Instant on/off just by opening/closing the lid, keyboard, touchscreen, flash storage = bring it on.

My only concern is that Nokia aren't the company to do this - commercial pressure to release would far outweigh the sort of quality control that we were used to from Psion.


Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love


Serious? Hell yeah!

Let's see: My friend's PC with Windows has died (again). I can take along my Live USB stick and rescue all his data (again).

Now what's the problem with that?

Beware the populist mash oozing out of Facebook and YouTube


As a hetero male, FB is great!

I use it purely to collect as many fit female friends as possible.

I can also play online poker and other games with my friends.

Fritters away the hours when stuck in hotel rooms overnight.

Can also arrange clandestine nights out with my female friends from one convenient website.

Sad maybe, but at least it doesn't cost.