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Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics

insane analyst

Prepare to be boreded ?

I think I'll sue google for injury to my aestetic sensibilities. What a dump, more garage space than living space, do these people sleep in their cars?

Google turns Irish town 3D

insane analyst

Angry Beard you can suck my drainpipe.

I wasn't going to, but seeing as any mention of a "rural" setting, induces an almost knee-jerk culturally racist sarcasm from city dwelling fuc&wits who assume that just because they happen to live in some grimy p!ss-stinking, skanger-inhabited, rat-infested, puke-drain, of a putrid scar on the @rsehole of a cultural cesspit, somehow makes them infinidismally superior in some self-deluded, wank-minded, narcissistic drug-induced, parallel twilight zone for the terminally cripple brained, way. Let me just say Angry Beard, lighten up, its not your fault your mother had you when she was twelve after getting knocked up by the local corner shop-robbing, purse-snatching, dregs-swilling, geriatric-sodding, bottom-feeding, gutter-raised, cardboard-box dwelling bastard of a father who by some strange twist of a convoluted distended synapse in your proton sized brain has all combined to become a reason to believe that you alone, somehow against all the odds, enlightened and reasoned argument, empirical evidence, not in the least common sense, are in someway superior to the sheep-shagging, sibling-raping, bog-hole dwelling, wart-sucking, snot-eating, dung-hut dwelling gimp-fathered village idiots like the ones to which you so arrogantly alluded to in your pathetic excuse for a reply, gibberish. However, the fact that you seem to be able to read and write, and that you haven’t done anything about your circumstances, or seem remotely interested in doing something about your backwardness, or attempted to raise yourself evenly slightly above the ignorance you have inflicted on this otherwise lighthearted debate, is entirely your own fault and the sooner you slink back into the p!ss-drain you crawled out of, the better it will be for all humanity. As for Tom, I couldn’t be bothered, you're just pathetic.


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