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Impatient LockBit says it's leaked 50GB of stolen Boeing files after ransom fails to land

Phil Kingston

Re: Scan the data for corruption


Major telco outage leaves millions of Australians disconnected

Phil Kingston

Given how well the negotiations went to allow hassle-free roaming in remote areas a couple of years back I can't see them making more headway to revisit that with the added inclusion of metro.

What does need to happen is for whichever regulator is appropriate to be given the teeth to go and make it happen

A cheap Chinese PC with odd components. What could go wrong?

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Re: try the linutop

Lost me at "French"

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For the low low price these can be had for now with discounts, there's definitely a place for them. Router, media server, sandbox, heck daily driver for most of what I do at moment. One of theirs, as a lightning deal, could be had for AUD115 the other day https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/807667 that's ~60GBP.

CEO Satya Nadella thinks Microsoft hung up on Windows Phone too soon

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Re: Wrong software

The genius was the App Store. Until then Windows Mobile (and SmartPhone before it) were ahead, having the ability to install apps. The App Store, when it arrived, gave iPhone users the ability to easily install their own choice of apps to turn their device into entertainment or whatever. Coupled with basically outsourcing app development to millions of developers and taking 30% of their price the whole setup was brilliant.

How 'AI watermarking' system pushed by Microsoft and Adobe will and won't work

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Re: Content Credentials Cloud

and who's paying for it

Microsoft admits slim staff and broken automation contributed to Azure outage

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So small numbers of staff for complex systems had horrible consequences?

Might tell my boss who seems committed to resourcing by a simple "man hours-to-servers ratio", even when the systems are legacy, complex and mission-critical to some fairly big organisations.

Intel pulls plug on mini-PC NUCs

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Best NUCs ever were the ones with the little gadget in the box so when you slid it open it played the Intel chime

Oh, great. Yet another tech billionaire thinks he can get microblogging right

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Phil Kingston

Re: If it were anyone else

I don't think people think beyond "all my mates are on this one, so I will use it too".

Missing Titan sub likely destroyed in implosion, no survivors

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Re: "These men were true explorers "

I did read that they'd undergone some "training" so were "mission specialists" rather than "tourists". Yeah, right.

Would such a thing even be insured by any sensible underwriter?

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Re: Titanium and compression cycles

"Significantly lighter" forgive me, but is weight really much of a concern on something designed to sink? I mean I guess it possibly increases the hard bit of getting it back to surface. But also surely needs less ballast?

'We hate what you’ve done with the place – especially the hate' Australia tells Twitter

Phil Kingston

Honestly, I think we'd be OK with it being banned (obvs that's basically technologically impossible).


A cis male.

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Re: A poop emoji

About half the Teslas I see around Perth are Model Y so I reckon it's not selling too badly

Time running out for crew of missing Titanic tourist submarine

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Re: Where’s Dirk Pitt when you need him?

I've asked a few people whether suffocation or pancaking would be their preferred ending. The sheer terror of being locked inside a (possibly pitch-black) tube with other people in the same almost certain-death situation would push me to think implosion would be my preference. But a surprising number seem to want to succumb to the lack of oxygen/build-up of CO2.

Very much hoping they've rapidly ascended and are floating around, intact, right-way up and a man with a spanner will be with them shortly.

Phil Kingston

Re: Lots of things are possible

If they're on the surface then basically they're still bolted-in to a rapidly-toxifying atmosphere. But will be able to look out the window. A horrible situation.

Despite declines, DXC Technology boss awarded $20.3m in 2023

Phil Kingston

I don't begrudge someone making money, but is he really worth 500x a median employee? Same for most CxO's at a lot of big companies.

Australia to phase out checks by 2030

Phil Kingston

Now, about medical places still relying on fax machines

Australia asks Twitter how it will mod content without staff, gets ghosted

Phil Kingston

Even if birdsite gets somehow "blocked" in Australia I doubt SpaceKaren will be in the slightest concerned - there's really not many of us here

The end of Microsoft-brand peripherals is only Surface deep

Phil Kingston

Good day to grab some Logitech shares then

Paid and legacy Twitter verification now indistinguishable

Phil Kingston

The irony of newspapers refusing to pay for an online subscription is amusing

British govt tech supplier Capita crippled by 'IT issue'

Phil Kingston

Re: timesheet

I feel this pain. Many times ours have to be made-up to fit in advance of the bizarre deadlines set by people 5 timezones ahead of us with different public holidays. And at the same time sending us snot-a-grams about how they're "financial documents" and must be fully accurate and on-time.

Phil Kingston

Re: No doubt more negligent Microsoft shite

Plenty of doubt

Requiem for Google Reader, dead for a decade but not forgotten

Phil Kingston

It was significant because it, for a lot of people, was the tipping point where Google became a company you couldn't rely on. Now they kill products with such ease and regularity that it's impossible for any consumer to commit to a Google service/product with any assurance it will still be there next month. Google lost a lot more than the user data of Reader users that day.

This won't hurt a bit: Amazon now a US healthcare provider

Phil Kingston

Must be the week for scary amounts of information going places it really shouldn't


IBM demands $500,000 from boss after she jumps ship

Phil Kingston

I didn't actually need another recent to think IBM are scum, but here we are.

No more free love: Netflix expands account sharing restrictions

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Re: Infinitely worth every penny. Division by zero error!!!

Music industry wasn't paying for shit loads of bandwidth that was being used to share their content though.

Phil Kingston

I saw a comment from someone the other day who said that each of their various family members subscribe to one of Netflix, Disney, Kayo etc and they all share the password. He didn't take kindly to a suggestion that was basically unethical. You wouldn't steal a DVD...

Phil Kingston

Re: Dynamic ip address

How often does it dynamically change though. I've been with ISPs and had the same IP for years at a time. I'm sure they'll have some sort of tolerance for device IDs periodically changing IP and reset any restrictions they may be thinking of.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud has a secret lining

Phil Kingston

Re: Fools

On prem works real well until the prem is bombed. Or until you realise the intern you've let loose doing firewall changes isn't as qualified or security-conscious as hundreds of specialist experts

JD Sports admits intruder accessed 10 million customers' data

Phil Kingston

Yet again we're left asking why do they keep that information in the first place? Use it, delete it. There's no reason private information on someone's online order from 5 years ago should still be kept.

For password protection, dump LastPass for open source Bitwarden

Phil Kingston

Re: Don't rely on a single password

There are ways to improve that though. I've memorized a 20-something character password generated by a machine and then one of a pair of YubiKeys is required to access my password manager. All browser password managers turned off. I'm sure I could do better, but I'm happy with that security posture for my personal stuff. It's certainly going to be more of a challenge to any would-be attacker than Jonno next door, so hopefully he's the low-hanging fruit

Phil Kingston

BitWarden has TOTP generator built-in too. No need for MS, Google or Authy's offerings.

Rackspace rocked by ‘security incident’ that has taken out hosted Exchange services

Phil Kingston

Re: Business Continuity

I wonder how many idiots this took to organise https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2022-12-15/amazon-ukraine-war-cloud-data

Phil Kingston

Re: Amateur workaround

Do have to wonder if they're maybe finding out how slow tape can be when it comes to restoring data. Assuming they've confidently and competently rebuilt somewhere to restore it to. If indeed that is what is happening.

Phil Kingston

Re: Rackspace has to be finished after this

- Exchange had known vulns that Rackspace appears not to have patched.

That's a bit of an assumption

Phil Kingston

Re: Business Continuity

>Anyone running actually mission critical stuff on someone elses computer is an idiot

There's a lot of idiots out there then

Broadcom braced for full EU investigation into $61B VMware buyout

Phil Kingston

Re: Care

Do CMA, and more generally, the UK have any skin in the game anymore? If Broadcom want to buy VMware are they going to be change their mind when they get an email from some civil servant on a small island off Europe?

Europe's USB-C deadline: Lightning must be struck from iPhone by December, 2024

Phil Kingston

>Devices that only charge wirelessly, like smartwatches, are exempt from the USB-C port requirements.

Always get downvoted to hell when I mention it but I still reckon Apple will just courageously innovate and go portless. The number of people who use the cable for anything other than charging is tiny. And they can make $$$$ on wireless charging kit.

Rackspace confirms ransomware attack behind days-long email meltdown

Phil Kingston

lawyers suing already?

Geez, that's not even ambulance-chasing, that's trying to get a guy to sign-up while he's still being stabbed.

Medibank prognosis gets worse after more stolen data leaked

Phil Kingston

Re: Return of the data?

I couldn't comment one way or the other on if this is genuine, but the alleged communication between Medibank and the Hackers can be read at https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/z9ckxe/email_correspondence_between_medibank_and_hackers/

Intel offers Irish staff a three-month break from being paid

Phil Kingston

"Retaining our manufacturing talent is a key element of positioning Intel for long-term growth. Voluntary time-off programs allow us an opportunity to reduce short-term costs and offer employees attractive time off options," the statement continued.

Wait, what?

Doesn't that basically say "We value our staff. But not enough to pay them properly"?

And as for offering "attractive time off options", I'd be spitting feathers. Attractive for who? Should that be "whom", idk.

Intruders get their hands on user data in LastPass incident

Phil Kingston

Self-hosted BitWarden FTW

Meta scores $200k default win against alleged peddler of Instagram Likes

Phil Kingston

Re: What did Meta really get ?

Yep, Meta never going to see a cent of that. And Holper will just carry on.

As usual, the owner winners are lawyers.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back

Phil Kingston

I guess if the really toxic dicks get reinstated there it'll keep the alternative platforms a bit safer for a while.

He's resurrecting an army of accounts so bad they were banned even from birdsite, emboldening them to be even worse than before. Wonder when the first cyber-bullying suicide lawsuit will hit.

CT scanning tech could put an end to 100ml liquid limit on flights by 2024

Phil Kingston

Other than say bottled water, who's wanting to take >100ml containers of liquid? And of what?

Elon Musk issues ultimatum to Twitter staff: Go hardcore or go home

Phil Kingston

Re: Tonight's Headline

I'm not sure you have that US right to "decline to press charges" in the UK. If CPS want to charge your aggressor, they will.

Australia to 'stand up and punch back' against cyber crims

Phil Kingston

Re: Someone trashing your car does not give you the right to trash their car

I can't see how this body can operate without breaking national or international laws.

Still, USA might be pleased to have a new overseas NSA branch.

Australia blames Russia for harboring health insurance hackers

Phil Kingston

Re: Victim Blaming?

Are they saying it's state-sponsored now?

Phil Kingston

Re: Deflection

I don't get why people think CCTV stops burglaries. It might deter someone. But round my way the meth-heads couldn't get less. Because even if the cameras are working and record sufficiently good images to identify the burglars then there's no punishment. Only getting caught 1 in 100 times and having no penalty at all is good going.